Written by 7inchuk

12 Aug 2008

My sexy young wifes anal lovers 2

Those of you that read my first story will know about my wife and her lust for anal sex with other guys. For those of you that didn’t this is how this all started

Excert from My sexy young wife's anal lovers 1

My wife is 30 years old but I kid you not looks about 21. Im a very lucky guy she is a stunner, Gorgeous face, nice unblemished milky skin, very petite size 8 and 5 ft 1, pert little breasts a perfect tight round bottom and to top it all a smooth shaved pussy that she looks after and shaves daily so not an ounce of stubble. My wife is also a posh spoken person having gone to a private all girl school. We have and always have had a good sex life. My wife loves anal sex and I have always said I just wont do that to her. I no this is most guys dreams but whilst i have enjoyed anal with previous girlfriends I will never do that to my wife I just don’t think its right. Anyway one evening after a few glasses of wine we started talking about previous relationships we had both had and she was telling me of a previous boyfriend she had and how good he was at anal sex. To cut a long story short the topic of her having anal sex with me cropped up. We discussed things and I made my point that I wouldn’t feel comfortable about doing that to her, so she came straight out and asked if she could do it with someone else. She ensured me it would just be sex and after a good two hour discussion I agreed. Because for the last 4 years we have been together and she hadn’t had another guy she asked me if I would bring a guy home from the pub one night for her to have anal with.

If you have read my first story you will know of my wife’s first conquest being my best mate. How he now visits her regularly and how he assists us with finding new fuck buddies for my wife having been assured by my wife that he could have her whenever he wanted. I have many exciting stories to tell you about my wife’s experiences including more with Richard (my mate) and with many others.

As I’ve said my wife is an absolute stunner I kid you not, I have described her above and attached a picture. I cant tell you how lucky I am being married to such a babe. One evening I came home from doing something, what I cant remember, to see my naked wife lying next to Richard on the sofa talking away. Richard had already fucked my wife’s arse as he was dressed and she I could tell by the smell of perfume had showered. He was lying on the sofa with his back against the back of the sofa and my wife lying naked along side him at the front of the sofa. I wasn’t shocked by this as I often came home to find them in this way. I entered the room and they both looked up at me as I walked past. Richard said “Hi mate” as he usually does and my wife “Hi Sweetheart” putting her arm out motioning me towards her to give her a kiss, which I duly did and then walked over to the other sofa and sat down facing them. We chatted about various things whilst they laid there together and Richard was every now and again feeling my wife’s naked body up and down her side. Richard turned to me and said they had been talking and that Sara (my wife) had added to her list of guys she wanted to have anal sex with and that she had decided to have her next guy tomorrow night. I was fine with it and asked who, Sara said Jim. To start with I was really not happy at this suggestion. Jim and I have always disliked each other with a passion in fact you could say we positively hated each other . Jim had always tried and failed to get one over on me. He was envious beyond belief that I had found a babe like Sara. The girl of his dreams. We never talked to the point of sitting at the opposite end of the pubs if we were in the same room. He would constantly stare at me and tell people how he hated me, and he always had sexual fantasies about my wife to the point of becoming obsessed. Jim is into sports and a really fit guy, He’s a semi professional swimmer . My wife always told me to ignore him and I did. Now here she was telling me she wanted to have him take her annaly . Richard and Jim meet every Monday and Thursday at the gym weight training and I new afterwards they showered together and went for a beer, So I asked what he was like naked to give me some indication of what was going to fuck my wife. He set about describing Jim to me from what he had seen in the shower and as he did I noticed his hand slide round my wife and disappear towards her tight little bottom. He started fingering my wife’s arse and in turn she started letting out little whimpers as his hand started pushing against her cheeks. Her eyes closed and he described Jim to me. I already new jim was tall, well built and muscular as he went to the gym twice a week and always has as far as I new him, but Richard having seen him naked described him to us he was 6ft plus built like a shit house and he shaved all over. Richard described how he didn’t have a hair on his body anywhere other than his head and stubble on his face, I could see my wife was very excited at the thought of having Jim. Richard went on to describe Jim as another well hung guy when flaccid. My wife suddenly said “tell me more” with her eyes closed and now slightly turning and parting her bottom for Richard to enter deeper. Looking at my wife squirming at the thought of Jim having her, and focusing on the comment from Richard that it was only sex and. They had convinced me to agree. And my wife turned to me still having her bottom finger fucked by Richard and said thank you baby. I asked my wife why Jim. She said that there’s something about him and that he intrigued her, His size and his strength, not to mention what she had just heard. Richard withdrew from my wife and sat up lifting my naked wife on his lap. She looked like a teenage girl, so small on his lap and looking at me with a huge smile on her face Knowing she had succeeded in her request. We discussed in great detail and came up with a plan to make it happen. The plan was outrageous but foolproof. It meant I had to be elsewhere and put the safety of my wife in Richards hands. Richard might be an animal in bed with my wife but he would never let anything bad happen to her. Upon my return they would tell me in great detail what took place, and they did.

The next night went exactly according to plan. Richard met Jim at the Gym and they then went on to the pub.

In the corner of the pub playing pool with a couple of girls was my wife looking a million dollars as always. Only Richard and my wife new that underneath that flimsy short dress she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

They sat at a table and had a few beers looking at my wife constantly who was tipsy with wine. It didn’t take long for Jim to start making lewd comments about what he would like to do to my wife stoked up of course by Richard. Jim would say how one of these days he was going to give her the rodgering of her life and this is the point Richard had wanted to start the ball rolling. “No time like now ” he said “you should fuck her up the arse”. Jim responded according to plan with “yeah I’d love to fuck her up the arse”. “Knowing I’ve fucked his misses up the arse and he didn’t know would be fucking awesome”” she’s a hot little bitch, but that will never happen”. “Why not” Richard replied “he’s away, she’s pissed, go for it, I tell you you’ll never get a better chance”. “Tell you what lets see how pissed she is”. Richard called over to my wife and she promptly walked over to there table. Richard looked to Jim as my wife stood between them chatting away to Richard with her back to Jim. Richard put his hand softly on her tight little bottom . As per planned she didn’t react. With only Jim being able to see what was happening. My wife pretended to be to tipsy to notice or to drunk to care. Jims eyes were staring at Richards hand stroking my wife’s arse. Richard then moved his hand up her skirt and squeezed her cheeks exposing them naked in front of Jim. Again no reaction from my wife who just carried on. He removed his hand and my wife wandered off to where she was as if nothing had just happened. Jim who was in shock at what had just happened. Said “fuck me” Richard replied “See I told you mate” “Lets wait till she’s had a bit more and offer to walk her home. Shes easy prey tonight”. Jims reply “that arse is fucking gorgeous” Richard described to me how Jim was so excited and kept constantly saying what he was going to do to my wife.

Knowing the plan had worked Sara finished her wine and headed for the door. Richard and Jim met her at the door and insisted they walk her home. She of course agreed. Pretending to be very merry when they reached our house Sara asked them to come in for a drink as the night was still young. The living room had been set out to accommodate what was to happen. Richard immediately sat in the only free chair leaving Jim with no choice but the sofa. My wife entered the room with a bottle of wine and 3 glasses and handed them to Richard to pour whilst she went upstairs to change. Whilst gone Richard said to Jim “she’s yours tonight mate. Irl get her going for you and you have her”. Jim responded with “that’s fine by me mate as long as you don’t mind watching me shag your mates misses up the arse” again telling Richard how he couldn’t wait to see me in the pub knowing he had fucked my misses and how he couldn’t wait to get his hands on my wife’s sexy body.

My wife entered the room wearing her short pink silky night dress and nothing else, which only fell about 3 inches below her pussy, and showed her tiny nipples against the silk. Every time she moves in it, it rides up. She sat next to Jim who just kept eyeing her as she sipped her wine, as per usual she looked good enough to eat. Richard reached over and switched on the main lights leaving the side lights on, this completely illuminated the room. My wife’s silky night dress became almost see through to the point of being able to see her nakedness and make out beautiful small tight frame and her parts. Jim noticed this instantly and never moved his eyes from her looking at her pert little breasts and trying to see everything else she had to display. Richard turned the subject to sex and Sara reacted by giggling and laughing this was the time for her to move and ride her night dress up. Pretending to be unaware she was exposing herself she moved to unveil her tight little bottom in full view of Jim. Jim looked at Richard and smiled then turned back to look at my wife’s nakedness. Richard said how he could see a bulge growing in Jims tracksuit bottoms as he was getting hard at this point. Still pretending to be unaware of things she moved her legs away from her bottom a little now exposing herself further to the point that her bottom and tight little pussy were completely exposed from the rear view. Jims eyes were fixed on her naked flesh.

Richard stood up and walked over to her. Standing in front of her she asked him what he was doing with a little chuckle. Richard bent over her and pulled her arms to stand her up. He span her around and stood her right in front of Jim facing directly at him. Standing behind her he put his arms to the front of her and started to rub his hands all over her. Richard demanded she look at Jims face and she obeyed. Pouring his hands all over her she reacted by placing her hands on his and moving with him as he rode his hands all over her silky night dress, every now and again raising it up over her thighs exposing her pussy to Jim and then releasing it again. Richard stopped and said “jims turn” to which Jim stood up and walked behind my wife. Grabbing her by the hips he moved her to stand right in front of Richard as if to return the compliment. He instantly started kissing my wife’s neck and started to rub his hands over her night dress, feeling my wifes body underneath. She reacted with a few little whimpers and he proceeded to glide his hands up inside her night dress feeling her naked for the first time. He ran his hands all over her, paying particular attention to her little pert breasts and gripping her nipples between his fingers. Throughout the night he would constantly tell my wife how he was going to have her and abuse her like she’s never been had before. This started here, whilst sliding his hand to my wife’s soft pubic bone he said “I’m going to fuck your arse so hard you wont sit down for a month” and he continued rubbing his hands all over. Looking at Richard with a smile my wife replied with “oh I’m sure I can handle it” and she began whimpering with delight under his touch. At this point my wife told me she was thinking that he cant be any rougher than Richard. Little did she Know Jim was not only doing this to do a sexy little bitch but he was also doing this to get at me. Jim grabbed her night dress either side and lifted it, my wife lifted her arms and alowed Jim to take it off leaving her naked in front of him . Jim immediately became completely aroused and couldn’t take his eyes off of my naked wife. “God your a horny little bitch” he said as he poured his huge hands all over her covering every inch. 6ft plus and built like a brick shit house my wife described how she felt absolutely tiny in his hands. My wife was getting hotter and hotter under his constant words of how he was going to use her and his constant groping. He span her around so she was now facing him although my wife only came to below his chest. He grabbed her legs and lifted her making her straddle his waist. Holding her bottom with one hand almost covering both cheeks and the other around her shoulders he pushed his tongue in her mouth and moved her over to the sofa. She was still wrapped around his waist having her face chewed when he bent over and put her on the sofa exactly how he wanted with her back on the sofa seat and her bottom completely hanging off the edge. He knelt in front of her and pushed her legs up and open as far as he could. This exposed my wife’s tight pussy and perfect bottom in all its glory right before his eyes. He stared at my wife’s pussy and again started to say what he was going to do to her. He pushed his face into my wife’s pussy and started eating her. My wife started to groan constantly with excitement and looked over to Richard as he continued to eat her. Richard commented how at times my wife lost control and she in turn told me it was the best oral she had ever had. She didn’t know what to do with her self and was rocking her head from side to side, rubbing and pushing his head further in her with her hands. Every now and again he would stop and part my wife’s pussy lips and look inside her then he would start again adding a finger every once in a while. I was told by my wife “he didn’t just eat me, he shagged me with his mouth”. “He was biting, licking and sucking”. He would rub his tongue up and down my wife’s bottom crack paying particular attention to her hole again every now and then shoving a finger or two up her bottom. At onetime shoving both index fingers up her hole and opening her. My wife was in heaven exploding into orgasm at least five times during this eating marathon. This lasted for over an hour before he turned her over forcefully so her chest was now lying on the sofa and her knees on the floor. With his left hand he forced two fingers in my wife’s pussy and without care for my wife started ramming them home as hard as he could forcing two large gold rings on his fingers in her. My wife was loving every minuet at this point moving her bottom towards him to meet his thrusts. My wife looked at Richard with her great big excited eyes and smiled breathing “yes oh yes” at this point Richard moved to get a better view at what was going on below not now being able to see my wife other than her tight little bottom hanging over the sofa. With his other hand Jim rammed three of his fat fingers into my wife’s arse at My wife lifted her head back and shouted out half with pleasure half with pain as she was now having both her holes rammed to the knuckles with fingers. Richard asked if my wife was ok and jim snapped “what fucking matter” Im going to leave her red and fucking sore” My wife not wanting to show he was hurting said muffled as her head was in the sofa “Yeah I’m ok” He continued to ram both holes with his fingers and twist them inside her. My wife jsut said to herself to relax and live for the moment. She let herself go and relaxed and soon released her head from the sofa screaming with pleasure as she exploded over his fingers. Richard thought to himself what he said about how he was going to use her he wasn’t wrong. It didn’t matter my wife was besides herself with pleasure being used by yet another massive bloke. After what seemed like an age about a further hour Jim withdrew his fingers and stood up. My wife turned around and sat on the sofa. She was smiling and giggling at the thought of how many times she had come but was absolutely knackered and he hadn’t fucked her yet. Jim walked over to her and stood right in front of her, She reached up and started stroking his massive bulge in his tracksuit. Oh my god she said giggling as she stroked it not believing the size, she had again picked a massive cocked guy. My wife described him as virtually identical if not a tiny bit bigger in size than Richard. Having seen Richard he is way bigger than me. I’m 6 ½ inches and Richard must be at least 9 to 10 inches if not more as for thickness well Richard is at least 4 times the thickness of mine my wife cant get her fingers round his shaft. She continued to rub his cock through his tracksuit as he discarded his top revealing his muscular body. My wife instantly reacted with joy and started rubbing her hands over his bold 6 pack fascinated that he had not a single hair. She looked at Richard and smiled. Jim undone the tie on his bottoms and they fell to the floor. My wife’s eyes nearly popped out of her head as she giggled and said “fuck me” this in itself was something, my wife never swears. Right in front of her eyes she saw yet another huge cock completely shaved and she instantly started to rub it up and down the shaft again not being able to get her fingers round it and feeling his bold balls. He turned to Richard and said “ you want to join in you don’t know what your missing” Richard replied “no you carry on mate my turn will come and you can watch me fuck her”. Jim smiled. He pulled away and sat next to her and said “now Im going to fuck you silly” My wife looked over to Richard and bit her lip smiling, as she did Jim picked her up and placed her so she had straddled his lap facing him. Stretching over his wide lap with her knees either side of him. He put his hand under her tight little arse and lifted her towards his cock but it was to big, she had to get higher as when she lifted herself up on her knees it was still above her entrance still reaching the top of her pubic bone. She moved her feet either side of his thighs and again with one hand he lifted her bottom. She wrapped her arms around his neck and looked right at him, she said sexily “take me please, put it in me” Both Jim and Richard chuckled. Jim grabbed his cock and moved it below her pussy lowering her slightly until she felt his helmet touch the fleshy part of her pussy. He looked at her and said “are you ready you sexy little bitch” she replied “yeah please” panting. With that he let go of her bottom and she dropped like a stone on his massive cock.

Richard said my wife screamed the house down as she fell on his cock. Jim again said to my wife “im going to fuck you raw” To which my wife replied rather tentatively looking at him worriedly “I no” “ I no you are” . Jim reached his right hand underneath her bottom and spread her cheeks with his huge hands with a finger reaching and rubbing her hole. She was as hot as hell and with the use of his hands he started to raise and lower my wife on his cock. She was in heaven as he lifted and lowered her on his cock. She couldn’t believe how deep he was going and with a huge shriek she reached another massive orgasm. Jim moved one hand and started pouring over my wife and staring at his cock entering her. He moved his head towards her and began to suck and bite her nipples. My wife climaxed again before Jim lifted her off and motioned her to the floor. He laid her on her back and hunched over her. Richard said he couldn’t see her underneath him and moved to the sofa to get an eyeful. He loved watching my wife getting a good pounding from this guy. He moved her knees up to her chest and looked at my wife laying there in all her glory for him to see “I’m gunna fuck your arse now bitch, what do you think about that” he said. “ “oohhh” with a smile was the only reply he got. Little did he know that’s what he was therefore. My wife suddenly came to her senses remembering how massive he was and said “lube, you need lube”” Fuck the lube its going in” was the reply. She looked at Richard now afraid who assured her if she relaxed she would be fine. “Just relax Sara Just relax and let it happen” My wife trusted Richard and besides which she had no choice Jim wasn’t going to get off her and she couldn’t move. He pushed her knees up further so that they were either side of her chest hitting the floor. He began pushing his helmet at her hole prodding and probing but not entering. This made my wife really horny knowing what was about to happen and she soon forgot all about the lube. Egging him on she reached out and grabbed his shoulders, eyes wide open and mouth panting looking at him she said “go on please” He lifted his eyes from her arse and looked right at her, as he did so he began to push harder and my wife could feel herself opening up to him a little more with each push. She instantly began panting as a little more entered her each time. She closed her eyes and began to breath even more heavily and as she did he pushed home getting at least ½ his cock in. My wife screwed her face up and began moaning ever louder ahh ohh. Jim began to speed up and my wife began to pant faster and abandon herself more to him. He began ramming her faster and faster and with one almighty push buried his cock in my wife’s arse to the hilt. She instantly opened her eyes and looked down on his cock thumping in and out of her hole. She was going out of her mind with pleasure giving herself to him without hesitance. He rammed her harder and harder and you could hear his bold balls slap against her. She Orgasmed repeatedly and Jim never once let up pounding her constantly rimming her to the hilt. He withdrew and turned her over so her head was on the sofa next to Richard and her knees on the carpet. He went behind her forcing her legs open as far as they could to accommodate his frame inside her legs. He rubbed his cock up her bottom and again entered her hole and began banging his pubic bone into her cheeks. He reached out and grabbed her hair pulling her head back whilst ramming as hard as he could. My wife couldn’t contain her joy and was screaming for all her worth She moved her hands behind her and pushed them down to her hole over her cheeks to feel his cock ramming her. Jim moved a hand underneath her and began rubbing her clit this immediately made my wife explode again. He just kept banging and banging. My wife thought to herself she had been well taken tonight. After giving my wife a further orgasm or two he with drew and turned her around. She fell to the floor looking up at him and grabbed his cock, hanging it over her he held the end and exploded his hot spunk over her the majority of which went on her perk little breasts and bold pussy but the first explosion went as far as her hair. After numerous strokes he stopped and my wife pulled him to her and kissed him several times and repeatedly saying “thank you”. Richard couldn’t believe what he had witnessed and later stated it was the horniest he had ever felt and had no idea how he managed to stop himself from doing her. He loved watching my wife get totally shagged by another man. After a few pleasantries Jim and Richard left noticing the time to be 5.30 in the morning. They guessed that the sex had started about midnight which meant Jim had been shagging my wife for a good 5 hours.

I returned home at 7 as agreed to find my wife lying on the sofa where they had left her completely shagged to say the least with the room still fully illuminated by the mass of lights on. I walked her upstairs and helped her shower where she began to tell me of the fantastic night she had had She said “it was brilliant”. As I sat watching her I noticed several marks on her, her back and knees had carpet burns. Her first ever, but not the only marks on her. I said “what are those marks on you” the reply was “what marks”.” You have marks on you” I said. When she dried they came to there fullest we could see exactly what they were. Jim had left his calling card and given my wife love bites no doubt for me to see and get upset with my wife. A huge one on her pert little right breast just below her nipple. A teeth mark on her left bottom cheek and another love bite on her smoothly soft pubic bone. She hadn’t even noticed he had done them. We laughed our heads off and headed for bed. I lay there for a while with her and she gave me a hand job whilst telling me her adventures. This was a first which I really enjoyed. Having a description given to me of how she had been used and being wanked off . I shot my load all over my stomach and her hand which was completely wrapped around my cock. My wife looked at me with a huge smile on her pretty face and said “See it can be fun for you to. Every time I get used Irl make it fun for you too sweat heart” . Kissing me she lay down and slept like a baby. I pulled the covers over her and left her to sleep. The next day I was to be told the full encounter from Richard and my wife as to what had happened in massive detail and I have to admit, I loved it and had to hide the hard on in my jeans . Richard was desperate to have my wife. Desperate to get rid of his build up at what he had seen . We were both on rations as my wife was as sore as hell, and still was 5-6 days later. He didn’t go with out though later that evening my wife took him upstairs and gave him a two handed wank not once but twice, the second being at his request as the first was over to quickly . “He did deserve it” she said afterwards. He was extremely grateful for off loading his spunk built up from the night before. “he came bloody loads” she later told me.

A few days passed and the three of us went to the pub. In the pub at the bar was Jim. My wife blushed I’ve never seen that before but she really went timid and shy. She was like this all night blushing and shying away each time there eyes met across the pub. We sat at a table and out of the corner of her eye my wife said “oh no” going redder and redder. Jim walked to our table and put his hand on my wife’s shoulder, she froze instantly. Jim looked at me and motioned his hand he said “ mate I think its about time we buried the hatchet don’t you” I agreed and shook his hand . This was completely unexpected. To this day Jim has never told anybody what has happened and it wasn’t his last time with my wife, he was to have her tight little bottom again which I will reveal in another story. As far as he knows I obviously no someone fucked my wife Cause of the love bites but I don’t know who, or that they fucked her arse. That’s what he thinks. Jim joins us often at our table in the pub now where we all get on. My wife though still gets shy and red around him. He must have had a lasting experience on her. He still has no idea I am aware he has taken my wife.

This experience of being told what had happened is what inspired me to write our experiences and share them with you. My wife would kill me if she new.