14 Dec 2015

I have meet with Amanda & Kevin now about 10 times, it was while I was visiting Leeds and wanted to look for a 3some with a couple I found them. After chatting it was clear that it wasn't a 3some they wanted, but someone to take charge and control some parts of their sex lives. I loved fucking Amanda in so many different positions, but that’s a different story or a previous story I haven't published yet!!! (Maybe soon)

I texted Amanda on the Wednesday evening, say I was coming up on the Friday evening and would they like me to pop over for some fun? She replied that Kevin was working away and not back until the Saturday evening, I replied ok leave it until the Saturday then. She replied, but you can still come around for a drink ;-) - I replied I got plenty of cock juices for her to drink and she said GREAT!!!!!

I rushed to get to their house on the Friday, Amanda was dressed in her work clothes and looked like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. I knew from previous experiences my cock melted plenty of times in her mouth and creamed her plenty. Before I forced her she never liked a male cumming in her mouth, but she got the taste now.

It was the 1st time we had meet without Kevin, it was great. He was the typical cockold hubby, I controlled him like a dirty school boy caught having a wank in the boy’s toilets or looking at the naked boys in the communal showers at everyone else's bigger cock than his 4inchs.

It was the 1st time me and Amanda just had sex like 2 people, nothing different to what other people were doing in their own bedrooms. It was great, Amanda got amazing breasts, sensitive nipples, slightly short in height, black hair, great body for a 47 yr old female (I seen plenty of younger females in sex clubs and private parties, but Amanda’s body was so much better) and when I meet her she had a fully muff load hairy pussy. It was the 2nd time I meet the couple, that was removed and she was instructed to keep it bare from now on.

I had an idea and took a photo of Amanda sucking on my cock and sent it to Kevin. In the texted I sent to Kevin and said - 'having more fun without you, but I am here for the weekend now and you’re getting some hubby training tomorrow'. He phone Amanda 2 mins after I sent the text, by then I was licking Amanda on her clit and pushing a dildo into her cum filled pussy. This helped to make it almost impossible for her to talk to her hubby, but she just about managed it.

The next day we went cockold shopping to the nearest sex shop that had toys & clothes. I got Amanda to try on some very see-through dresses in the changing room and asked a few men browsing the dirty mags/dvd section to have a photo with her and I sent that on to Kevin.

We got Kevin some lovely presents - a CB6000 chastity device that will not Kevin allow even a little erection and electric shocking device (google Master Series Cock Shock Remote Controlled Cock Ring) that goes around his cock and we are going to use it on him - well Amanda is :-) and to finish it off a Latex Dolly Hood mask. These are amazing and can be weird.

Back at Amanda's place we put out the mask and chastity belt and we waiting for Kevin to come home, when we hear him arrive I go down stairs naked and tell him what he has to do - go to the spare room get your things on and then you are allowed to watch. I sit him down in his cockold watchers chair and handcuff him to the chair, I get Amanda to tape his hands tight and legs together.

I start to work on Amanda with her favourite riding crop, it’s across her ass and it stings. Kevin loves Amanda a great deal and is always concerned for her safety, I and Amanda have a safe word and she has never used it yet.

For the next hour mix up punishing Amanda and fucking her on Viagra, then we removed the chastity belt and replaced with the cock ring that shocks the male. Before taking off the chastity belt, Amanda blindfolds Kevin so he couldn't guess what was going around his boy sized cock.

I had the remote control zapper and at any time by pressing the button and low electric current was going to run into Kevin's cock. I explained how I was holding on to Amanda's back of her head and pulling harder myself on every down stroke of her rhythm to engulf my cock further and further in her mouth and down her throat. I zapped - Kevin swore, it was the shock. I zapped again with the comment 'potty mouth' - this time he kept quiet. He now understood how I was getting pleasure and he got the pain.

I only stop when Amanda got a mouth full of my cock spunk, I tell her to kiss Kevin. He moves his head and I zip him, saying kiss her otherwise I zap. He doesn’t, I hold the zapper on her until he stops moving his head. Amanda tongues him and he gets a load of my cum to sample, lucky boy. Plus I put some of my cum on the end of the riding crop and rub it in Kevin's face and squeeze his chubby cheeks and pops the end of the riding crop with juices. We release Kevin and is training is getting better he thanked me and Amanda for his training and went off to the spare bedroom. When I stay I take his place in the master bedroom of course.

What else can I do to Kevin, I want to training him properly and if you got any ideas that would be great? Depending on the response I will put up the 1st three stories, I know that Amanda & Kevin like them.