Written by Pantypaul

18 Aug 2018

As soon as my mrs had gone off to work I slipped on a pair of barely black sheer nylon hold ups, lilac silky see through panties and a black lacy bra. I was feeling really horny walking around the house dressed like this. My cock was pushing in to the silky material of the panties. I slipped in a dvd, it was full of transexuals, my cock was straining at the panties. I needed more, so I got my phone and rang Jumpchat, where I got chatting to a guy from Wales. Sounded really horny, we chatted about our fantasies and were both turned on and I ended up spunking in my panties.

We arranged to meet at Chester service station on the A55 the following week.

So that morning after she had gone to work I showered and shaved, face and all round my ball and cock area. I slipped on some red silk panties and a pair of flesh coloured tights under my trousers.

When I arrived at the service station I recieved a txt to say he would be there in five minutes,my cock had started to twitch and started to grow in my tights and panties. When he arrived, a few more cars had arrived so it was busy. He told me to follow him. About 30 mins drive we arrived at Talacre beach, as the weather was not that good there was only dog walkers. He got out of his car and got in to mine. We chatted for a bit then he asked me was I wearing anything sexy. I told him I had tights and panties on under my trousers, he told me he had a white thong and black tights on under his pants. We both pulled our pants down to our ankles revealing our tights and panties. We both stroked each others tights and rubbed our hands up and down our legs.

I leaned across and kissed his cock through his tights and panties, it was hard so I pulled his tights down and released his cock from his thong, only about 5 inches but more than a mouthful is wasted. I sucked on his cock and rubbed his tights in to his balls. His hand found one of my nipples and he squeezed it, I love this and let out a little moan of appreciation. I could taste the sweetness of his precum, so I knew he was getting close. I sucked a bit harder then I felt it hit the back of my throat, three big squirts of cum. I almost struggled to drink it all down, but one last gulp and it was on its way down my throat.

We chatted a bit more, all the time he had his hand on my tights, stroking my crotch area and down my legs. My cock was now very hard. I pushed my panties down over my balls so my cock was now rubbing in to my tights . My precum was now staining the flesh material. He looked at my cock and smiled as he slipped my clad covered cock in to his mouth. Now this was new and horny to me. He licked the head of my cock through the nylon, then took it all in his mouth, he did this a few times and it got too much for me and I came in his mouth. He sucked all my cum through the material. God it was good.

We agreed to meet up again soon..........................