21 May 2016

a long time ago my husband put the story of how I got fucked on a night out I told him almost all of what happened . now is my account of events ,it was in the summer of 94 I was 40 we had always talked about me getting fucked by some other man husband said he wanted to see me with big cock up me or me get fucked and tell him the detailes that is what he posted what I had told him . on night a friend and me went out for the night it was a hot summer night I had a long thin skirt and a wrap round top on that tied at the side we ended up in a club next to the beach we only had a few drinks cos neither of us drink that much . maby we had a little more than normal we danced a bit joked etc then we noticed some men in I should say late20s early30s looking over and talking my friend said think they are comeing over they came over talking and joking , it turns out they was from a us air base . one of them asked me if I would like to dance .I said I had to stop with my friend but she said go on have a dance so we moved on to the dance floor . must admit to have man ten yrs younger hilding and touching me made me feel good ,he kept looking at my 38dd tits and pulling meto him then his hand slid over my pussy at first I was not sure if was just moveing his hand about but held me tight and started strocking my pussy over my skirt at first I was taken aback but he held his hand there , could not belive myself he said do you want to go outside and hell I nodded he to me outsideon to the beach it was a bit dark and we went almost the waters edge he started kissing me laid me down undid my top unclipped my bra and sucked my tits he got his cock out and fucked my tits he laidon his back pulled my head to his cock I sucked him as he played with my tits then I felt a hand on my back omg one of his mates had followed us and he was joining in he put his hand up the back of my skirt and pulled my panties down to my knees now I was so horny I lifted my leg so he could pull them off he stroked my pussy and clit till I nearly cried out sucking the one infront of me for all I was worth then I felt a cock pushing against my pussy I pushed back towards him and felt him start to get up me he pushed right up me and let me feel the full hardness then he put his hand on my shoulders and started fuckin me slowly then pumping me hard the one in my mouth twitcht and shot in my mouth I turned to now look who was fuckin me who I hadcome on his cock and was about to shoot spunk deep in me this is what I did not tell myhusband omg he was black I had a big black cock shootingspunk up me they took my panties had a trophy I went to find my friend and I did on a bench sat on a cock one in her mouth never told hubby that neither