Written by Nick

28 Feb 2017

Thanks for reading this, For anyone who has read ( my wife's date ) knows the story of my wife's lover and what fun it was. Well he moved away and that was the end to that, so we have talked about finding another and spring is around the corner so we need to find someone who is the right guy for the job. I would love to find some one who we could go out with for drinks or a meal two or three times to see if there is some attraction there and and after that date my wife J and keep her out all night. This is such a turn on knowing that my J is out with the right guy and we have spent the afternoon shopping getting new Clothes for the solo date and helping her get ready. J's last lover would take her out on a evening over the weekend and on the way home stop and they would kiss and Frank would undress her in his car, J would love sucking his cock and would end up fucking out side the car. When J got home she would tell me all about it and we would end up having the best sex.. so looking forward to more of the same but this time I would have to wait longer for her to come home and tell me all about her evening.. Nick. in Kent.