Written by Arlington_49

27 May 2015

Some weeks ago I posted about my colleague’s wife, Lucille, and her demeanor towards my wife. Contrary to acceptable practice and tradition at our firm…call it courtesy…it’s NOT for any of us to criticize our wives (or husbands for that matter) for their sex play choices. Lucille called my wife a professional RE whore…a slut wife whore!

Lucille’s husband, Greg, is my colleague…we share the firm’s management roles and head up different litigation units. We are ALSO co-chairs of our residence community’s ‘social’ group. Greg often enjoys my wife’s favors, and while I don’t access Lucille all that often, she does play into my profile. Lucille is gorgeous at 57 and makes for an enjoyable evening’s lay when we engage!

Lucille and I recently caught my wife in coitus acts servicing several of her RE prospects…four lads to be exact…in my home! While Lucille was critical of Judi’s behavior, I also played Lucille into that same evening. I’m not sure why she chastised my wife. Close friends suggest her jealousy of my wife. Others simply recommend I invest more time in Lucille given her husband entertains my wife every several weeks. I took the advice, however a little differently than originally suggested. I placed my ‘frustrations’ with Lucille into a party evening following a concert. I designated Lucille as our group’s GB hostess for the night.

Lucille and I had dinner, followed by the concert, then back to a private club for the ‘post-party activity.’ Lucille knew I wanted to eat her out followed by a good fucking. Lucille demonstrates a word of advice I have for many younger colleagues. “The best manner in which to access and play another man’s wife is through cunnilingus…all other joy follows!” Lucille is an ideal example from the get-go of our relationship these last 8 or so years. What she didn’t anticipate, that “good fucking” would be augmented by several mutual friends from our swing club! I don’t recall Lucy ever accepting…voluntarily…role of GB hostess. This party broke the mold and would be her personal, club fuck event. Three of my colleagues and I made sure Lucille’s evening would be one bang of a party tryst! Her party is now several weeks’ history, however each time I run into her in our res complex or at a firm event, she appears concerned if not outright fearful of my intentions. She should be…!!

Over the course of last 4 weeks, I’ve parlayed two tryst events for a client and firm partner with Lucille. Both gentlemen heeded my advice and played to Lucille’s liking for pussy lap and love. I’ve also determined as much as my wife is often set into sexual mood with wine and weed, Lucy is NOT all that far from like habits. I cajoled her into puffing a toke at her GB, and since she’s become quite enamored with the feelings and lightness weed will endeavor to make intercourse more exciting. Both friends provided enjoyable feedback about Lucille’s capitulation to their advances. I now smirk at her accusations against my wife. As credible they may be about Judi’s sexual behavior, Lucille is not far from the same vein. More exciting, to best of my knowledge, Greg is unaware that I’ve nuanced his wife into more active and frequent sexually satisfying engagements for me and others!

Lucille’s “payback” continues as I post this update. Tomorrow evening, Thursday, while Greg is in Shannon on client business through weekend, I’ll be hosting his wife at a club dinner and “dessert.” The post-dinner plan makes Lucille into the very ‘whore’ she claims my wife to be. In fact, she’s not even aware I’m the host! The dinner plan has been organized by several co-club members who know and empathize with my sentiments regarding Greg’s wife. Fortunate her hubby will be absent several days. Lucille’s seduction and pleasuring will make for a rousing suck and fuck party!!