Written by HornyKelzy

22 May 2017

So i have probably been on this site about a month and have already had two meets on here but both with the same bloke. My partner started the original account and didn't tell me about it so naturally i was weary. We met one bloke off there but when i see him again i will write a story about him. But for now, this extremely sexy bloke (PJ) comes into one of the groups i sorted in the chatroom. After being in the chatroom and not getting much luck, i see a new person (PJ) come into the room and go look on his profile. Saw his cock, and thought "i HAVE to have some of that gorgeous meat in my pussy and in my mouth, and i want it now!" i didn't waste anytime on getting this sexy bloke round my place. Omg when he walked in the door, my fantasies started. So we went up to the bedroom, partner stayed downstairs for a bit as he prefers to walk in on the action when I'm at my horniest and just shove his cock in my mouth. Well anyway after a while, me and PJ are getting it down. He slowly undresses me, first gets my top off, looks at my tits, his jaw drops to the floor. I tell you what, he couldn't keep his hands off my tits. I then tell him to get his pants off because i wanted his cock deep into the back of my mouth and down my throat. I was so worried i couldn't manage to deep throat that amazing big piece of cock he had. I wasn't going to force myself to do it just yet so i just wanted to see what he had going and how he works. Boy oh boy, when his mouth met my pussy, i couldn't stop shaking! i don't generally get oral but boy when he did it, the whole world bloody stopped! Boy but then the cock, the cock!! There is no explanation as to how good his cock is! My juices kept flowing steadily to the point of pure heaven for both of us climaxing quicker than either of us had ever climaxed!!! My partner had walked in by the time we were climaxing and he shoved his cock into my mouth and that just pushed both PJ and i over the edge and we both came. Luckily i use protection but boy did i feel his warm come spurting hard into the condom! that was extremely sexy. So after a while, whilst i calmed down and stopped shaking, i started sucking off my partner. He was so hard and so big as well. He loves watching me get pleasured and drilled by another cock. PJ then decided it was time for round two. I started sucking his cock and soon after it was back in me and this time it was doggy style. I swear his cock was going to come out my stomach like something from a horror movie. His cock was reaching my very end and fuck me was it amazing. I wanted more and more of this amazing cock. I shouted for him to "fuck that pussy, yes fuck it harder" don't think i could keep myself quiet. I was being forced to keep quiet. I was far to fucking horny to be kept quiet. After a while the partner couldn't take much more of my sucking his cock so he said he wanted to drill me afterwards. Soon after it came time for PJ to leave. I didn't want him to leave. I wanted to fuck him all day and all night till my body was too tired but i had to get up for work the next morning. Boy did i make sure to organise another meet. This is not the first and last time i would have that sexy cock that belongs to PJ. I think he knows i can pleasure it in many ways and I'm sure he will keep coming back for more. Heres to more fun PJ. xxx