Written by Stan

28 Nov 2015

This carries on from the Saturday 28th November posting, many thanks for your comments

We swapped phone numbers. “Just in case I can't keep up with you,” she explained. She had no problem keeping up and followed me into the driveway. There was plenty of room and she parked next to my wife's car.

“Are you sure you want to be here?” I asked AFTER closing the front door and setting the night latch.

“You trying to chicken out?” she responded with a smile.

I grinned smugly. “I've just locked the door behind you.” I told her, “it won't stop you getting out but it will slow you down. What do you think of my wife? What should I do with her, if anything?” I asked. I was deliberately giving her the option to change her mind but hoped she wouldn't.

“You want an honest answer?” she replied as she followed me into the kitchen.

“Only an honest answer is acceptable, a totally honest answer, if you please. Would you like to put your gym kit in with mine? I'm sure they won't mind tumbling around together while we tumble around together.”

My shorts and T shirt joined her leotard and two micro towels in the machine. “Is there room for my track-suit as well?” she asked. There was, and mine.

“Well,” I said as she handed me her track-suit, “that answers one question at least.”

“What?” she sort of demanded.

In the previous episode I said that 'I wasn't used to seeing her with so many clothes on' I was correct, when we met in the cafe she was wearing twice as many items as I was used to.

“All the guys at the gym know you don't wear a bra under your leotard. We love watching your tits jiggle and your nipples stand up but we have long discussions as to whether you wear panties or not. Just idle curiosity, you understand.”

“Well, now you know. Panties are very uncomfortable under leotards. I tried a string for a while but it wasn't much better. So, you've all been eyeing me up but no one had the balls to chat me up eh? What other questions?”

“We were wondering if your husband was hung like a donkey or filthy rich,” I told her with a big, dirty smile. She was beautifully naked and my cock was appreciative and showing it, making a tent out of my boxers.

“To my mind my husband is very good looking. Always has been, swept me off my feet the first time I saw him. He's useless in bed. I just didn't realise it, as I said,” she said looking around the kitchen, “fabulously rich? No, he's an employee, works hard earns reasonable money. I suspect you are an employer rather than an employee?” It was said without any malice, resentment or envy just matter-of-fact. She was correct. “You had better put your boxers in the machine as well, that stain will dry over night otherwise,” she added. The grin in her voice was as big as the one on her face.

“Do you really want to know what I think of your wife?”

I put my boxers in the washing machine and turned it on. My cock saluted her common sense. I stood close and pulled her naked body close to mine. My cock automatically tried to introduce itself to her wet pussy but the position wasn't quite perfect. “Yes, please. If you don't mind. I'm interested as to how another very sexy woman views it.”

She made no attempt to move from my embrace, quite the opposite, she reached down between our bodies, found my cock and guided it between her legs. She looked around then we shuffled about until she was leaning up against the side of the worktop. Adjusting her position carefully she placed my cock head at the entrance to her pussy and wiped it up and down making it nice and slippery. She put it back in the right place.

“Very gently and slowly” she insisted, “I want to be able to talk about fucking and fuck at the same time.”

I followed instructions to the letter and waited while she enjoyed our first penetration before gathering her thoughts.

“Y'know,” she said when my cock was finally buried to the hilt in her welcoming pussy, “that the biggest sex organ in the human body is the brain?”

I nodded in agreement.

“When I saw that photo of your wife being double-ended I totally understood her great big satisfied smile! It brought back some delicious, recent memories of being spit-roasted myself.

After my husband left to fuck his floosy I mopped about for a while then decided that what was sauce for the gander was sauce for the goose. I decided I would dig out my most sexy outfit, I can still get into the stuff I wore twenty years ago if I want to, and go on the pull. I told myself that if I got lucky I would do anything the guy asked. No hesitation! A one date only special, unless I liked it of course.”

She pushed onto my cock. I stood still as she worked her wet cunt back and forth while she thought.

“I took a taxi into town, a Friday night, and went into the first pub I saw. No finesse, no planning. A big screen was showing Sky Sports so I thought there might be a chance of some horny guy looking for an easy fuck. I perched on a bar stool showing lots of bare leg fidgeting and flashing brief views on my tiny panties to anybody who happened to be looking my way at the time. After fifteen minutes I'd had no takers! Disheartened I decided to try somewhere else when this young lad. I say lad but he was probably mid-twenties, came up and asked if I was OK? Said I seemed a little lost as if I was waiting for somebody who hadn't turned up. We got chatting, he helped me off the bar stool and we sat in a quiet corner. He brought me a couple of drinks. He made all the right noises, caring, considerate. He was in exactly the right place at exactly the right time and saying exactly the right things.

When he suggested we go back to his I had no hesitation whatsoever. As soon as the door was closed he took me in his arms and smothered me with kisses. I responded passionately. His hands wandered all over my body. I revelled in his touch. He held me at arms length, studied me closely then asked if I would strip for him. I did, slow and sexy, teasing, offering my body for his pleasure.

When I was naked he told me to strip him. I did but more rapidly. I knelt and worked his boxer shorts down his legs and his cock was right before my eyes. I looked up at him. He put his hands on my head and pulled my head towards his cock. He demanded that I take it in my mouth. I did, as much as I could then he started to fuck my face. He spunked in my mouth and told me to swallow. I did. I loved it!

He took me to bed. He fucked me. We fucked in more ways than I realised existed. He ate my cunt and I sucked his cock and we fucked again. I left in a taxi late Sunday afternoon. He'd fucked me in every hole I had, filled me with spunk then came back for more. I loved every second and agreed to see him again. We exchanged filthy text messages and he told me what he was going to do next time we met.

On the Wednesday I was at his by seven thirty in the evening, we went straight to bed and again he fucked me anywhere, any how. He kept all his promises. I left about two in the morning”.

She continued stroking her cunt up and down on my cock.

“We continued texting and on Friday he told me what to wear and to be at his at 8pm sharp. He had a special treat for me. I arrived and his mate was also there, They both fucked me, every hole. I was double ended arse and cunt. I loved it! I really do know how your wife was feeling in that photo. I came just looking at it, as you probably noticed.”

She thrust hard into my groin and let out the most satisfying moan. I do love hearing and watching women climax.

“When she sent the photo of her spunk filled cunt and her spunk covered body I came again.” she continued, “Been there, done that! Then the reality kicked in. I realised that that was where we differed so much.

The third weekend I spent with that guy he had texted me all week. He wouldn't see me during the week but promised to make up for it at the weekend. I was told to wear my shortest skirt, my most revealing top, stockings and heels. Nothing else! I was wet with excitement as I drove across town and parked about 50 yards from his then walked up the street as bold as brass. I was gonna get fucked and I didn't care who knew it! He led me into the lounge. There were four guys waiting.”

“Here she is guys, help yourselves. She'll take cock anywhere. She'll fuck and suck till the cows cum home but if you want her arse it will be the last time you fuck her tonight.” he told them.

“I was delighted! Four young guys queuing up to fuck me, why wouldn't I be? They wasted no time. I soon had a cock in my mouth and one pounding my cunt. Spunk pumped into me every time a cock was inside me. Then it was replaced by another. Wonderful! When they were all satiated I took a well earned breather. Some of the guys were on their mobiles. I heard the address being given and assumed they were calling for a cab. I was thinking that was the end of it and I'd just go to bed with 'my guy'. The doorbell rang, I expected to be alone with my fella but three more guys arrived! They stripped my spunk covered clothing from me and started where the others left off. I was still enjoying myself.

A third wave arrived. I was not so happy I was also getting beyond sore. Others arrived. Most of them fucked me, some just wanted a blow-job. I was begging for it to stop but they just put a cock in my mouth, another in my sore cunt and kept fucking me. By midnight at least a dozen had fucked me, god alone knows how many had shot their load down my throat. I'd had enough. It wasn't fun any more. Again I asked them to stop but they they carried on thinking it was great fun. I told them I needed the toilet or I'd shit on the bed. They let me up, I grabbed my bag and spunk covered clothes and bolted for the door. I ran down the stairs. I heard only laughter coming from the top floor. They weren't chasing me so I pulled my skirt on, threw my top over my shoulders and ran for my car. I'm just glad nobody stopped me on the way home. I hadn't been raped but I had been very stupid!”

She'd stopped riding back and forth on my cock. I held her close. “You OK?” I said tenderly. She nodded and started moving again.

“That's where your wife and I differ. I willingly submitted to a gang-bang but it went too far. I became a piece of fuck meat. That wasn't what I wanted. I wanted enjoyable, adventurous sex. I think your wife has passed enjoyable, adventurous sex and now sees a guy and asks 'what hole do you want to fuck and fill with spunk?'

I admit that I have recently changed from a 'lay back and think of England wife' to being a very happy Dirty Bitch, even a Cum Slut to some extent.” she pushed hard onto my cock as if to prove her point. “but I think your wife has become a spunk bucket. Fuck me. Fill me. Next! Sorry.”

She apologised then put her hands around my neck and rapidly moved her hips back and forth, fucking me hard until she came noisily.

“You going to take me to bed and treat me like the Dirty Bitch stroke Trainee Cum Slut that I am or are you going to throw me out?”

I took her to my bed.

Things are looking up again – More?