Written by Mr_brock

9 Oct 2013

Its been ages since I last posted but nothing of interest has happened.. I’ve keep in touch with this site, reading others accounts & getting both horny & jealous!!

Anyhow, on a Friday back in September, it all changed.. I was away on business in Barnstaple, Devon – I finished early & rather than head back home as it was very hot & sunny, I decided to drive on to Bude which I used to visit when I was younger.. I love to sunbathe in the nude – nothing better than to feel the air on your body & cock!!

I headed to a beach I remembered from my younger days, which off the beaten track & consequently very secluded. To get there, I walked over the cliff top & down a steep path that led onto the beach. I felt quite safe there as from the cliff top it is difficult to see onto the beach & the cliffs on either side act as a barrier to anyone walking on the beach.

I lay my towel down behind a crop of rocks & stripped down to my shorts – I lay there for a while & slipped my hand inside my shorts & played with my cock whilst dreaming of sliding into a wet pussy.. It sprang to attention & was straining against my shorts so I slipped them off – Now that felt good.. A gentle breeze blowing on my cock.. The tip of my cock was glistening with pre-cum as I gently stroked it.. I closed my eyes & visions of naked chicks swam through my mind..

Suddenly a heard my phone beep – incoming text message I thought.. I opening my eyes rolled over & picked up my phone – except there wasn’t a text message on it! I sat up & looked behind me – sitting on the rocks behind me were two girls – mid thirties I guess – looking in my direction.. I quickly pulled my towel over my cock in an attempt to cover myself up.. Nice view said one, yes it is a nice view over the sea I stammered… Don’t think she was referring to the panorama the other quipped.. They were both dressed in shorts, one had a t-shirt on while the other had a crop top on that covered a nice set of boobs…

At this point I panicked – I got up & jogged down into the sea – when I was in the water, I looked back. They were both still sitting on the rocks looking at me.. I swam around for a while to see if they would move but they didn’t… So all I could do was to walk out back to my towel etc with a raging hard on!

As I walked back, they just sat on the rocks looking at me & my erect cock… They just smiled as I got closer so it was time to take matters into my own hands.. I walked up to the one with the crop top on who had said “nice view” earlier. I smiled at her & said “time to show me a bit more being as you’ve seen everything I’ve got”.. [at this point I will call her Karen] Her friend [who I will call Amy] laughed.. With this I gently ran my hands over Karen’s tits.. Her nipples responded & you could see them straining at her top.. With one quick move, I grasped the bottom of her top & pulled it over her head. I was greeted with a firm set of boobs with very large erect nipples.. I started to gently massage them.. I felt her hand grasp my cock but I pushed it away & told Karen she wasn’t to touch until I had seen all her goods!

At this point I glanced across at her mate Amy.. She was just smiling at us – I said to her “C’mon strip off if you want some fun” With this Amy took off her t-shirt.. Underneath she was wearing a bikini top which was straining to hold her tits in place.. So now I had one of them sitting on the rocks topless & the other in a bikini top that was bursting with tit flesh.. and me totally nude with a semi hard one…

Once again I took the lead – I laid my towel down on the sand, took Amy by the hand & helped to sit her on my towel.. I then undid the ties around her neck & the top fell off revealing a bigger set of tits than her mate Karen, but again with pert firm nipples.. Like I had done with Karen, I massaged them & then sucked them… Karen then stood up & moved next to me & started to rub my shoulders.. boy did that feel nice.. I turned & before she had chance to stop me, I pulled her shorts down. In front of my face was Karen’s neatly trimmed pussy.. I stopped massaging Amy’s tits & turned my attention to Karen’s pussy..

I slipped my fingers in & out of her love hole.. She was so wet & was moaning like mad.. Once I had managed to bring her off – which she did with a lot of noise & a big shudder, I turned my attention back to Amy.. By now Amy had removed her shorts & was lying on my towel playing with her shaved pussy.. I lay down next to her, with my cock now standing erect & said “girls - my cock needs some attention”. At this point Karen wrapped her mouth around my cock & started sucking like mad.. Meanwhile, Amy got up & positioned herself so that her smooth pussy was right by my mouth. My tongue flicked over her lips – she tasted great… Karen then slid my cock into her pussy & was bouncing up & down on it like fury.. Meanwhile I was trying to bring Amy off! As I came so did Amy – I got a facefull of yummy juices..

We then lay down with me in the middle & a hot and horny MILF on either side of me… I was worn out but the girls still managed to suck me to shoot another load.. What a day..