Written by Steve

19 Aug 2009

My wife, Hayley, and I are both in our late 30s and had considered the swinging scene for some time. We are both naturists and for some time we had thought of taking our liberated lifestyle that one step further. Despite what you hear, naturism is very sexual and we had often fantasised about swinging with other singles and couples that we met through our visits to clubs and beaches. We had also been reading some of the stories on Swinging Heaven, which we found "accidentally" one evening when we were both pissed and feeling horny and adventurous. We had many good sessions for months afterwards,with the same routine: reading the stories and retiring to the bedroom to act out our fantasies. I confessed to Hayley that I would love seeing her being used by another horny couple, with both the man and girl giving her a good licking and fucking.She became very excited and it was clear that her bi tendencies were geting the better of her. Hayley said she was up for it but that I must be prepared to go all the way too if we were to go through with this. I was so excited that I was prepared to agree to anything. We finally plucked up the courage to advertise for a like-minded couple - Carl and Julie - who were in their 40s, experienced and willing to show us a good time.

Having packed the kids off to friends for the weekend, we set off to Carl and Julie's 30 miles away. We had swapped photos (ours from a recent holiday, looking tanned and toned in our full naked glory)and knew what to expect. Julie had a superb figure, beautiful pert breasts and a shaven pussy. Carl was fit, without being musclebound, and had a good-sized cock even though it was flaccid in the photo. We were both so excited and could not wait, trying to save our energy but also getting so turned on that we would end up fucking ourselves into a frenzy with the anticipation of what was to come. As we arrived, Carl greeted us and ushered us in to the living room, dispelling any nerves that we had. It was clear that we were in for a good night - the room was warm and scented with soft lighting. Julie came downstairs explaining that she had been making some last-minute preparations to the upstairs. We chatted over wine and nibbles and the converstaion very quickly turned to sex. Carl explained that he and Julie had been swinging for five years and had many experiences with other couples and groups. I explained our fantasies and our lifestyle. Carl got up to get more wine and moved over to sit beside my wife on the sofa. As he re-filled her empty glass he said that we should relax and feel free to explore every fantasy and to indulge them in theirs. "What sort of things are you into Carl?" I asked. "We like full-on sex, oral, anal, we like to use toys and we can swing both ways Steve, if that suits you." he replied. I nodded, sensing Julie and Hayley watching with flushed excitement. "Shall we go upstairs? I'm ready for some action" announced Julie taking Hayley by the hand. Carl and I followed. Carl already had his hand up Hayley's dress before we got to the top of the stairs and Julie was fondling her breasts. I didn't want to be left out and hurried after them. As we entered the bedroom, I was amazed at the sight of the kingsize bed and the array of toys, lube and graphic photos of Carl and Julie having sex on the walls - this was a huge turn-on. Julie came up close and said: "Are you ready for this Steve? Are you prepared to see your wife fucked by both of us? Are you prepared to be fucked by both of us?" I couldn't speak, I was so excited. We all started to remove our clothes - Carl was first to appear naked and sporting a good hard erection with pre-cum dripping from its circumcised end. Then Julie quickly followed by me and then finally Hayley. We wssted no time. Carl took Hayley in his arms and gave her a deep tonguing kiss. Julie ran her hands over my body and groaned her approval. We ended up on the bed, couple beside couple, Julie on top of me and Carl on top of Hayley. The fucking began and the bed undulated. The room was alive with moans, squeals and deep male groans. "Fuck me, I love your cock" groaned Hayley. This set me off into an orgasm and I shot my load deep into Julie's cunt. She lifted herself off and held her cunt lips apart so that Hayley could see my cream inside her cunt. Hayley began to have a very vocal orgasm as Carl pumped his sperm into her with a final loud grunt. Julie moved over Hayley's face and invited her to suck the juices that I had deposited there from her juicy fanny. Hayley needed no second invitation and was soon deep into Julie's thighs with her mouth clamped over her labia and tonguing out the white cream. Julie had a massive orgasm until she nearly lost her balance. Carl steadied her, took some of my cream from her cunt and pushed it up her arse. He then slowly pushed his cock up her arse and slowly fucked her. Hayley and I were getting our breath back when Julie announced that she would now like to fuck my wife. She moved to the chest and took out a strap-on dildo which she began to fasten around her hips. "Oh yes! This is too much I cried and began wanking." Carl moved next to me and took my cock in his hand and took up the wanking strokes. My breathing began to become very laboured and my heart was beating against my chest. "Are you O.K. with this Steve?" Carl asked. I nodded and replied "Oh yes!" I was getting to explore my bi-curious tendencies and it just seemed so natural. I just felt sex is sex and why cut off 50% of the population. "Tonight, anything goes!" smiled Julie as she began to push the greased dildo up into Hayley's cunt. The two girls were going at it with gusto, getting more and more vocal. I wanted more than a wank and told Carl to please fuck me. He leapt up, took a handful of lube and begn pusning it up my arsehole with his fingers. Finally he pushed his slim, long prick up me and began fucking me for the first time in my life. My prostate hummed to the stimulation and Julie reached over to wank my cock as I lay on the bed being fucked like a woman by her horny husband. After we had all come, Julie finally too me up the arse with the strap-on dildo as Hayley sucked Carl's prick free of his sperm and my arse juices.

That was such a night and just writing about this now with Hayley reading over my shoulder means that we need to go upstairs to relieve ourselves. Any comments from other swingers would make this an even hornier experience for us both and could lead to us meeting for similar experiences. So what do you think?