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Gran Canaria sex

"Our experience in PDI"

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We have not blogged before but thought we’d give this a try to share our experience. Apologies in advance if it’s very long but I’ll try to get more succinct for any future updates.  Writing this was fun and gave us a good memory of last week.

Night 1

We arrived late and had no plans to play as Mrs was struggling with low energy. After a late dinner we decided to pop into peaches and cream (wonderful friendly place) for a late drink, we’d had a few. It was busy but we met a lovely couple from Barnsley.  She had amazing boobs so it did not take long for Mrs to strike up a conversation that led to the ladies playing in public. We agreed to meet up to carry it later in the week but for different reasons it did not happen. If you were that person please pm here ;-)

Night 2

After a few drinks in our favourite Cita bar we decided to go to secrets. It was quite busy and Mrs was wearing a short black cut out dress that just about covered her ample boobs so I knew she’d be getting a lot of attention. After a while we undressed and went into the couple’s area. It was pretty busy, people fucking everywhere but we found an open room and as soon I started sucking her tits we were getting some attention. We  had already decided that our pleasure that night would be to watch her with another couple. As we were being watched I noticed one couple that caught my eye so I beckoned them in. They were a young Spanish couple , he was tall athletic with a big cock. She was tanned curvy with great tits.  Within minutes of the ladies kissing Mrs was between her legs eating her out. After pleasuring the Spanish lady Mrs turned on her back. Spanish guy had a huge erection and looked at me for permission, I nodded to proceed and he immediately slide into her wet pussy and started to thrust as she moaned loudly.  Meantime Spanish lady pulled me down to kiss and it was not long before I was circling her amazing nipples with my tongue. She pointed down and I realised she was instructing me to start from the bottom, meaning from toes up   She put a petite perfectly manicured foot to my mouth and I obliged. In a few minutes my tongue had made it to her pussy lips. Her next instruction was to start gently slapping her pussy and clit which again I obliged before pushing my tongue deep inside its wetness as she loudly moaned.   Meanwhile Mrs is getting pounded hard beside us, however Spanish lady and I wanted in on their action. I get turned on most by watching Mrs getting pleased so Spanish lady and I started kissing her bouncing breasts. I kissed her passionately on the mouth as he was sliding his big cock in and out of her soaking pussy. I whispered in her ear that I was going to instruct him to pound her as hard as he could, to which she moaned even more.  After I gave him the nod I grabbed her two arms and held them back but Spanish lady pushed me away.  I was a little confused until she then grabbed Mrs arms tightly and held them back even tighter, so I held her legs up for deeper access.  I guess we are into the same things.   The pounding went on until Mrs screamed and Spanish guy cum hard into her. He then left for a break, Mrs and Spanish lady then proceeded to lick each other out. I decided that Mrs pussy facing me was too much as she was licking out spanish girl so I slid my cock in.  It was barely minutes before Spanish guy came back so I invited him to continue which he was happy to.  Eventually at 5am the lights came on and we somewhat embarrassed had to go get dressed and be last to leave the club. After sharing contact details we went home where Mrs and I had some hot passionate sex, especially knowing why her pussy was so wet  and talking about what just happened and how we both had cum.  It’s always more raw sex after such an experience.

Written by westk2

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