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Secret stroking

"Furtive fun on a bus"

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When I had my first job I always caught the same bus home. It was usually crowded so seats were often scarce. There was always a neat elderly man on who had twinkling eyes. One night the only seat left was by him. 'You can sit here,' he said.

We became quite friendly and I would often sit by him. He asked me about girlfriends and eventually asked if I liked men as well. I just nodded.

He put his hand on my leg and stroked it, I soon had a throbbing erection.

Put your hand in my coat pocket.' I slipped my hand in and found that there was no pocket at all so my hand went straight under the coat. I soon encountered his thick cock which was already rock hard. I gently rubbed it and soon discovered that he had shaved all round, something I had never encountered before.

'Take your time,' he whispered and he somehow kept a straight if nothing unusual was happening.. I pleasured him enjoying his wonderful hardness. I stroked the whole length at a regular pace.

'Perfect,' he murmured. I kept stroking and felt his cock twitch and soon had the reward of a hot lad of spunk.

Written by Huggym

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