Written by wildrose

9 Mar 2008

My job means that a lot of travelling which inevitably means that sometimes flights are delayed, anyway about 6 weeks ago i was due to return from gatwick to newcastle and we were advised that the flight would be delayed by about 5 hours. There was no way I was going to wait that long so I went to rent a car. At the rental desk, I spotted Trish who works in my office who was obviously down for another meeting, it made sense to share a car so we agreed to drive back together.

I didn\'t know her very well but I\'d seen her on a few nights out and always thought she was a little obvious, low cut tops, short, short skirts etc, I prefer to dress quite demurely though I often have really sexy lingerie underneath.

It was a long drive and the chat inevitably got round to sex, Trish said that she wasn\'t very experienced, I told her that surprised me as she always dressed so sexily and had a really hot body. She blushed and said, \"I think it\'s because I\'m so confused about my sexuality, I\'ve been with a few men but I find myself looking at women and imagining what it would be like to be with them, especially a woman like you\"

I was surprised (and a little turned on) to hear her say that, I\'d been with a few women before but they were usually very like me, demure and feminine and Trish just looked so slutty, not at all my type. I wriggled a little in my seat, letting my skirt ride up so she caught a glimpse of my stockings and suspenders, I\'d started wearing them everytime I flied, making sure I always had something metal in my jacket pocket so the female security guards would realise I was wearing suspenders when she frisked me.

\"Would you like to make love to me?\" I asked, knowing she would say yes. I could feel the power I had over her now, it was almost as if she was hypnotised.

\"If you want me, open your blouse and fondle your tits\" I said \"but we\'re in the outside lane of the motorway, anyone could see me\" she replied, but I could tell she was mine and I could do anything I wanted with her.

I pulled into the slow lane and kept half an eye on her fabulous breasts while I looked out for the turning I knew would take us to a dogging site I\'d read about on here. It looked like she was starting to enjoy the show she was putting on as I encouraged her to undo more and more buttons.... I was delighted to see that those magnificent tits were all natural but still young enough and firm enough not to need the support of a bra.

Finally, I found the turning I needed and pulled into a car park which already had 2 or 3 cars parked up though none of them had any lights on. I reached into the back seat for my bag of goodies, which go everywhere with me, I love the looks I get when it gets scanned at the airport and pushed her chair back as far as it would go. \"Anyone could see us\" she said. \"That\'s the plan, we\'re going to put on a little bit of a show tonight\" I replied reaching up to switch the interior light on.

I pushed up her skirt and pulled down her soaking wet thong, hmmmm she was obviously ready for me. I now had her almost naked, boobs out, skirt pushed up round her aist and her knickers thrown out of the car window. I could tell that there were a few people round the car though my night vision was too poor for me to be able to make out anyhting but their shapes.

I pushed her hands up above her head and tied them together then went to work on those magnificent tits, rolling her nipples around, sucking and nibbling as she squirmed beneath me, her breathing becoming heavier and heavier, I could feel her pushing her mound up, it was obviously aching to be touched. I opened the door so the guys outside could get a better view of my little slut and pulled her down so she was lying spread out across the 2 front seats. I stepped out of the car, removing my knickers and handing them to the first bloke I saw. He was over 6 foot tall and looked like a bouncer, shaven head and tattoos, I was pleased to see that he had a nice thick cock which he was slowly stroking as he stared at the sexy scene unfolding before him.

\"This bloke is going to fuck my ass, while I fuck you Trish, do you want that?\" I asked. \"Please fuck me hard, I want it so bad\" she begged. I slipped a condom on the stranger, leaned over and took my biggest dildo out of my bag and sighed with pleasure as I felt his huge cock slipping inside me. I signalled to one of the other guys and he opened the other door and started fucking Trish\'s mouth with his unprotected cock as I put clamps onto her nipples and rammed my rampant rabbit deep inside her now streaming cunt. God she was a slut, she swallowed it up, I set it to vibrate and watched with delight as it teased her cunt and clit.

I could see that the guy fucking her mouth wasn\'t going to last long so I told him to pull out and come all over her face and let the next guy have her. In the meantime, the brute behind me was giving my ass the best fuck I had had in a long time I reached into my bag and pulled out a clit teaser as I knew I was close to coming.

\"Fuck my ass hard, you pig\" I screamed, not caring who could hear, I couldn\'t believe that he could get any bigger but I could feel him swelling the dirtier I talked, \"Take the condom off and fill my ass with your spunk, I want to feel it running down my cheeks all the way home tonight\".

He pulled out quickly, pulled off the rubber and started fucking me like a man possessed, slapping my ass and grunting like a pig as he came, filling me till I thought his spunk would stay inside me forever.

Trish was exhausted, so I suggested it might be better not to continue our journey but to find a hotel for the night.

I\'ll tell you all about the hotel later.....