Written by DUSTY

12 Dec 2017

At about the time when this experience happened l was 24 at the time my husband was overseas had been for a month. At the time l was 2 months pregnant and working in the pensions office and one of my duties was completing pension forms which sometimes required visiting people in their homes.

I was visiting for the second time this older man who l had forms for him to sign. I put my cycle in his back yard and went in through his kitchen to the front room where I saw him masturbating over a dirty magazine.

The size of his cock amazed me, it was bigger than my absent husband's and l was mesmerized for a moment at the sight. There I was wanting to see what this man 40 years older than me was going to do with such an awesome cock.

He must have sensed something as he suddenly turned and saw me. Flustered he was trying to cover it and used the magazine which enabled me to see what he was "wanking" over. Sorry he said you should not have seen me, that's ok l replied l know men do that its a natural thing to do. Can l see that magazine you were looking at ? l would like to see what it was turned you on. He handed it to me and l saw it was a woman fondling herself erotically who had large breasts and erect nipples. Looking over the magazine l was staring at his large cock which was sticking out still obviously hard.

You should finish off what you were doing l said its bad for you to be in that state. He seemed to look straight into my mind as he said firmly you want to watch don't you ? I felt myself flushing but swallowing I nodded. That's all right but l want you to show me your breasts he stated no longer embarrassed. It will help me to show you what it is you want or is it need to see? Looking at his large manhood l undid my blouse and pushed up my bra he sat down facing me and started to squeeze and work his shinny cock up and down.

Excitedly l squeezed my breast making the nipple harden and rise. As he went faster l squeezed harder and felt myself getting wet between my legs. Without realizing it my other hand had rubbed my mound and my skirt had ridden up exposing my naked legs. Suddenly he let out a sort of growling moan and he spurted a stream of sperm which hit my legs and some reached my breasts. My legs shook as l experienced a climax and felt my panties soil with my love juice. His eyes looked at me and l saw his cock still semi hard in his still moving hand.

The moment seemed frozen in time and he was kneeling in front of me licking his sperm from my legs his face against the wet gusset of my panties. No one had ever done that to me though married for nearly 2 years l had never felt a mans tongue on my thighs like that. l did not resist when he pulled my panties down and as l stepped out of them he gently parted my legs. Then using his thumbs he held open my slit and started to lick my clitoris flicking his tongue like a snake. As if in a dream l heard myself moaning and my hips seemed to have a life of their own. He licked and sucked my clitoris sending waves of pleasure through me, when the tip of his tongue entered me l screamed and felt the heat of my coming on his mouth and face.

l held his head to my love slit and ground his face into my Virginia moaning and begging for more of this pleasure. Standing up he looked into my now flushed face and said was that the first time you have been given oral sex ? Yes l gasped and its the first time l've seen a man masturbate and come but the major first was to see a cock that size my husband is not that size.

There are lots of ways of giving pleasure he said its not just fucking. l know there are different positions l replied and l have heard of oral sex but not got to it yet l have been pleasured by fingers though but not like that. This is the first time l've cheated on him too.

Did you enjoy watching me "wank" he said, yes l replied, l thought so he said you were exciting me with your playing with your breasts l was happy just to see live ones but you got hot so l knew you were wanting more . You are going to be a very sexual woman the way you accepted my drinking from your cup of pleasure and your response when l played with your pearl on the steps of heaven told me you have much more pleasure to come and to give. "Pearl on the steps of heaven" l said, yes he said your clitoris. Oh my God your a real romantic l laughed l like that so sexy.

I could make you feel like that again he said holding his big manhood hold me . Tentatively l held it feeling it stir to life as l moved my hand up and down it felt so hard now ribbed and thick and he moaned as l cupped his ball sac. Come he said and leading me into the bedroom caressing my breast and gently pinching my nipple. By his bed he took of my clothes sat me on the bed and took of my shoes kissing my feet before standing and shedding his clothes. Naked his cock seemed bigger and l noticed he was shaved down there seeing me looking he said you will look better shaved and its more sensitive. Suddenly l realized as he reached in a draw for a condom he wanted to fuck me.

Wait l said l'm pregnant and am frightened what that cock will do to me. Jesus he said how pregnant you don't look it l was going to use a johnny. Two months l said and l could fuck with you unprotected but your too big l think. No dear he said l would get you so excited l would slide in just fine and l would not harm you at all. But we don't have to fuck lets just pleasure each other for now when you want me to l will show you that you can take this in you holding his cock and squeezing it for me.

Pushing me back on the bed he opened my legs and licking his lips he went down on me again l felt that tongue God within a minute it was licking my inside walls he did not stop he was eating me alive. l bucked under his fingers and tongue moaning shrieking as he pleasured me again and again my thighs soaked as my juices flowed freely. One time hes tonguing my clitoris then the next sucking my nipple making my breast hard and sensitive as his fingers explore me into me to his knuckles.

As l lay there satisfied like a cat holding his rod he told me to taste him and he offered it to my lips opening wide l took the head in me he was telling me what l should do. Lick my slit he moaned squeeze my balls, gently stroke my shaft, relax your throat, suck lick wank it for me. He was thrusting at me now l was gagging and spluttering but he had half that cock in my mouth and throat and l was chocking. As he pulled it out he came in my throat, mouth, face and hair wanking it over me and l felt yet again my cunt climaxing.

I lay there completely satisfied as he licked his sperm from my face saying he should have sprayed my breasts. Next time I said you can stand over me while l masturbate and spray me with your hot sperm. I will take it on my breasts and you can lick it off me at your leisure. You want a next time then he said I thought you would want to learn more about pleasure you really are a sexy thing. Yes I want to feel like that again you must have had a great sex life to know how to do those things to me, he smiled, your wants are my wants my dear.

So over the next few weeks l visited him every week on the forth week he was right. l begged him to fuck me after he had made me come so much l wanted to feel his cock in me. He had me doggy style and was so gentle he took me as deep as he was long. The last time he made love to me was me on top stroking my clitoris as l was riding his great cock .

It was 15 years before l experienced a similar sized cock but even that was not equal to my first big cock of my older lover. Also his showing me the many things that gave me and my husband so much pleasure, him thinking l'd been reading sex manuals while he was away and satisfied myself with masturbation. If only he knew how I got my "education" he would have understood my yearning for another cock like that of my first older lover