Written by fusedon

5 Apr 2014

My partner has always preferred the mature man. She says they're more interesting to talk with and more experienced. I can't always give her the affection she needs, hence US being on here! A fantasy of ours is that we go to a bar or hotel, her dressed to please, stockings string thong figure hugging dress, with a hint of cleavage. Being slim n tall, it looks classy, but teasing! I'll subtly touch her thigh. A guy about 60, at the bar is watching. He smiles at us. We make eye contact and continue the stroking. She goes to the ladies. I go to the bar. Get into conversation with the guy. He offers to buy us a drink. I invite him to sit Sith US. She returns and sits next to me, across from him, legs slightly apart, showing stocking tops n thong. I make my excuses n leave to watch from a distance. They chat. He moves to sit next to her. Strokes her thighs, kisses her. Invites her for a meal at the restaurant. More subtle touching, but of her gagging pussy this time. Meal finished. He invites her for a "nightcap" They walk to the lift. He's stroking her bum. I re join them. In the lift he's all over her. Sucking her enormous nipples and fingering her pussy. The lift stops. We walk to his room. Outside his door they kiss deeply for ages. I look st her. She nods. I leave them at his door.IFACW