Written by Julian21

26 Nov 2015

Studying in Lyon for a year last spring. Alone. Lonely. Drifted into a porn cinema. Film quite good. Predictable. 20 year old blonde hitchhiking in yellow ra-ra mini and tight white T shirt, bra-less, and HEELS picked up by two blokes in a big American convertible. When the couple sat next to me she was bending in an open door one cock in mouth and, skirt up, being hammered from behind noisily by a very enthusiastic stud. Enough to give me a hard on.

The couple slipped in next to me on the right. As they sat down I caught glimpse of an arousing sight of black thigh as her skirt slid up.. The man was between us and I tried to get an eyeful whilst pretending to watch the thrusting cocks on screen pleasuring and being pleasured.

I was treated to stocking tops, red suspenders and bare thigh as the man slipped his hands between her legs. I imagined it was my hand slipping into her panties and it was my finger exploring and entering her. My hard on grew and I wriggled to give it more room. Lycra stopped me from embarrassingly displaying a visible bulge every time I saw a really sexy girl in public but now I needed freedom.

I was excited when she undid his zip and started giving him a hand-job. I had never seen another man's erection before and it really turned me on. I gave up all pretence of watching the film and discretely watched them my own cock swelling with his as I watched her ministrations. I caught her eye. She winked. I could see he could barely remain still as the urge to cum overtook him. The way she was working him was great to see. She produced a hankie and caught his cum as it spurted out. I'd seen myself cum often enough, standing in front of the mirror imagining I was seeing someone else cum with me but this was the real thing. She mopped him up. Zipped him up and they swapped places.

She wasted no time feeling me through my trousers and unzipping me. My swollen, erect cock leapt out. She whispered something to the bloke an he looked down. I heard the exclamation,"Merde!" and then something about "grande". I assumed that they were surprised by my size. Not surprising the way I was turned on by it all. All blokes hope their cock is big and I knew it was 26cms erect but didn't know whether theirs is big. Now, a few months later and wiser, I know that girls compliment blokes on their size as a rule. But on porn sites I've seen some pretty small ones wowed over.

It wasn't only her man who was watching. A couple behind were leaning forward to look. I couldn't care less. I was in bliss.

As my sap began to rise and she was pumping my full length enthusiastically I realised I'd be covered in cum and couldn't go out. But there was no stopping now. I knew I was about to cum and couldn't care what happened afterwards. But so did she. Leaning forwards she took enclosed me in her lips slipping them over the throbbing head and down to the base.It felt delicious and as she started the upward journey I came immediately pumping jet after jet into her mouth. She dribbled it out onto the same hankie, now covered in two loads.

She zipped me up. Put her head on my shoulder and invited me to come to a bar with them. Now I had friends in Lyon and so I did. My last months in the city have been a big learning curve. An education.