Written by Dirty Denise

11 Oct 2017

We are off to Benidorm on Sunday the 15th of oct, I am hoping there will be as much fun as last time we were there. One night in café Benidorm I got chatted up by a young female and we ended fingering each other outside whilst hubby was watching the acts. The night after I was up dancing and this young lad started to dance with me. Hubby was watching and gave me the thumbs up, so I was straight in for a snog when the song finished. We ended outside and I soon had his cock out and his hand was in my wet panties, he turned me round and shoved all his cock deep in to me. He fucked me for ages and I came a few times, especially when he sped up an fired all his cum deep inside my pussy. I pulled my tights and panties up and returned to the bar to my hubby. I put my hand on his crotch, it was rock hard, so I said "think we best get you back to the hotel to sort you out".

We returned to the hotel and I sat on his face, and he ate me out while I gave his cock a good hard pulling. He gave my pussy a real good cleaning, then got up and slid his cock in to me. I asked him to kiss me, this took us both over the edge and he spilled his cum up me and I soaked his cock with my cum juice.

So if anyone is in there, come and say hello.