Written by jecoie-north

31 May 2010

Since my wife retired 2 year ago, she has been meeting a small group of friends for coffee, most days. All about the same age, some married, some divorced, nothing unusual, but then I noticed that Jean my wife, always smart but started to take extra care of her appearance,for these coffee sesssions, not tights but hold ups, best bra and pants and always came home as randy as hell. Heaven!

Then she said she was going to the theatre one evening then for a meal could i pick her up. I turned up at the restaurant lounge a little early thats when I spied Jean in the corridor to the toilet. Judith a diivorced friend had her in a deep embrace, tongues deep into each others troat Judiths thigh between Jeans legs and Jean was working herself against Judith. The sight was fabulous. I was ram rod hard instantly. Jean then saw me looked shocked, pushed Judith away.

I then said, Judith has no lift can I take her home.

On the journey back I suggested we go home for a night cap as we had to pass our house.

Judith said yes.

When we got I started to get the drinks, coffe as it happens, When I returned from the kitchen Judith and Jean were sitting to gether and was obvious that Judiths hand had been inside Jeans skirt.

More to follow