Written by HornyKelzy

22 May 2017

So last night was another meet with PJ. This had been organised on the Tuesday and boy I'm glad i organised it. He came across to my place earlier than last time because i wanted to fuck longer than i had before. So he comes round, we sit in the front room for about 5/10 mins. Then decided i couldn't hide my wet pussy away for much longer. I needed his tongue and fingers in my pussy. Most of all i wanted his huge cock to ram me and i wanted him to have my juices all down his sexy shaft again. Well i immediately took my top off and made him suck and bite on my titties. i was then becoming increasingly wet, i started trying to get his belt of because i wanted to try deep throat his massive throbbing cock. There is no hiding his cock when it is in his pants. Boy oh boy, he slowly took off his pants, making his cock literally jump out and stand to attention. i didn't waste anytime on getting my mouth round his cock and his balls.

Whilst looking into his eyes i could see he was enjoying it. So i then decided, lets do the deep throat! OMG his cock was so big, i really hit my gag reflex. i was being a proper slut and he was fucking enjoying it. I still had my panties on and PJ was slowly rubbing my wet pussy. He then decided to take my pants off and did a proper dive into my pussy and freely started sucking on my juices. I was not able to hold it in anymore, i pushed my pussy into his face and he pretty much sucked harder. Boy did i immediately release my juices.

PJ then put on a johnny and proceeded to put my legs over his shoulder and started to fuck my brains out. I tell you what, the amount of times i almost passed out from the way he fucked me? Bloody hell i wish he never stops coming round. I have to have more of his amazing cock. The boyfriend then walked in whilst this was all happening. He started sucking and twisting my tits. making me cum a few more times.

After a while i decided to focus on my mans cock and started deep-throating his cock and sucking his balls whilst PJ watched on. I think PJ got extremely turned on because he jumped off the bed, started fingering my pussy. Pj then proceeded to put his head directly under my pussy and started sucking on my pussy whilst i was sucking off my partner. I was too turned on by this that i started gyrating my pussy into PJ's face.

PJ then turned me onto my back, got his cock back into my pussy and started to ram me as hard as he could and as fast as he possibly could. I think i asked for a break about 2-3 times. I was going to pass out and that freaks my partner out. By this stage PJ had fucked me so hard he had moved me from the middle of the bed to the corner where my bedside table was. I didn't want PJ to stop even though my partner was trying to find stuff to put so i didn't bang my head.

PJ then decided to see if he could get me to squirt, with my current issues i haven't been able to squirt in about a year or two. PJ definitely had my juices flowing. I swear i felt like i was dripping but then i don't know. i only know when i feel warmth. PJS hands were in me, first two fingers then a few more and then i shouted for PJ to thrust harder and faster and boy my body started shaking. This was amazing. A few mins later, we all lay on the bed, cuddled whilst both PJ and my partner were licking and sucking and playing with my tits. It was then time for PJ to go home. Yet again, i didn't want him to go but he did. Everyday we send messages looking forward to the next time. I really am amazed by PJs cock and any woman who has him is not going to regret it. He has a good cock and his oral skills are out of this world. Thanks PJ xxx