Written by theadventureman

29 Oct 2011

After my first experience, in scratch woods, I went back one more time. Just like my first time I found a man who was very accommodating. I copied the same plan of action, as my first time. I parked in the lay by then went for a walk in the woods, as I went in I heard a car door shut and guessed I was being followed. I waited by a tree, looking round, I saw a man in shorts watching from about 20 metres away.

Then suddenly an old guy (about 60) approached from the right, walking up to me asking “want some fun”? I reached out and felt his groin, he responded likewise. He unzipped me and slipped his hand in and I did likewise. He had a nice size one, but it wasn’t getting hard. I asked if I was doing something wrong. He said he couldn’t and just wanted to pleasure me.

I was happy with this, but also disappointed because I wanted to feel another mans hard cock and make it squirt spunk. All the same this old guy was now sucking my stiff cock. Before long I was holding his head on to my cock and unloading my cum into his mouth. When he was done, he asked if I liked what he had done and if I wanted to follow him to his house, for some more.

I felt incredibly horny still, despite having spunked into his mouth, and agreed. We headed to Watford, where he lived. As soon as we got into his he started groping my groin, and I loved it. I asked if he wanted me to take all my clothes of, without a word he started to undress me, I was naked in front of him. I asked what he wanted? He told me to stand hands against the wall, with him behind me. Then I felt his hand all over me. This made me so hard, in not time at all. I loved his hands sliding up the inside of my legs, stroking my bum, my balls and feeling my hard on. Then he put his arms round me and squeezed against me. I could feel his soft, but big cock against my bum. He slid his hands down and started stroking a finger between my cheeks; he asked if I liked it. Next I felt my cheeks part properly and suddenly I realised he was licking me down there. I could feel his tongue licking my tight virgin hole; this made me moan aloud, it was that good. I was soaked form his saliva. This was so, so good. Next thing I knew, he was kneeling in front of me licking and sucking my rock hard cock and at the same time pushing his finger into my hole. I was in paradise!

I was so worked up, I told him that I was going to cum. at this point he stopped and asked if I wanted to fuck him? Right then the invite to open this old guy’s legs and slip my cock into a man for the first time, along with his cock sucking, made me loose control. I started to squirt, he put my cock straight back in his mouth. I don’t know why but I pulled out, grabbed my self and wanked the remaining spunk onto his face while rubbing my bell end on him. I genuinely believe he liked this more than me, and seeing my cum on his face turned me on so much. He licked me clean than went and cleaned himself up.

When he came back, I was semi and shrinking. He told me that he would like it if I was to have sex with him, “even just a quick fuck”. By now I was starting to realise what I was doing, a 60 year old guy. I started to have the old feelings of shock and disgust with myself. I went to his loo to clean up, when I returned I was ready to go, it was about 4AM by now. I noticed he had put on some porn and made coffee for us. I sat down with him and had a smoke. While I did, he couldn’t keep his hands off me. The touching and the porn was making my willy grow. He asked again, “if I make it hard, will you fuck me? I have lube and durex”. This made it that bit harder.

Without another word, he went and got the things and knelt on all fours infront of me. I could see his balls hanging underneath his bum. He squeezed lube into his hand and started rubbing it between his cheeks, and repeated this for about 5 minutes. I sat watching getting harder and harder. He turned to me and said “you can do it, I really want to feel you in me”, and carried on lubing himself. I didn’t need another invite, I slipped the durex on knelt behind him and squeezed my bell end into him.

He felt nice and tight, moaning as I eased into him. I went in slowly inch by inch until it felt like I couldn’t go in any more. I pulled myself right out and then started sliding back in after a few times of this I started to push in a bit faster and harder, until I was pushing it up him trying to get it all in, fast and hard. I found my self asking him if he liked my cock, if he liked me fucking him and if he wanted it harder? He replied yes every time. I was really binging it up him, trying to make it hurt and he just took it. Just before I cum I pulled out, his hole was gaping but slowly closing. As I went to push it back he said “wank it over my arse” I obliged within 2 minutes or so.

After this I got dressed and headed off. We met several times after that, until he moved to surrey.