Written by Arlington_49

2 Mar 2015

For those who’ve followed my postings over last week about Brody’s ludicrous sex party late last year, I did learn of his motivations. I have to admit…now aware of his intent, I feel a little naïve…even stupid I didn’t catch his fucking drift…!

Remember, the Birmingham party was late last year. I was directly instrumental to preparing and bringing…perhaps forcing closer to the truth… my wife into his group sex party…all simply because I wanted to get into Brody’s wife’s pants! Daniela clearly won my enthusiasm…she acted as her hubby’s emissary to incent me to have Judi engage at the party. To be clear, Brody appealed directly to Judi, BUT my wife initially refused to participate…AND for good fucking cause as I now know!

Brody is a big player in the RE marketplace…where my wife knows him.. He’s been married to Daniela for about 18 years…3 children…2 at boarding school…one young one managed by a live-in governess. Brody and Daniela are swing players! To be clear, Brody has an immense reputation in having mistresses. I mean multiple mistresses over the course of their marriage! How does he get away with it…very simple! He keeps…maintains his mistress for about a year…sometimes 18 months…BUT NO longer than that! As he attracts some young 20ish tart’s pussy, Daniela has NO issue…! She’s aware he needs the ‘variety’…and likes youth. Invariably at swing social events he gravitates to new, young wives…husbands won’t readily object, because they’re in business dealings with his firm. And, if a wife personally objects, Brody makes sure her husband is aware of his anger…the chosen wife usually makes a hasty return to Brody’s bed!

Daniela has no problem with the ‘young ones.’ It’s when Brody chooses a woman more contemporary. For example, I learned Greg’s wife Lucille was one of Brody’s “chosen mistresses” some ten years ago…Daniela was upset that an older woman has attracted her hubby’s attention. Daniela felt threatened. Lucille was NO simple slut opening her legs. No….Lucille could have given Daniela a run for her marriage. You see, Brody early on had a pre-nup in place…Daniela would be good for about 15% of their market wealth… If her husband found a longer-term interest with his mistress…who knows…what circumstances might threaten their marriage contract!!

And so I learned, Brody’s appeal for my wife to participate in their orgy set Daniela off. My wife never wanted to lay Brody or his colleagues…and there is the injustice I subjected Judi to…! My short-sighted motivation…I wanted to fuck Daniela…and over the course of last 4 or so months, I’ve been with Daniela several times… In fact, in early February Judi and I had a three-way with her…I set up my wife that evening…in very much the same manner I prepared her for Brody’s orgy!! I allowed Daniela to have my wife at her wish… Cuck that I occasionally play, I enjoyed watching Daniela take my wife in all manner… Now, I fear I was the fool…!!

Shortly after our ménage trois, Daniela asked my permission to invite Judi to her club party…I saw no issue…I was aware Daniela shared my wife’s occasional Bi play… What I never realized…Daniela’s intent was as nefarious as her husband that evening at his sex party. Just as my wife was subjected to numerous sexual play assaults at the Birmingham swing event…all conducted under the guise of our typical swing social parties…Daniela laid Judi out to her girlfriends in much the same manner. My wife was Daniela’s offering to her friends. As much as one can charge me being an occasional cuckold, Daniela was as much a cuck that party night! She watched my wife give the ladies of herself. And, as a friend many, many years ago shared with me…he said…”What gals have…they never really run out of…!” My wife became their bi-slut doll…’accepting’ all sorts of play intrusion…from tongues, fingers, toys and strap-on’s. My wife apparently never objected…she was too into the event…too prepared by Daniela to “have sexual fun.”

The Brody Birmingham event was really no different…just with men meting out the pleasures for Judi, and the other ladies that night! As I sit back in discussion with Greg…learning of Lucille’s old ‘sub’ engagement with Brody…and Greg’s own pleasure with Daniela…we both concur. Brody and his wife Daniela fucking had us…and sure as hell, both fucking had our wives in their way… We can’t change that history!! However…as Greg and I sipped our V/T’s…we shared a smile…would we want to change any of it anyway…;) Our respective wives are very much part of sexual scene in which we play. Would we want it any differently… I think not!!