Written by Excalibur17

15 Nov 2012

I have had bi curious fantasies for a while, especially regarding glory holes. It turns me on to think about some strangers cock sticking through a hole for me to pleasure, trouble is they are very risky in public and I have no idea where any are in my area. With this in mind I though I could improvise and set something up at home in my garden shed. All I needed was a false wall inside the shed so whoever visits can step in and I'll be the other side eagerly awaiting a nice hard cock.

I had a couple of days off and decided to sort it out, and after a few hours I had rigged up a shed door that could stand inside the existing door attached by some brackets to an inner post. The door is able to swing into position when needed and once in place I just place something against it to stop it moving. All I had to do then was drill a decent sized hole for any willing cocks!

The day after I got online and soon started chatting to a guy who was very interested in my DIY Glory Hole, so much so he decided to pop round that afternoon. I left the back gate on the latch and gave him instructions to head towards the shed at the bottom of the yard. The outer door would be unlocked, so the guy just had to walk in and close the door behind him. I was ready and waiting behind the false door very excited at the prospect of what was about to happen. I heard the garden gate open and a few seconds later the shed door creaked open and then closed again. Part of the arrangement was no talking, and as soon as I heard the outer shed door close, I heard a zip sound and before I could count to ten a flaccid cock was poking through the make-shift glory hole.

I grabbed it in my hand and began to stroke it gently, it began to get stiff and then I teased my tongue over the helmet as I pulled back on the foreskin. A minute or two later it was semi hard and so I began to suck and wank it more vigorously until it was standing proud. It was a good 6" with a tight ball sack and nice shiny bell end that I relished flicking my wet tongue over. I was very stiff myself and took my cock out of my jeans, I stood up and rubbed our cocks together for a few seconds. Then it was back to business sucking that stiff cock as I wanked it into my mouth tasting the salty pre-cum as I sucked. The guy was moaning hard so I knew it wouldn't be long before he spurted his hot load over my face. After a minute or two of throat fucking action, I pulled back and wanked his cock one final few strokes. The the guy let out a long groan as a blast of sticky cum shot out of the his japs eye and over my mouth and tongue. Then another blast erupted before a few trickles more came over my hand. I sucked and licked his cock until I finished it all off, then just as we had agreed, he zipped up and walked away, leaving me my to wank myself off in the shed in the knowledge that I had no idea who this guy was or what he looked like.

It was exactly as horny as I had expected, I hope I can find more willing cocks to oblige my fantasies of anonymous blow jobs with strangers.