Written by Sue

19 May 2014

Hi, people. Thanks for the encouraging comments. For the record my husband moved out of the marital bed about 2 years before my affair kicked off. He had 'man flu' and moved to the spare room. When he was better I asked him back but he said he slept better alone. I tried to entice, going into his room naked to kiss him good night, asking him if we could have a cuddle and generally making it as clear as I knew how that I wanted/needed some TLC. Nothing worked! I suspect that I paraded my newly smooth cunt for him as his last chance. If he didn't want it then I knew a man that did!

To be honest, if my man had told me to go home with my cunt full of his spunk and seduce my husband, then I would have moved heaven and earth to comply but he didn't and I certainly wasn't going to by choice. Hey! Why be disappointed by a pebble when I was being well satisfied by a diamond?

At 7:30 I dropped my husband off at the coach pick-up point, his team were playing away, 300 miles away! By 8:00 I was naked, on my lovers bed with his cock in my mouth.

For over twenty years I have tried to start our time together with his cock in my mouth. Where he eventually shot his load(s) depended very much on time and circumstance but I could always get my lips around his cock, if only for a few moments. I loved his cock, with a passion. It curved slightly and reached all the right parts. It understood my needs and best of all, when it was ready to spunk it was backed up by nice, big, plentiful balls.

If we discount the Tea Shop and stroll in the park this was our third time together. I wore no knickers when I left home with my husband and had removed my bra in the lift. My skirt was just inside his front door, my jacket by the bathroom and my blouse in the lounge. By the time we reached the bedroom we were both naked. I was at his flat. I was naked and I was with my man. With him for the next 13+ hours! Bliss!

I played with his cock enjoying the soft contented sounds that he made. After a short while I 'climbed aboard' lowering my cunt down until I could go no further. Now we could chat while I rode back and forth, up and down, round and round. He taught me how change the angle, increase the penetration and prolong our pleasure. All the while he was stroking my naked body, butterflying his fingers over my breasts and along my inner thighs.

Suddenly he grabbed my tits, hard, and squeezed. It hurt! The pain of pleasure flowed through my very being and my first massive orgasm of the day hit like a train. I shook so much he had to steady me, by squeezing my tits again and making me shake even more. He waited until I had regained a little composure then told me to kneel on the side of the bed. He stood behind me, the belt snaked beneath my belly and was joined behind me. I felt him take a firm grip and relaxed. I flew back onto his cock and he fucked me! So urgent were his thrusts that I was unable to keep up. I just came and came and waited for his spunk. A final deep thrust against a massive pull backwards signalled his intentions to spunk deep inside my cunt. He lent backwards supported only by the belt around my waist. His hips thrust forward and he started to pump spunk deep inside me. The warmth flooding my cervix was my signal to cum and cum I did. Wriggling against the tight belt I tried to point his pumping cock head into every corner.

I collapsed onto the bed as he eased himself out and worked my way slowly up to the pillows. The bedside clock said it was very nearly nine o'clock. I had enjoyed an hours sex already and at least 12 more to go!

We must have dozed because the next time I noticed it was a quarter to ten. I was spooned into his warm body, his arm was over my waist and his warm breath teasing my hair. I held his hand and he stirred, nuzzling my neck while his hand eased between my thighs. I rolled over, on top of him, my legs wide and my pussy as close as possible to his relaxed cock. Pinning his hands beside his head I smothered him with kisses from the top of his head as far down his chest as I could, without moving my cunt from his cock. I couldn't get very far so worked my way down until I could replace my cunt with my mouth.

A spunk covered cunt flavoured cock tastes very nice!

'Come here!' I looked up from my pleasurable task, 'Come here, I want to hold you close.'

As I worked my way slowly back up his body I realised that something had subtlety changed. Yes, we had fucked, pretty much the same as we had fucked a couple of days earlier. Yes, he had shot his load of spunk into my cunt exactly as he had a couple of days earlier. As I sank into his arms I realised that something else had eased its way into the mix. We had made love! Wild, frantic, passionate love. I purred in satisfaction and kissed him.

After another short rest he took me for a short tour 'of the estate' as he put it, we remained naked. The 2nd bedroom was a mess of paperwork and I told him he needed a woman to look after it. He agreed. The lounge was spacious with a door to the balcony. He led my towards it and as he opened the balcony door I hesitated but only for a moment. We stood together, albeit back from the rail. A reed screen covered the lower section so we could stand and enjoy the view. A bird watcher on the other side of the valley, with binoculars, would be able to see my belly and naked tits. I loved it and stroked his cock invitingly.

He chuckled and ran his fingers down my spine to my bum, then along the crack between the cheeks. I moved forward a little and rested my arms on the rail, pushing my bum out towards him. It's just possible that somebody below in the parking area could have looked up and seen my tits but did I care? My man, yes he was my man that quickly, wanted to give me more pleasure. Do you honestly think I would let the possibility of somebody seeing my tits distract him? I wriggled my bum at enticingly.

His hands flowed over me and I squirmed with delight. A Butterflies explored my neck, shoulders, tits, belly and back, so gently that they gave me goose bumps. They went down my thighs and back up the inside as I parted them as much as I could. They teased my wet, spunk dripping cunt, around the cheeks of my arse and down between them, down my crack to.....

He teased my arse hole, easing it apart then letting it close again. I moaned my pleasure and wriggled to try and force his finger inside. It felt so filthy and I wanted him to push it in. He collected some fresh spunk from my cunt on his fingers and returned to my virgin hole. It felt sooo very good I pushed back to greet his probing finger. More spunk was wiped around my hole. I felt myself relaxing. I rested my head on my arms and waited as I felt the first quarter inch of finger ease its way in. Out, more spunk was stroked into the relaxing hole, more finger, half an inch? More spunk then more finger. Now I was making more noise but he didn't tell me to be quiet. He just chuckled his wicked chuckle and said 'there's a good girl, like that don't you?' and I did, and my answer was a long, low drawn out purrrrr. Soon he was finger-fucking my arse with one hand and my cunt with the other making me jerk about like a rag doll. I just hung onto the rail for support and kept on cummin and cummin.

He caught me as I collapsed and carried me back into the bedroom. I lay on the bed my chest heaving as I tried to drag large gulps of air into my body. He shoved a couple of pillows under my bum. His cock was rock hard, the tip was glistening. He moved to my feet, picked them up, spread my legs wide and moved up to fill the space between.

'Put my cock in your cunt!' I reached down between my legs, found his cock and struggled to bend it down towards my sopping cunt. I watched his face for signs that it was hurting him but he just smiled. I rubbed it down over my clitty to my front fuck hole and held it in place.

'Are you ready for this?' 'OH, YES!'

He pushed steadily into my cunt. Because of the angle and the total rock hardness of his cock the head pushed up hard against the front wall. It caught, briefly on the small puckered area that was my G spot and I immediately came hard and shook. Just behind the pad is a small indent. His cock hit that next. Another immediate orgasm then on past and along the front wall until it hit my cervix. OMG! I had never experienced anything like it. It started a slow journey but out, along the wall, into the indent and over the G spot.

'Don't let it loose its way back in!' Holding my hands over his cock I made sure it remained pointed straight and my front fuck hole when it finally popped out. He fucked me again, and I came, and again and again until I had to beg him to stop. He did eventually. Then he told me to roll over and kneel up.

His cock was still rampant so this time the cock head rubbed against my back passage and his thumb started to tease and open my arse hole. Now I was not only moaning with pleasure I was wriggling fit to bust. I wanted that inside my arse. Soon his thumb was inside me, I could feel it rubbing against his cock through the wall. I was cummin again, a constant tremor of pleasure was surfing through my body on tsunami sized waves.

'Would you like me to fuck your arse?' I couldn't actually answer with words, I was too far gone. I nodded vigorously.

His cock slipped out as he adjusted our positions so that he could take my virgin back fuck hole.

'Put your fingers in your cunt and finger-fuck yourself!' I did as I was told. His cock slipped in with my fingers a little, getting covered with his spunk again and more of my cum juices. The tip was on my virgin arse hole. I tensed. He slapped my arse cheek hard and the warmth flooding through it felt good and I relaxed. His cock head nuzzled my arse hole, he pushed and I felt the cock head was in. It didn't hurt at all and I relaxed even more.

'Good girl!' then he withdrew a little before pushing back inside, a little further. I kept finger-fucking myself and felt his cock enter me, little by little and I was flooding as it penetrated me.

He was very patient with me, in a little, back a little, in a little bit further, back a little bit less. By small amounts he tenderly buried his cock deep into my arse until I could feel his balls against the back of my hand and the length of his cock through the back passage wall.

'OK?' I purred, it was all I could manage. He started to fuck my arse in earnest with long, slow steady strokes until I was so comfortable I was pushing back onto his cock as hard I did when he fucked my cunt. I could feel his cock was still rock hard and knew he was enjoying it as much as I was.

'That is such a beautiful sight!' he said as his speed increased. 'You're going to get an arse full of spunk, my girl! OK?' For answer I pushed back onto his cock harder. I swear I felt his spunk moving up his cock against my finger as he deposited spurt after spurt deep into my arse.

It took a long time for us to recover after that. We had tea, toast and marmalade, a shower and went back to bed – and slept.