Written by Paulrcouple

14 Oct 2013

Hi just had a weekend away put a add on for a meet met a couple on Saturday night nothing happened. We met them in the hotel bar it was all question from him one after another after a while Jane said they were not what we wanted and we went out for a drink elsewhere.

Jane exact words to me as we left the hotel was hes like a fucking school teacher she was sat there with her mouth shut never said a word.

Yes you always ask things but not one after another like he was.

So we had a few drinks and back to the hotel not a lot going on so to bed got the laptop on and we had got a reply from a guy wanting to meet us we noticed he was online so we got in touch and chated he lived not a long way from where we was staying said he could meet Sunday dinner time and would take things from there he looked ok on his pics and was honest saying he was married but his wife knew nothing about this and it would be his first time he had met any body.

So we arranged to meet Saun in a wine bar near to the hotel at 1pm

We got there just before 1 we were the only ones in sat on a posing table and got our drinks. It got to 1-15 and nothing has backed out then the door opened and in he came said hello Paul and Jane yes we said i got him a drink.

Jane had broken the ice and they were chatting we was clean and smart and talked ok thats the half of meeting someone been able to chat.

Shaun told us he was 33 been married 9 years and the magic had gone he still loved his wife but sex was just a duty for her more or less get it over with so we can go to sleep said she was always tired looking after the children he was honest said he wanted sex not an affair just sex.

Jane told him that was what it was for us just sex nothing else.

So we asked him if he wanted to come back to our room Shaun said yes but he felt a bit shy he had never done any thing like it. I could see Jane wanted to fuck him she said its ok take your time we wont do any thing you dont want.

Once back in the room we both kissed Jane and undressed her till she was completely naked.

Jane got on her knees got my cock out and started sucking me i moved so she could get Shauns out and i got undressed. I Was stood behind Shaun and Jane started to single me with her hands he was big yes he was very big Jane had her hand round it and there was a big lump in her mouth Jane stood up and thats when i noticed a big gold ring through the end of it.

Jane started to undress him it was the first time Jane was going to get a prince Albert.

We got Jane on the bed and both of us laid at each side of her taking turns to kiss her and suck her nipples as we both fingered her and Jane had a cock in each hand.

Then Shaun went down the bed and started to lick Jane. Jane was kissing me her tongue down my throat she was red hot the i could tell it was not Jane,s han on my cock i was getting played from from a different angle then i could felt

warm breath a pause then a warm mouth round it half an hour ago he said he was not bi but might try it.

Iasked Jane was she ready for yes she said got Jane to lie across the middle of the bed her head hanging offthe edge of the bed done this many times she she can suck me i bent forward opened her pussy lips wide so Shaun could push is cock in seeing that gold ring go in was a real turn on..

Shaun told us he was not going to last long i said i wasent he asked me to come on Janes boobs which i did Shaun licked it off Jane as he was cuming.

We both got back on the bed with Jane kissed her and sucked her boobs she brought her self of with her fingers which she likes to do she went down on Shaun got him hard and mounted him he fucked her for a couple of minuets before he cum again.

Lied on the bed agine talking Jane asked him about the prince albert he said him and his wife had watched a porno film were the guy had one and it turned his wife on so he got one but it was not a lot better for him.

Shaun said he was sorry but had to go said he would keep in touch we do not live a long way from each other got dressed and went.

Me and Jane turned on our sided and fucked and talked with her legs round me Jane said what made it so horny for her was the Prince Albert but she said she could not feel it.

Shaun had a nice big cock but Jane,s had better sex with smaller one,s Shaun was a nice guy but no super stood yes we would meet him again.