Written by The Caulbearer

20 Jan 2018

This true story goes back to the early 1970’s. We had been married for a couple years , I was 23 C was 22. She was a such a shy and sexy girl when we met. 5’9” long black hair about 8.5 stone with sexy pert 34 boobs, and great nips.. Ever since we married I had a fantasy of seeing her have sex with another man.

She only had 1 previous boyfriend and was un experienced. But she had her moments of wildness, pretty much right from the beginning of our relationship.

I was surprised how easy she could be talked into flashing and going braless showing off her poky nips off .

In Bed we would have fun and sexy pillow talk about showing her off to another guy.. But each time I asked it was a BIG no .

During one very raunchy sex session I brought the subject of sharing her , to my surprise she Agreed in principle to give it serious thought.

A couple of weeks later I saw a message on a toilet wall from a guy age 42 and bragging a 8.75 prick wanting to meet a young couple for friendship and fun , He said he would be back in the area on a certain date in couple of weeks around 7.30pm , I left a reply saying we would be interested , them erased his message to stop anyone else seeing it . ( Now to break the news to C )

That night in bed I told her about the message , she was shocked but said she would let me know later that week , For the rest of that week I walked around with a semi hard on and each night as we fucked I imagined her with this guy But did not bring the subject up as did not want to scare her off.

With only 2 days to go She agreed to a meet with him , But with rules ,

No 1,That I met with him first to check him out also to explain the rules , 2, If she said NO she meant it, before or during .

Well The same day I was to meet him I had to pick up a bed settee someone given us , So with the settee in back of my van I set off, It was about 7.20 when I parked up Being November it was dark , I went in the Toilets and he had messaged that he was already there , I quickly scribbled a message saying I was in a white van, Getting back to the vehicle I saw a tall guy enter the toilets ( was this her date ??)

He came across to my motor and asked the time, When I told him and asked why , he told me he had a meet at 7.30, I smiled and told him it was with me. He got in the van and introduced himself as John from Oxford.

I explained the wife was at home and if he left his car there I would take him back to our place , I also explained her rules, he totally agreed , I made a quick call to C telling her we were on our way, on the way home he asked about her likes n dislikes , That made us both horny , then I remembered the settee and asked would he give me a hand getting it indoors he commented that if things went well we could all use it later ,

Arriving home I went and opened the door to let C we were bringing the settee in Well she was dressed in her semi see through blouse, Black Bra, skirt and Stockings what a fantastic site , when we brought it in she was in the kitchen. We put it in place . She came in looking soooo sexy , I introduced them, they shook hands and he pulled her close and kissed her cheek gently , I went and parked the van and on my return they were stood middle of the room chatting away like old friends, I got some drinks and returned to find them sitting on the settee C in the centre and John on her left ,I joined them and after 15 minutes I replenished the drinks, C asked me to turn the side lamp on and turn the main one off , this set the lighting to a seductive glow, I placed my arm around her shoulder and let my hand rest on her Tit, After a couple minutes I started fondling her , John seeing this placed his arm on the back of the settee just above mine and twisted around so his leg was touching C's leg ,this also brought his hand was very close , I undid a couple the buttons of her blouse, my hand went down inside her bra and eased out her tit but kept my hand over it teasing him but occasionally letting her nipple peep out between my fingers,

C looked at me and I whispered if she was ok , She nodded and smiled , with that I started kissing her at the same time I moved my arm which allowed his to move around her shoulder, Next thing he was sucking n chewing on her stiff nipple.

I then turned her head towards him so he could enjoy her mouth, (She told me later that his tongue was down her throat before their lips met ) I watched as his hand unbuttoned her blouse then pushing her bra up releasing both tits, I was amazed just how stiff her nips were, at the same time mine and John's hands moved down to the hem of her skirt and began easing it upwards exposing her stocking clad legs, To our surprise she lifted up allowing her skirt around her waist, My hand reached her panties and found his hand rubbing her mound, He pulled them to the side which allowed my finger inside her very wet pussy, eventually we both were fingering her. I unzipped myself and moved her hand on to my cock , her other hand was having trouble with his zip due to his large cock straining to escape , He helped by undoing his top trouser button and unzipping , Next thing I heard was aloud gasp she had his manhood in her hand , it was a good 8.5 inch 3in larger than me. It was a wonderful site watching him fingering her whilst she slid her hand up n down his cock.

I then suggested they stood up whilst I set the bed settee up , It only took a minute but in that time he had her blouse and bra off and her skirt was around her ankles. she stood there in her panties n stockings and him in his underpants still kissing and groping each other

He then moved her over to the settee and laid her down. pulled off her panties and buried his head between her thighs , the noise of his mouth on her dripping pussy was unbelievable, I sat on a chair opposite just watching what I had waited 2 yrs to see. C then indicated for me to join them , John moved up her body to carry on kissing and groping her , I pushed my rigid cock inside and lasted about 1 minute before shooting my load. I laid there for a couple of minutes before rolling off, I nodded to John to mount her , he did not need a second telling , He eased a couple of inches just inside rubbing her clit on the way, She was so wet he had no trouble with the other 6 inches, They fucked her steady for 25 minutes before he emptied his load deep inside her,

On the way back to his car he said she was the best fuck he'd had in year, and that I as a very lucky guy to have her, This was the start of a relationship lasting 11 years, He visited us about 3/4 times a year , every time ending with C on the end of his 8.75 inch cock,