Written by Sam

18 Feb 2010

Jay and I have been enjoying fun times with others and occasionally on our own for a while now and have enjoyed the pleasure and excitement it brings to our relationship. At times we have written on here about some of our exploits and from the comments made, they appear to have been enjoyed by those who read them. Thought it was about time to put pen to paper again (so to speak) so that our enjoyment can be enjoyed (I hope) by others.

Now I will apologise now that I like to write in detail and so my recounting of events is never short, but hopefully worth the wait!

Jay loves it when I go out of my way to surprise him and I have various ways of doing that. I often like to chat on SH with other guys (especially if I’m bored at work), getting them to tell me what they want to do with me, what I could do for them and especially getting them to tell me things I must do either while at work or when Jay gets home later that night. I have lost count of the numbers of times that I have ended up at work wearing no panties having played with myself as a guy chats to me telling me what he would be doing and what I have to do. The obvious results to this are that it leaves me very horny and wanting to be taken in all manner of ways, which Jay laps up to his benefit when he gets home. A few weeks ago I was chatting to this guy about what I like to wear, what turns me on, what he would like me to wear if we ever met up and how that might happen. I love the feeling of latex clothes and have a number of special pieces, ranging from a cat suit to dresses and other associated items. It has been a while since Jay treated me, or I treated myself, and so took the suggestion from this guy that I should get a new outfit to wear and then arrange to meet Jay and surprise him. This got my mind in to overdrive and having spent the rest of the day browsing online at a whole range of possibilities, ordered a new dress that would be just right for the occasion from a favourite store based down in London.

It was nearly a week before it arrived and once I had the delivery confirmation date I made arrangements for grandparents to pick both kids up from school and to have them the following Friday night so I could meet Jay after work and us both have a night on the town. He often goes for a few beers with mates so I arranged to meet up with him about 8pm at a particular bar we enjoy. I spent most of the afternoon getting myself ready taking a long soak in the bath and making sure my pussy was shaved so it was perfectly smooth and totally bald, exactly as Jay liked it. Nails, hair, make-up, were all done to perfection and having lazed around for an hour or so by seven o’clock I was ready to slip in to my outfit. Firstly I slipped in to a black latex g-string, which fitted snugly between my lips and just about covered my modesty. I then pulled on a pair of my favourite black hold-ups which have a raised seam down the back. Finally, my new dress. This was a pencil dress but had a corset style top to it which was cut low at the front and accentuated the cleavage from my 36D breasts. The main body of the dress was nearly see through, “Translucent Smokey Black” is the proper name for it, and it had black edging around the bust line and across the main cup which just about hid both nipples from sight. After a bit of a struggle I managed to pull up the rear zip so all was in place and stood looking at myself in the mirror. I looked just ready for sex and felt fantastic. The dress was a perfect fit and you could make out my black g-string through it and the tops of my stockings. I finished it off with some black patent boots with a 4 inch heels that lace up the front and come to just under knee high, finally bright red lippy and my knee length coat and I was ready for the taxi to pick me up.

The taxi arrived just after 7.30 and I made sure that the taxi driver got a full view of me as I got in to the back seat. I texted Jay to say I was on my way and then spent the next 25 mins or so making idle chat with the taxi driver. All the way in to town I kept moving so that my coat opened allowing my outfit to be on display. I could see the driver looking at me in his rear view mirror for virtually the whole journey, straining to see my dress and catch a decent eyeful of my breasts and stocking tops. I am sure he made a detour to get stuck in traffic just to make the journey last a little longer! Jay texted to say he was just finishing a beer and would be there in about 5 mins just as I arrived at the bar. I found a table in a corner where the lighting is a little more subdued, ordered a large white wine from the waitress and waited for him.

I was half way through my first glass when Jay finally arrived, 5 minutes indeed! Jay came over to me and gave me a long sensual kiss (he’s always like that after a few beers) before going off to the bar for a drink. As he sat down at the table I let my coat fallen open and asked “what do you think?” He looked at me and was lost for words as his eyes looked down at my cleavage and the semi nakedness of my dress. “stunning!” he blurted out knowing that he would be in for a good night. I recounted to Jay my conversation on SH with this guy and that this was his suggestion to me, amongst other things. Jay was keen to know more about what I meant “other things” but was told that that would be all in good time. We had a few more drinks and Jay spent most of the time telling me what a horny slut I looked and what he would like to do with me. He stroked the inside of my legs taking time to savour the feeling of the tops of my holdups and the silkiness of my thighs beyond. The tightness of the pencil skirt restricted his ultimate goal of stroking my pussy. The latex g-string was making me hot and the chat from Jay had made me start to become wet, allowing the rubber to slip between my lips. I went off to the toilet to sort myself out and took the opportunity to have a quick play with my clit to make myself even wetter before then taking a toy from my handbag.

The next instruction from the guy on SH had been to take a sex toy out with me and I held in my hand a bright pink love egg, which within seconds I had slipped gently inside my wet pussy , rearranged my panties and then walked back out the door to Jay. He suggested we moved on to another bar which I agreed with but before we went anywhere I placed the small remote in to his hand and told him he’d be needing this. His eyes lit up knowing what I must have been up to and the fun he would be able to have with me. He hit the button just quickly and I felt instant vibrations shooting through my pussy making it hard to not let out a yelp. He watched from behind as I walked up the stairs out of the bar taking time to admire the boots I was wearing and the little bit of seamed stockings that were on show. Over the next hour he teased me with his toy making me wetter and wetter as it buzzed away on and off deep inside me. He always seemed to choose the moment to turn it on, either as a guy or girl was squeezing past me and I am sure some must have wondered why I acted so strange all of a sudden, indeed, I was sure one guy must have felt the vibrations as he pushed himself hard against me. All of this just heightened my enjoyment and I could tell Jay was enjoying the game. I could feel how hard he was getting in his suit pants and how passionate and deeply he kissed me, using his tongue to explore my mouth. I whispered to him that I thought it was time to see if “Holly” was working and within seconds we were out the door and off down the street.

Now “Holly” is Jay’s favourite girl that works at what you would call a “gentlemen’s club”. Jay is often in there with clients and knows the doormen so well that he always gets in for free. I have been a number of times, both with just Jay and also with friends that we play with and have to admit having a little something for Holly. Each time has been an enjoyable experience and I have loved watching the girls dance and taking some of their moves back in to the bedroom for Jay to enjoy! It was busy but the doormen found Jay and I a private booth off to one corner. Might have been the fact my coat was open that assisted but the doorman was more than helpful. We sat and watched as the girls went about their business, a fantastic mixture of heights, shapes and sizes mingling with guys keen to see more. Holly has long blond flowing hair, is about 5’8, size 10/12 with great legs and the most wonderfully firm 36C breasts. She is often the centre of attention and was busy over the other side of the room entertaining an endless line of men eager to be taken for a dance. Jay suggested I might want to lose the coat and with the mixture of alcohol and the environment we were in I felt fine letting him take it off to the cloakroom. I looked quite similar to the working girls and not really out of place and the guys passing by me must have just thought as was new. Indeed, the couple of occasions I went off to the toilets, guys were asking me for a dance or taking the opportunity to grab a quick feel of me as I went past, which I found immensely horny.

It was a little while before Holly spotted us and having made her excuses to the guys around her came over to the table. She kissed Jay and turned to me saying how hot I looked and how naughty the two of us must thinking of being tonight. Jay was quick to reply that he hoped so and that all being well I would be a real slut for him tonight. Holly just winked at me and said she needed to go and change her outfit and asked if either of us had any suggestions or preferences, to which Jay quickly replied the “little black number”.

Holly returned 10 minutes later dressed in a tight black see through dress under which she had the tiniest see through thong, black holdups and 5 inch heels. She sat down between us both and was soon admiring my outfit and running her hands over it. She turned to Jay and asked if she could borrow me and taking my hand led me through the throng of men towards to the private rooms beyond. Finding an empty one at the end of the corridor I sat down and watched as she started dancing in front of me. She slowly bent over letting her dress ride up to her waist and pulled the thong deep between her pussy lips that were no more than 2 feet in front of me. She pulled it to one side exposing her beautiful shaved pussy and proceeded to allow her manicured nail to go deep inside herself. She then rose and turned allowing her dress to fall to the floor, followed by her g-string and caressed her breasts in front of my face. She rubbed herself hard against me and let her hands fondle me as she rose until her breasts were pushed in to my face. Taking each one at a time she offered her stiff nipples to my lips and allowed me to suck hard on each in turn, leaving a trail of red lipstick on them. She then moved my legs wide apart and sat down in my lap before bringing my hands around to be able to squeeze her firm breast whilst whispering naught suggestions in to my ear, telling me how much she wanted me and how she wanted to fuck me.

I moved my hand downwards and was able to slide a finger in to her feeling a mixture of hotness and a pussy full of flowing juices. She forced two of my fingers deep in to her and then took time suck her juices off each one before then falling on to all fours on the floor in front of me with her arse and pussy high in the air. I caressed her rear and the silkiness of her thighs before pushing my fingers deep back inside her and fucking her pussy hard with them. I used her juices to play gently with her bum hole at the same time as bringing her to an orgasm with my fingers. She rose and dressed herself before asking me if I fancied working off the fee for the dances I had just had. I asked what she meant and she replied that given how I was dressed tonight I looked just like the other girls and maybe we could do a twosome for one of the punters. Feeling as turned on as I did and having done much more than that in recent years I replied that it would be nice to try and so she took my hand and we went back to the main room.

Jay had disappeared and was obviously enjoying the close attentions of one of Holly’s colleagues somewhere in the back. Holly soon spotted a tall guy in his mid thirties who she knew liked two girls and was not shy in spending his cash. Apparently he had sold his business just over a year ago for serious money and liked to be entertained. She led me over to him and introduced me as a “Jay’s girl” and did he fancy some fun. He looked at me from head to toe his eye’s undressing me as he did, intrigued by my outfit. He spoke briefly to Holly and then whispered in to her ear before she went off to the owner and returned with a key. I asked what that was for and she replied that Justin liked to use the private room. Off we went, Holly leading the way with me following and Justin behind fondling my rear and legs as we walked. We arrived at a doorway just off from the main corridor and went inside, Holly locking the door behind us. The room was plush with leather bench seats round the edge, mirrors on all the walls and also the ceiling and in the middle of the room a large leather clad trunk. Holly poured drinks as Justin sat on the seats and I perched on the bench.

She then came across to me and lifted me to my feet and turned me so I stood facing Justin. She ran her hands all over my dress and paid particular attention to my breasts. She pulled them up a little so that they started to fall out of the corset top and then pinched my nipples hard making them become erect in an instant. Justin just sat there sipping his drink and watching her play with me. She eased my legs apart and ran her fingers along my holdups and then inside my thighs before easing my tight dress upwards towards my waist. She ran her fingers against the outside of my latex g-string and then eased it down until it fell to the floor and allowing me to step out of it. She noticed the string of the love egg that was still inside me and then stopped reaching for her small bag. She took the control from it; Jay must have given it to her earlier, and tossed it to Justin who pressed the button sending intense vibrations through my soaking pussy. She then pushed the trunk so it was just in front of Justin and lay me down in front of him with my legs spread wide apart to each side of it, exposing my smooth pussy to him. She undressed slowly allowing him to fondle her breasts and suck them just as I had done earlier. I watched as he eased a finger in to her wetness and she rode up and down on it facing towards me whilst he mauled at her exposed breasts. She rose and then straddled me lowering her pussy towards me and finally pushed herself deep down on to my mouth. Her warmth hit me and I could taste her sweetness as she ground herself on to my tongue. Justin watched as I ate her pussy and she played with her breasts and used the tip of a finger to play with my clit. All the time Justin kept playing with the love egg buried deep inside me.

Finally, Holly went down on me and I could look up in to the ceiling mirror and see the two of us 69’ing each other. I opened her lips and started fucking her frantically with my fingers and could hear the effect it was having on her as she moaned in pleasure. She beckoned to Justin who removed his shoes and then rose dropping his trousers and pants to the floor releasing what must have been nine inches of rock hard penis. She lifted her head and moved back to straddling me so that she could start to suck him and cover him in her saliva. He passed her a condom which she rolled down the length of his shaft before going back down on me. Justin moved around to near my head and Holly lifted slightly so I could watch as he fed his whole length in to her until his balls hit her. She lowered again and I began to lick her clit as Justin started to fuck her slow and deep from behind, his balls hitting my face. I tried my best to lick his lovely shaved balls which he seemed to enjoy immensely and then returned to her clit as his fucking of her got harder and harder. She was moaning out loud and had now pulled the love egg from my pussy to enable her to use the vibrations on my clit as she fucked my pussy with her fingers, making me orgasm out loud and juices run all over her.

Justin stopped and pulled out of her, leaving her pussy gapping wide from the pounding it had received. Holly rose and allowed Justin to pull me towards the end of trunk and his waiting cock. He motioned to me as is asking for my agreement. I just needed a really hard fucking so just grabbed his cock and pulled him until he was stretching my outer lips. I lay back and moaned loudly as he forced himself in to me in one great push, stretching me wide and feeling like he was ripping me in two. He pounded away in me each thrust taking himself out to the tip of his cock before forcing himself back in and filling my tight pussy. Holly sat to the side of me and I watched as she played with herself and my love egg making herself orgasm. I must have cum at least twice and could feel my juices all over Justin’s cock and my legs before he went rigid and exploded inside the condom. He stayed inside me for a minute and then withdrew slowly as he started to soften, leaving me feeling empty but with a great smile on my face.

Justin dressed himself and sat watching as we both put our outfits back on. “Jay’s a luck guy and been telling me for ages just how good you are” he said to me. I looked at Holly and Justin and Holly replied “Didn’t Jay tell you about Justin? They are always in here chatting together about you and what you guys get up to. That’s why I made the comment that you are Jay’s girl earlier”. I replied that he hadn’t and it was a shame that we hadn’t met before. We left the room and rejoined Jay who was enjoying the company of two busty brunettes at the table. He looked up and said something along the lines of “Did you all enjoy that?” to which I just smiled and replied “well I was hoping that’s just the starter and there’s more to come! ”. Justin replied that he was up for playing some more and had an apartment he kept just for such occasions only 5 mins walk away. Holly said she needed to get back to work for another hour but could join us later. So that was decided, off the three of us went towards Justin’s flat with Holly joining later, which she did.

If you enjoyed this so far then let me know and I will write again about just what a flat it was and exactly what happened.