Written by Justabloke

24 Jan 2018

I joined swinging heaven with hope but a big degree of doubt that it would work for a solo guy.

Turns out I was wrong.

I'm generally pro active and sent off a lot of messages.

I had lots of views and a handful of replies. The keenest to meet was a couple from my home city of Portsmouth. Luckily they were from the other end of Pompey to me so I was unlikely to bump into them in the supermarket.

The guy did all the messaging. Basically meet in a pub to check me out, then back to there place where he watches me fuck his wife. A perfect set up although even then I was a bit doubtful that the wife exists. Three days after joining sh I'm in a pub with the husband. He explains she loves fucking strangers but is in the dark about the online thing. She thinks he just meets guys in pubs. Few ground rules. No anal, no rough stuff, no filming and safe sex only.

30 mins later and I'm in their lounge, the usual 2 up 2 down in Portsmouth. The wife comes back laden with shopping and is surprised but happy to see a guy in the house.

She asks me to wait and heads upstairs for a shower, returning in a tacky but horny French maid outfit. She plants herself on my lap and we kiss passionately. Her tits are spilling out and I soon learn she has no knickers on. As I finger her she is dripping wet. I mean literally foaming at the cunt, her juices running down my hand and wrist.

She soon works her way down and pulls my trousers down, eagerly getting my cock in her mouth, playing with my balls and slipping a couple of fingers up my arse. I was reaching down and managed to scoop her tits out, giving them a good grope.

Next my shirt was off and as she moved up, sucking hard on my nipples she slipped the condom on and next mounted me. A wonderful slack cunt, soaking wet she rode me as I lay on the settee. It was only then that I realised her husband was not in the room.

After a few minutes she clambered off, kneeling on the settee offering me some doggy. I slipped into her effortlessly and banged away at her. From nowhere she produced a small vibrator, asking me to put it up her arse. It soon sent her over the edge, me too as I could feel the vibrations on my cock.

We came together. A long snog and then she made it clear I must leave. Hubby was nowhere to be seen and I was soon on my way.

I checked my inbox once home and the husband left a thank you message.

I did get a second go with her a few days later but that was it.

Throughout all this I was still sending and exchanging messages. A couple of false alarms and a no show but within a month I managed to meet a couple at my place. The guy was much older, I'm guessing mid 70s however his Thai wife was a beautiful 43. She was all her pics promised and more. A huge appetite for sex,throughout talking to her husband who spent the time trying and failing to wank some life into his cock.

She was incredible. Removing her coat revealed just stockings and a bra. I'd never met someone so desperate for cock. She shunned my offer of condoms and it was an hour or so of porn sex as she took it in every hole.

I'm hoping to attend a party soon in nearby Havant, possibly going with the Thai lady after her husband gave the go ahead.

Thank you swinging heaven