Written by Mark_Goodman_1

16 Jun 2014

When I first started work at the company I hardly noticed her.

It was an open-plan office as so many are these days, but she was located at the opposite end of the room to me. I also discovered later that she mixed socially with the three or four people who were at desks near to hers, rather then with the rest of us, so our paths didn't really cross at all.

That changed when we were both asked to serve on a working group that had to develop a particular new strategy. At around the same time, one of the guys she saw in her group outside work left to move to another branch some distance away. There had been rumours about the two of them, but he was married with several kids, so the gossip was disregarded by most people.

During the first meeting of the working group, she had been quite flirty with the guys in the room. There were three of us blokes, and one other woman apart from her. She flirted unashamedly, actually, with all three of us, encouraged it must be said by the other woman in the group, older than her but one of her closest friends at work. They got on really well, and her flirtatious nature was apparently something they both took for granted, as if it was expected and a running office joke.

In the second meeting, she sat next to me, and was less forthcoming with her cheeky patter. In fact, she said very little and let the rest of the group talk through the agenda with only a minimal contribution. What she did, however, to my sheer amazement, was take every opportunity to brush her legs against mine, turn closely towards me when I spoke breathing gently in my ear as she did, and towards the end of the meeting she clearly and unmistakably pressed her right leg firmly against my left leg. When I glanced at her, she looked me first straight in the eye, and then looked down at my crotch.

As the meeting ended, she leaned across me and said, "have you been to that new bar down the road? I thought I might check it out after work."

I needed no second invitation. I had no idea where it was going, but I was keen to find out.

A cosy chat over the first drink led to more leg touching over the second, and her invitation to "be more comfortable at my flat, if you like" was almost too good to be true.

I didn't want to push my luck, but after she'd poured us both a glass of wine in her very comfortably furnished one-bedroom apartment, I moved in for a kiss and met no resistance. I kissed her neck and moved down to her cleavage, on display in her deep cut v-neck purple top. Within a minute or so I was sucking her nipples and, from her moans and other appreciative noises, I had judged it right.

As I sucked and teased her nipples with my tongue, I felt her hand stroking my hard cock through my trousers. As my hand reached between her legs, she unbuckled my belt and soon held my cock in her hands. She pushed me back and bent her head forward. Expertly rolling her tongue around my helmet she sucked and took all my 7 inches deep into her mouth and throat.

I could easily have come like that, but I wanted her properly. She must have had a similar thought, as she got to her feet, took my hand and led me into her bedroom. We were both naked in seconds, and lying beside each other. I pushed two fingers inside her, she stroked my cock. I climbed above her and started to push my cock inside. She stopped me momentarily just as the tip of my cock was lodged at her entrance.

"Just there for a moment," she said. "I love that."

I let it rock there gently for a minute or so, but then I had to have her. I pushed in deeply, to her apparent pleasure. "Don't wait for me," she whispered, "I could be a while. You come first."

I did, shooting loads inside her.

"Wow," she said with genuine delight. "There was a lot, wasn't there?"

She lay back and I put my mouth on her cum soaked pussy, tasting my own juices as well as hers as I licked and sucked her to climax. She did, indeed, take a while, but eventually came with a load yell, almost a scream.

We enjoyed more sessions in her flat over the next few weeks, in which time I learned that she had, indeed, had an affair with the guy who had just left the firm. He and his wife had five children, and every time his wife had become pregnant, he would look elsewhere for regular sex and found it readily available from within the office. She said she had no regrets about shagging him, but although she liked him hugely she would never have entertained their affair becoming more than that.

She also hinted at other affairs and relationships, some with married men, one with a guy who had made her pregnant which had resulted in an abortion.

Now, she said, she was ready to settle down but had yet to meet the right guy.

I had a regular girlfriend - someone I'd been with for nearly ten years, but I began to wonder if this new liaison was actually the real thing. Any such thoughts were swiftly banished however when a new recruit arrived. Another married guy, but one who gave as good as he got in the flirting stakes. He was slightly younger than her, very good looking, and clearly worked out. He and his wife had two young kids, but my visits to her flat became fewer as time went by and eventually it was made clear that, while we might stay friends, that arrangement was, for the time being anyway, at an end.

The new guy was clearly flavour of the month, but a new twist was added when she visited his house and apparently established some sort of relationship with his wife. That she and the new guy were shagging was not in question, but what was not clear was whether the wife knew about it, or maybe was even party to it, perhaps joining in a threesome.

As I write this, those questions remain unanswered. I am still on the fringe of her life, but I am at best second choice now to the new guy.

The above is 98% true, but I have varied some details to protect the identities of those involved. However, I am genuinely intrigued by what happens to this lady. She is amazing in bed, and enjoys a drink and a night out. She is also highly professional in her work.