Written by Luv2fuc

26 Apr 2013

Along time ago my husband decided he wanted another man to join us, since then I haven't stopped playing not that he knows that :-) anyways on with the story.

My husband and i had been talking about having male join us for a few months and finally arranged a meet at our house with another man I had met on a night out. The day arrived and me and my husband were just waiting for for him to arrive. The door bell rang and my stomach did somersaults at the thought of what was going to happen, i looked at my husband and went to the door, the guy walked into the house he was over 6 feet tall, dark hair and blue eyes, he had a friendly reassuring smile as he said "Hi" to me and shook my husband by the hand. We sat down for a while talking the whole time i sat next to my husband rubbing my hand over his cock through his trousers, i could feel him getting harder and harder, after a while i got bored of my husband so i move over to the other guy and start to play with him. I moved over to him and knelt on the floor in front of him, i started to kiss him but made sure that my husband could see our tongues searching for each others wanted my husband to see everything hoping his stomach was getting knotted seeing i was enjoying myself with another man been ages since I've had a good time, he smelt good and it was a turn on slowly kissing him, i could feel my pussy starting to get wet, i pulled his jeans and boxers off to reveal his huge hard cock wondering if it was even going to fit i took in my mouth straight away, he groaned with pleasure as my hand and my mouth worked on his cock which made me even wetter knowing what i was doing was fun for us both, i glanced over at my husband to see the look on his face but i didn't care and i think he knew that, i moved back to the guys mouth and started to kiss him again, he slipped my little red camisole top over my head and gently caressed my left nipple, i took his cock in my mouth again and sucked him harder he groaned deeper this time, i ran my tongue up the length of his shaft licking up all his pre cum at this point he was about to cum so he asked me to stop for a minute so i moved over to my husband i went to kiss him so he opened his mouth reluctantly as he had watched me sucking this other guy and licking his pre cum up as he open his mouth i moved closer but instead of kissing him i just spat the guys pre cum in his mouth then i just started to suck his cock, i was bent over on all fours, before i knew it the guy was behind me sliding his finger into my wet pussy his finger soon found my G spot and with the other hand he worked on my clit, in no time at all i had a major orgasm at the thought of this other guy playing with me the guy laid on the floor beneath me and started to lick my juices, the whole time i was sucking my husband's cock that had started to go soft i knew he wast enjoying it but i didn't care i wanted this other guy in side me, soon he stopped licking my clit and knelt behind me again i told him to put his hard cock slowly into my very wet pussy as it was didn't want any protection, god it felt good, a hard cock in my pussy and a stranger too, soon he was pushing his cock hard and deep into me which made my husband's cock get softer as he saw me being fucked hard, the groans of pleasure from both of us was such a turn on I've not made this much noise in a long time, he got faster and harder and said he was going to cum as he went to take it out i just pushed back on him and said i want it inside me. he came and sat back on the sofa so i went over to clean his cock so i moved over to him and started to lick all the cum from his still hard cock, as i licked him clean my husband went upstairs don't think he could believe what happened a few minutes later the guy wanted the loo so i took him upstairs to show him where it was while he was in the loo i went and found my husband laying in the bed he didn't say much, before he could move i jumped on top of him and made him lick my pussy he did a bit but tried to get up i had my legs on his arms and sitting on his face he was going no where. the other guy had finished in the loo so i called him in the bedroom i started sucking his cock still sitting in hubbies face all of a sudden he pushed his cock deep in my mouth i gagged that much his cum dribbled out of my pussy and over my husbands face and in his mouth, i felt so bad but didn't stop i wanted more before long the guy was about to cum again he stepped back a bit and i opened my mouth he came over my face and some in my mouth but not planned some had missed me and gone on hubby and he pillows. we started to rape things up as it was getting late the guy left not before sticking his tongue down my throat again, after he left i went and wiped what was left on my face off and went and found hubby he didn't say much so i help him get cleaned up it was very late by this time so we just went to bed. he didn't know he was sleep with the guys cum on his pillow, when we woke up in the morning i felt so good i had sticky legs and the bed was wet where his cum had leaked out in the night i turn to hubby to give him a kiss and say think you also noticing he had dried cum on his face. I haven't been able to stop since it is tricky keeping it from hubby but when we play and I'm stretched or wet or full of cum i just make out ive been playing with my toys in the bath.