Written by April

27 Dec 2017

I’m sat at work feeling grateful that I have not heard from Steve since the week before and still in shock at that day’s events . Fortunately I had managed to talk Steve out of putting my photos in the members album but the agreement was that I had to help him recruit new members if he called . It was only on the drive home that a beep from my phone told me I had a voicemail and on opening it up my heart sank when I saw the number of the club. I am tempted to ignore the call but also don’t want to make Steve angry whereby he seeks revenge so wait until I get in to call him back. Yes April we have a couple of interested lads from the nearby estate coming for a look round tonight and would appreciate the help to show them round and also let them see the quality of our members says Steve . I try to make excuses saying I already have plans but he is adamant that I turn up with a little hint of blackmail thrown in relating to my pictures. It’s still a rush for me to get there for 7 as it’s a fair distance so I grab a quick sandwich before jumping in the shower and pulling on a pair of jeans and a t shirt. I put on a little bit of makeup and straighten my blonde hair before grabbing my leather jacket and jumping in the car. I know I’m going to be embarrassed when I see Steve again after last week but at least it’s far enough away that nobody will find out and hopefully in time he will move on to another girl. I knock on the door and am not surprised to see Steve’s face as he opens it and ushers me into his office and I notice nobody is here yet. I just have to give them a call he says picking up the phone they are in the pub across the road waiting for you to turn up. After the call he puts the phone down and begins to tell me that they need new members for the money and that he expects me to do whatever is required to get them to join otherwise he may have to get some money in another way. I know that he is implying about selling my pictures or even worse so hopefully the potential clients will sign without any problems.

There’s a knock and Steve disappears to answer the door and I hear chatting before he reappears showing 2 young guys into his office. They are only about 20 and both look like proper chavs with track suits and trainers on and I notice they stink of beer too. So April these are the 2 young men I was telling you about they live just over on the estate and I have been telling them about our members privileges . Oh right ok I reply not totally sure what he is talking about but happy to play along as long as they sign. So April is our newest member says Steve having only joined last week so she is still learning the rules of the club herself. So she is included in what you told us on the phone then says one of the guys. Yes absolutely says Steve once you are a member another member can have sex with you whenever they like and vice Versa. Oh my god did I just hear him right I think he never told me anything about that part of things. She’s yours to try out now as a trial run if you like says Steve nodding my way and smiling and I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Yes we might just do that say the boys looking at each other smiling as Steve says I will leave you all to it and walks out the office. Time stands still as I pray that the guys will leave but instead they walk across to me smiling and say right let’s have some fun babes. One of the guys walks behind me and I can smell the beer on both their breaths as they get closer. Let’s have a feel of your tits then says the guy behind me bringing his hands round and groping my boobs through my clothes as the other stands in front smiling. Mmmmm she smells nice says the guy behind leaning in and smelling my neck I bet she tastes great too. His hands soon find the bottom of my t shirt and he pulls it up above my bra holding it while the other guy has a feel before he takes my hand and pushes down his bottoms. He has no pants on and my fingers feel his pubic hair before he places it on his cock and I feel that he is already erect as my t shirt is pulled over my head . Come on babe rub me says the guy in front placing his hand over mine and rubbing it up and down his cock as I feel him get harder. What the hell is happening here I think as I feel the guy behind fiddling with my bra strap while the guy in front has dropped his trousers and stands there with my hand wrapped around his cock. I do love girls with small hands he smiles as my thumb and 2 fingers slide up and down his now shiny head. He lifts his t shirt up removing it as I feel my bra fall free and I move my hand letting it fall to the floor. Come on then you dirty bitch let’s see what you suck cock like says the guy behind pushing me to the floor until I’m face to face with the guys hard cock looking back at me. I just probe my tongue out to begin with forcing it into the top of his foreskin and running it under the skin as he lets out a moan. I must be doing something right I think keeping my tongue in place as I lean in taking him into my mouth and forcing my tongue all the way around his head under his skin. I suck him in and out for a bit as I feel the other guy reaching round me and trying to undo my jeans although not doing very well. I run my tongue down the length of his shaft as I reach down and undo my jeans before returning my hand to his hard cock as I lean down and begin to kiss his balls. The other guy is pulling at my jeans and as I feel them go down I know that my knickers have gone with them and are now round my knees as he pushes me onto my hands and knees. This makes it easier for me to kiss the lads balls and I am able to suck one into my mouth as I feel my jeans and knickers pulled down my legs and off. I’m turned onto my back but still suck the lads balls as he kneels over me offers them to my mouth. The other guy has inserted 2 fingers inside me and I’m pushing my bum up to meet his touch as I begin to hear my juices on his fingers. I’m so turned on as I run my tongue up the boys cheeks and find his hole probing it with my tongue as I lift my knees high