Written by smoothwelshboy2

23 Apr 2014

I've just come back from a great holiday in Tenerife. I stayed on the east cost and sent most of my holiday on the nudist beach at La Tegita.

Lovely long beach that you can walk up and down completely naked.

Anyway one day after I'd walked up and down the beach a few times, looking for others and not seeing anybody, I found a spot at the back of the beach. There are some areas that are surrounded by small low bushes that are great to get out of the wind. The spot I found had enough room for about 3 or 4 people. I applied sun tan lotion all over, getting a semi hard on when I covered my cock. Lay down and drifted off.

sometime later I heard a womans voice, she was about 30 - fully dressed and with her husband. She asked if they could join me to get out of the wind. I said OK.

They put their towels down and started to strip off. They were both shaved and had good bodies.

I turned over onto my front and noticed that they had positioned themselves so that I was looking directly up ther legs, with the wife closer. Over a period of about 5 minutes they both started to move their feet appart so I had an uninterupted look. Then they both started to play with themselves. She started on her clit before pushing 1, then 2 fingers into her now swollen fanny. By now his cock was getting harder and longer. And so was mine.

I moved onto my side to show my now erect cosk and started to stroke it. They both noticed me and they started to wank faster. Then she got up, pushed me on my back, gave me a long kiss trusting her tongue deep into my mouth. Got up and then sat on my face.

She started by making me lick and suck her clit before moving so I had to force my tongue deep inside. She lend over and started to suck my cock. Deep long hard sucks.

Then I felt another mouth on my cosk - it was the husband. She sat up - again frcing me to push my tobgue deep into her pussy before moving so I had to do the same to her ass.

By now my cock was really hard - then the sucking stopped and the husband lifted my lgs up and started on my balls and then my ass. He rimmed it for a while before pushing his tongue in. I was relaxed now and it slipped in really easily and deeply.

She tehn got hold of my ackles and pulled them up, leaving my ass completely exposed. I felt the heat of the tip of his cock on my hole and slowly he pushed it in. Slowley and first, but then faster. I could feel by ass full of his cock.

The wife then lifted herself up off me, squatting over my face. THen I fel this warm golden liquid on my face. I'd never been pissed on before but I opened my mouth to take it all in.

Meanwhile the husband was banging my ass, getting faster and faster. Then he tensed up and shot his load up me.

With all this going on I hadn't realised we'd attracted an audiance. 2 other men were watching - rock hard cocks in hand.

One of them bend down and licked the cum out of my well stretched hole. The other licked the husbands cock clean.

And that was just the first day!!!