8 Jan 2019

We were on holiday and hubby got very friendly with a father and son , good company for him to watch the football with. By the pool one day hubby had drunk too much and gone back to the room for a snooze. Felt myself burning so headed back to our room for sun cream. On the way met his new friend. Invited for a drink. rude to refuse but then had to put on the after sun. "I've got some in my room on second floor, why go up to the 14th?" Seemed a good idea but what was I thinking!

Got to his room where he insisted on rubbing the after sun on my back. Felt good till I realised he had unclipped my top and his hands were now circling my breasts. " You do know you have lovely tits don't you?" he told me and proceeded to tweak my nipples. "Son has no taste all his girlfriends are skinny with hardly any tit". Almost on cue the door opened and his son walked in.

So , there I was in a room with a randy father and son team, desperately trying to put my bikini top back on.

I looked at the son trying to determine how he was going to react. He looked 18 or 19.

"Sorry about my dad" he said, "always complaining my girlfriends are too skinny, small boobs and no experience".

He seemed genuine, so I smiled back at him. It was then I noticed the lean body, developing abs, white teeth and neatly groomed hair. How did such a randy old father manage to have such a handsome and polite son?

"This is my son Alan", said the father. "Watch him, he is a randy little bugger , but no taste in women yet"

"Anyway its true , she does have a great pair of tits.......I dont know why she put them away!"

"I apologise for my dad , he is trying to get me to lose my virginity whilst we are on holiday.

Look, why dont you sit down, let me get you a drink to apologise for dad's behaviour"

I had the sun tan cream, this was my chance to get away, but there was something about the son that kept me in that room.

"I am sure you will find the right girl soon enough, but I really should get going"

I couldn't help looking him up and down and envying the girl who did have the opportunity.

"Please stay, I have to admit dad is right , you do have a great body, and we really do owe you an apology for his behaviour".

I knew it was a bad idea , but I just couldn't resist his voice.

I accepted the drink and sat down again.

Alan told me his mum had died 5 years ago, and he really missed her.

His dad had had a series of women , none stayed long. No wonder, looking at him now snoring on the chair!

Alan told me he had had a few female friends , but had never got very far with them. we had a nice conversation, he seemed the sort of son every mum would want for their daughter......or themselves!

"I just dont think I am very good at that sort of thing".

I looked into his sad blue eyes....

" You will be fine when the right girl comes along"

" I dont seem to be able to talk to them like I can talk to you. Thank you for listening"

He gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, and I blushed immediately.

"Dad was right though you do have lovely breasts"

Embarrassed now, I smiled at him and was dumbstruck as his hand slowly cupped the bikini covered breast and he began to tease the nipple. He leant me back on the settee and his mouth sought mine.He was kneeling on the floor , kissing me as his hand gently released the breast from the bikini top.soon he had both breasts out , hands rubbing eagerly, staring into my eyes , watching my reaction as his fingers brought my nipples to attention.

I couldn't help myself, as he kissed me so slowly, his tongue playing with mine and I eagerly returned his kisses. My head was spinning, this young man was making me feel more sexy than I had for a long time.He stood up and I could see his growing erection through his shorts.My fingers reached into the side of his shorts and pulled down slowly till I could see , first the head and then the the long, stiff shaft of his cock. As I began to hold his balls in my hands , I could feel a hand rubbing my now wet pussy through my bikini bottoms. My bottoms were slowly eased down my legs , exposing my now soaking wet pussy. A I felt stubble against my leg I realised the father was now wide awake and taking advantage of my open legs.

By now I realised I had been well and truly played , but my pussy didn't care and needed filling.

Alan had moved to the top of the settee, and his balls hung over my face as I eagerly grabbed his cock and began to lick that smooth shaft. Meanwhile, his dad had his tongue firmly in my pussy and was circling my clit.

Alan's cock was sliding smoothly into my mouth as his father was licking my pussy to ecstasy.

"Let me shoot on her tits first, then I can last longer in her pussy"

That nice young man was now a lusty teen sowing his wild oats. he had my tits in his hands as his groaning grew louder, then grunting like an animal proceeded to empty the contents of his balls over my tits.

Meanwhile daddy dearest was rubbing the head of his cock up and down my slit , as I waited for him to fill my pussy.He looked me in the eyes as he entered me slowly, in and out and in and out staring at me watching as my climax built ......then with a sharp thrust he was in . Pulling my legs over his shoulders he began to thrust , slowly at first, then gathering pace. He was watching as the moans fell from my lips ......smiling, his pace grew faster......thrusting moans grew louder, his hands gripping my hips as he pulled me to him.

His grunts grew more animal like , then his face contorted as I felt his hot seed fill my pussy.......

I thought to myself they couldn't leave me like this I needed my climax, and I still hadnt come!

I noticed Alan now moving to the other end of the couch, I wondered if that was it.

How glad was I when I felt his hands on my waist as he turned me over and got me to kneel on the settee.I felt his cock , now hard again, (how lucky are the young?) probing my pussy from behind as he grabbed hold of my tits. As he entered me he pulled my nipples sending a surge of excitement to my clit. The young man was on top form slowly entering, then withdrawing ....then entering again , teasing my clit as he moved in and out of my pussy. his cock had grown fatter now , and I could feel the veins of his shaft teasing my pussy wall. his hands wer

Suddenly he had me in a half nelson position his arms under my shoulders and around my neck. In this position my tits were forced forward and there was daddy, taking advantage of my prone situation. I could feel the stubble scratching me gently as he began rubbing my tits and sucking the nipples.

My body was shaking as the twin pleasures engulfed me. I could feel my climax building and as the grunting and licking sounds grew louder , I felt myself begin to gush and that warm wet feeling once again engulf my body.

I could feel his still hard cock in my pussy as his sperm began to leak down my legs.

As we came down from our sexual highs, he kissed my neck and whispered

"Dad was right, you've got wonderful tits! Can we do this again sometime".

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