Written by Refinnej Siwel

5 Oct 2016

You don't carry a condom unless you intend to fuck and boy did I want to fuck this man. He was perfect for my little private project and I'm going to call jt project Bucky. It was cold outside wimbledon station and I literally gave every man a facial scan trying to imagine what he looked like how his body was if he was just a liar when whole we conversed during the months. I wore a tight black knee high dress, black heels and a long coat because it was fucking cold, my new suspenders and a Victoria secret knickers. Hey I'm thinking positive once he sees me in this he'll be putty....well not literally this man turned me on every time we talked on the phone. Anyway I was horny as fuck the chats no pics just chats was enough I like to do things like that no pics just fuck chat.

"Sorry do you have the time please?" A nice rough looking eastern European man was standing in front of me Base ball cap jacket Jeans and looking dodgy.

"Yeah half eight mate".

"Layla?" He asked.

Shit it was him the man I've been talking to or sex for six months.

What lasted for a lifetime seemed to turn into minutes as we walked towards south wimbledon. A hotel was nearby the Antionet Hotel. Hears it was good any way we were in hotel and he took off his cap.

"I've never fucked a black woman before I hope your good becuase I need to let off alot if steam."

I was scared for a moment but got over it when he pour us a brandy. I love brandy then he threw me on bed and said,

"I can't wait to be inside you lr black wet pussy I hope your ready for this European cock".

"Er yes cause."

I was so wet he slipped in too easy I didn't like that I like a little friction sometimes. His cock was average size but he could fuck. I enjoyed being held down and spreader wide open and ficke slow and deeply by this man. He didn't speak just fucked meningitis seven differenter positions my favourite one was the praying Matis and doggy. He fucked me again in foggy then turned me around and spreader My legs and forced his way very slowly and looked into my eyes. I didn't like that too personal but he insisted and he said he wouldn't stop unless I looked up at him while he FUCKED me senseless. He said if I didnt lion at him he wouldnt stop and after three hours a lady gets fucking dry I don't care what those porno movies portray we all know it's fake to some degree. He pulled out and came over my body and spoke in his language I fingered my self as he came over me. It was nice like end of the world fucking. Anyway we checked out much to the disapproval of thehe receptionist and went boarded an train to clapham.

Empty carriage???? Hey that tempting as fuck I don't know how but I was sure wet as hell again and I fucked him hard on platform. Got off him and sulked him till he came in my mouth all over my cheeks. When train came half hour later he asked me whether we'll meet again.

" yeah, but on your construction site next week"!

Project Bucky now has a green light.............construction site project Bucky 2.