Written by NotDave

7 Sep 2014

Let me set the scene.

I joined the site a few years ago, not sure what to expect, but with the hope of adding a little secret excitement to my life.

You see, I am married - happily so and without any desire to change.

However, my sexual experience is somewhat limited, and approaching middle age I just felt I wanted to experience a little more to life.

The combination of admitting to being married, not publishing photos, not being able to meet at any reasonable times, and not being hung like a horse meant that interest was - shall we say - limited. OK, almost zero. But God loves a tryer so they say...

Rewind to a few weeks ago. I learnt that I would be staying away for a week on business. And that meant staying away in a hotel, far away from home. And that fact, my dear readers, did not pass me by. As I knew where I would be staying, I started looking at profiles in the area.

There were several in the area, but one in particular stood out by a mile.

A couple, who were quite new members, complete novices, clearly very nervous and unsure of what they wanted.

Everything about their profile was perfectly matched to what I was looking for.

To preserve anonymity, lets call them "NervousCouple", or NC...

Their photos were superb, Mrs NC was extremely sexy and just perfect in my eyes. Not that I kept looking at them on a very regular basis you understand, as my mind fantasised about what might happen. Oh no :)

I sent NC a message, explaining that I felt we could be the perfect match, that I had no set expectations of what I wanted, when I was going to be in the area, and maybe we could have chat.

Excitedly I checked my inbox most days, but as with most messages I sent, time passed and I saw no reply, even though as an Extras member I could see they had viewed my profile, and my message had been read.

I felt sure that this was either because they were inundated with messages (hardly surprising, given the photos) and I'd been forgotten, or like most people - they just weren't interested.

Fast forward to my week away.

I felt that sending another message could be seen as pushy and counter-productive, but with such a perfectly matching profile I felt I had nothing to lose as my one and only week of freedom was ticking away.

Now it was Wednesday. Just Wednesday night and Thursday night of freedom remained, I'd almost given up hope. Went out for food in the evening, and returned to my lonely hotel room.

I logged onto SH.

An intake of breath as I saw I had a message - AND it was from NC!

I opened the message eagerly, expecting a "sorry" message.

But no. An apology for not replying sooner, and that they thought I sounded perfect.

This is when the nerves set in..

Soon we were in the chatroom, and after a few technical hiccups, we were in a private room and both had our cams on.

Mrs NC looked as sexy as I'd hoped, smiles all round, and Mr NC didn't look like he was going to murder me, so all was good !

The conversation nervously and awkwardly danced around the idea of us meeting. It seemed NC were keen - but then I found out they were only free Monday and Wednesday nights. It was already Wednesday night, and I was gutted.

But then I looked at my watch; it was 11:30pm. I nervously joked that technically it was still Wednesday, hoping the reply would indicate whether to continue asking or whether I was out of luck. The reply was positive. I could see NC were starting on the wine. This had to be a good sign!

After a while we nervously agreed that we should meet, at their house.

And we all agreed that there would be no hard feelings if any of us bottled out.

I joked that I'd be happy even if we just had a chat over a nice cup of tea :)

By this stage, I could hardly type, my hands were shaking through a mixture of nerves and excitement.

It was already gone 12:30 at night. I jumped into the shower to freshen up.

Then nervously stumbled round the room as I got ready.

The drive to their house was nerve wracking to say the least. I got completely lost and took ages, I thought they'd think I'd bottled it. And I was convinced the police would stop me for some reason. I stuck rigidly to the speed limit. I'd find it hard to explain a speeding ticket at 1am in the morning.

But hey, I got there. Locked the car with shaking hands, walked up and MrNC met me and led me in.

Understandable, as complete novices like me, he wanted to have a chat and set a few rules, which was fine by me.

MrsNC was upstairs, and apparently, nervous as hell and unsure whether to go ahead with anything.

I said not to worry, if anyone wasn't happy (including me), we'd just call it quits.

So dear readers, MrNC led me up the stairs, and this is where it all began.

MrsNC was laying face down on the bed, covered up to shoulders with a quilt.

Mr NC suggested we start with gentle stroking, and see how it went.

We kneeled either side, and started gently stroking MrsNC's back and shoulders.

Mr NC kept checking she was happy to continue, and all was good.

The quilt was drawn back, and - that sexy MrsNC I'd seen on the photos was now lying right in front of me, face down, wearing nothing but a pair of knickers.

Oh my god, I can not tell you how exciting this felt :D

The funny thing was, I don't know who was most nervous. Mr NC's hands were shaking as much as mine. I'm surprised we weren't tickling.

The stroking continued, and I could tell MrsNC was starting to relax slightly.

Mr NC had the green light and gently removed Mrs NC's underwear.

The stroking continued, exploring further and further.

Mr NC and myself took in in turns to explore further with fingers; it was quite clear MrsNC was getting turned on - she was getting pretty wet, my fingers explored easily, her breathing was getting quite heavy and she was starting to arch up a little. My hands continued to stroke all over, and when she arched up I reached under and gently stroked her chest.

At this point I think it was clear, that more than a cup of tea was on the cards...

MrsNC turned over and laid on her back, completely naked. We both continued to stroke and massage, taking turns with our fingers to slide in and around, to ever increasing breathing.

Then, MrNC and myself took our clothes off at Mrs NC's request.

If anyone had suggested earlier in the day that I'd be kneeling stark naked and erect in front of another stark naked erect man with his stark naked and aroused wife laying between us, I'd have thought they were mad.

But no, this was really happening. And it felt bloody good.

MrsNC took MrNC in her mouth, while I continued working my fingers, and stroking all over.

Then she swapped over. Oh my, it felt good. Amazingly I managed not to come straight away.

A little while later, Mr NC climbed on top of MrsNC and thrust himself inside, while I continued with my hands. Mrs NC was arching her back up and thrusting her chest upwards towards me, nipples erect.

Shortly after, MrNC laid down, Mrs NC got on top and rode him, and I was invited to join in a DP....was this really happening ? All those fantasies I'd had but never imagined would happen, were happening right now.

Soon after, MrsNC laid down again and took MrNC in her mouth. I got on top, and gently entered MrsNC.

Yes this was really happening, and my god it felt good. Oh so good. And such a sexy sight too.

Slowly but surely we continued, with me trying desperately not to come embarrassingly soon!

After a while I relaxed more though.

MrsNC was starting to moan gently now, and we carried on like this for some time. She continued to take MrNC in her mouth.

I'm pretty sure MrNC was enjoying watching me inside his wife almost as much as I was enjoying her.

The moaning and breathing increased, and I could now feel MrsNC eagerly thrusting herself up towards me, and she pulled me in towards her with her spare arm.

The pace increased now, the breathing and moaning got progressively louder as did the arching and thrusting.

And then Mrs NC came. Oh god this felt amazing. I imagine some of the neighbours may have woken, by now it was about 2:30am...

Neither MrNC or myself had come by this point. We knelt either side of MrsNC's chest and she finished us both off with her hands, we both came over her chest.

At this point I thought it was probably time to leave NC to themselves, so I put my clothes back on. The ice was well and truly broken by this point :)

I'm so glad all three of us managed to overcome our nerves, I think we were all on the verge of bottling it, but in the end I got more than a cup of tea.

I drove back to my hotel, and it was about 3am when I got back to my room.

I then lay there wide awake, buzzing, reliving the whole adventure, and didn't get any sleep for the rest of the night. How I got through the next day I don't know.

As this was the first time doing any of this for all of us, and the nerves, I felt it best to do as asked, and not be pushy in any way.

Maybe another visit to the area will be on the cards one day, and we could meet for another cup of tea....and perhaps have a little more time !