Written by Sally-Anne

29 Jul 2013

Hubby is away on business quite a bit but when he told me he would be away on my birthday I was not best pleased. However when he told me I could have a substitute as a birthday treat things started to look up.

One of my sons had decided to be helpful and offered to make dinner for me so that cut down my window of opportunity. We decided to put an add on SH for an afternoon fuck buddy and unsurprisingly, an add offering single female for single male got loads of responses.

So, where to start narrowing down to a manageable quantity ? Firstly, all the winks were deleted followed by replies with no pics, any under 30s or over 50s. That left a reasonable selection and I soon narrowed down to a top 5 with a clear choice at number 1.

Number 1 ticked all the boxes, 42, great body, large cock, good looking and in the area on business for a couple of days over my birthday. I replied to his message to say I was interested and would like to chat. He replied later that evening and lunch time the following day we talked on the phone and I decided he was the one.

We arranged to meet for lunch then back to his hotel for the afternoon. Then my other son decided I needed rescuing from my absent husband and he offered to take me out to lunch !

I called number 1 back with my dilemma but he was fine and said he would be waiting at his hotel with a bottle of champagne on ice.

The morning of my birthday arrived, text and flowers from hubby, cards/pressies from family and friends. By late morning I was feeling very horny and kept looking at his pics on SH and getting very wet. I had a bath and resisted the temptation to start on my own. But then the dilemma of what to wear. Meeting my son for lunch meant I couldn’t dress too slutty but there would be no time to change either so settled for sexy skimpy underwear and the classic LBD with fuck me heels.

I did feel a little guilty ending lunch maybe too quick but my son didn’t seem to notice when I said I had to dash as I had birthday shopping to do.

With my son out of the way, I went to the ladies to re-apply lippy and more perfume, my thong was already very damp in anticipation. I sent a text to the guy saying I was on my way and he replied straight away saying he would be waiting in the hotel bar.

I found him sitting at the bar all suited and booted and looking very hot. He got me a glass of wine and we made small talk for a while but all the time I was thinking about the picture of his cock he’d sent me and trying not to keep glancing down at his crotch. Then he looked me in the eye and said “shall we” and took me by the hand and led me to his room.

We arrived in his room and true to his word there was a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket and 2 glasses and whilst I was ready to rip off his suit, he poured us each a glass and sat on the bed chatting. After a few sips, I put down my glass and took his from him then straddled him and started to snog him hungrily. He responded and was soon squeezing my tits though my dress and unzipping the back. I stepped back and let the dress fall to the floor then dragged him towards me with his tie.

He soon took the hint and lost his jacket and tie and as he started to un-button his shirt, I got down on my knees and started on his trousers. I could see his bulge through his trousers and as they slid down his legs, his briefs were straining at the leash. I soon has those out of the way and started to squeeze his balls which felt very full and peeled back his foreskin to reveal a very swollen and purple end. As I sucked him in, I got a taste of his pre-cum which was wonderful and started to suck, lick and nibble his end and shaft.

Before I got carried away, he pulled me back and laid me down on the edge of the bed. I was still in my bra, thong and stockings, he just slipped a fingers past my soaking thong, pulled it to one side then started to lick my pussy and clit which really got me going.

He then stood up, lifted my legs in the air and started to rub my pussy lips with his big purple cock end and then suddenly plunged all the way in, and as big as he was, I was so wet it went in easily. A few more deep thrusts and I was coming, he kept going until I had come twice the he rolled me over and onto my knees and slipped in from behind. This is my favorite position and as he pounded into me with his balls slapping against me I came once again.

I needed a break so I turned around and started to suck him again, enjoying the taste of his cock covered in my juices. Then I rolled onto my back, pulled him towards me and as he entered me again, wrapped my legs round him and pulled him in deep. He started slowly but as another orgasm started to build I started to thrust back harder and he soon got the message and he fucked hard and fast and as I came again, he let out a big groan and I felt his cock swell as he unloaded loads of spunk deep inside me.

After we got our breath back we had more champagne. I poured some of mine onto his soft wet cock and licked it clean. This had the desired effect and he hardened in my mouth. I straddled him and guided him into me and fucked him at my pace, teasing him a while until I was ready then ground out another orgasm. By now my pussy was a little sore so I decided to finish him off in my mouth, with his balls in my hand and a finger in his arse it didn’t take long. As he started to come I took him out and wanked his spunk over my tits.

Another glass of champagne, a shower together and a final slow snog was a satisfactory end to my surprise birthday treat.