19 Jun 2016

I often wonder how folks met like-minded folks back in the pre-internet age. Yes there were a few contact magazines but they were few and far between. I went to rios back in the early 90s a fair bit, in my late teens and early 20s but it was pretty quiet (and half its current size).

But now it's so much easier. I've been chatting to a couple on here for a week or so about meeting up, and that's likely to be this coming this weekend I've been chomping at the bit.

Yesterday morning (Saturday) I posted a "meet today" ad, and had a low expectation that I would get a positive response. I was wrong. By 1pm I had a few responses, some from solo guys (not my thing) and one from a couple who were only around 40 mins away. Unusually it was the fem half messaging.

She/they fancied a role-play meet. It sounded a little complicated. But the plan was I meet them in a Worthing pub and we strike up a conversation (not mentioning SH or sex). Then after half an hour or so they leave and I follow 10 minutes or so afterwards. However the route they are taking is explained to me, so I sort of follow them. During their journey they "break down" and I stop to offer assistance. Coincidence and all that, but I offer to take her home whilst he waits for the breakdown truck, and once home she spends a while sucking my cock, but no penetrative sex. Then I leave.

That was their plan and like most guys on here would, I jumped at the chance.

So, 8pm sharp last night I find myself walking into a Worthing Pub. Portugal were playing Austria but somehow the pub was pretty packed with Portugese (never knew there were so many in Worthing!!). Getting to the bar was a bit of a battle, as was finding them. Given they were at a table with what seemed to be the only free chair in the place, it seemed natural to ask to join them, and conversation soon flowed. We got on great luckily, plenty of football chat, work stuff etc. During the half time break they said their goodbyes and left. She is a curvy lady and I admired her arse as they walked away.

The 10 minutes bloody dragged on but bang on time I find myself heading along the roads to an already agreed destination, Sure enough, they are pulled over exactly where planned Everything goes as planned and I offer to run her home.

Not long after that I am sitting on their settee after she has invited me in for a thank you cuppa tea. A moments awkwardness follows and she breaks the role play. "Can we fast forward to me sucking your cock?" she asks.

After some laughter, I remove my jeans and pants, and she finds me a towel to sit on. In the meantime she has removed her top and released her enormous tits from their bra (although it really was more of an over shoulder boulder holder...her tits were magnificent). My cock is at full erection as she delicately takes my bell end into her soft mouth, deep throating me. her hands are soon playing with my nipples (fuck I love that) whilst she is working wonders on my cock.

Soon one of her hands is playing with my balls before she sneaks a saliva covered finger up my arse, still working on my cock. I feel a bit selfish as I was doing nothing to her, apart from give encouraging words.

I never heard her husband come home, but he walks in the lounge in full underwear, everything from the heels, stockings, pants, and bra. He is holding a paddle, a tube of lube and a fucking huge black dildo. None of this was part of the role play but cock was getting the blow of its life.

She never missed a beat as he lifted her skirt, and paddled the hell out of her arse. Really hard strokes bbut she clearly loved it, and I could feel myself getting closer to cumming, so I placed my hands on her head, slowed her down, and said "Just take it easy for a minute." She got the message and started licking and sucking my balls, before lifting my arse up to reach my bum hole with her tongue. It was a stretch so she asked me to turn over.

I am now on my knees, on their settee, not sure what Im liking the most, my cock in her mouth whilst she fingers my arse, or her tongue rimming me whilst she jerks me off. My face is buried into the back of the settee so I have no idea what he is doing to her but from her "fuck yea's" I know she's loving it.

A tap on my hip and I am back sitting on the towel, this time I can see everything. At some stage he has cum on her back and arse (I never heard that), and is now fucking her hard with the huge dildo. Her mouth is still working magic on my cock and I am soon pumping spunk into her mouth and down her throat. She expertly drains my balls, takes a big sigh, and says "Ok, now its my turn."

Once Ive stood up she inches forward lying her chest on the settee and her head on a cushion. Her husband beckons me to the business end, withdraws the dildo and her her cunt is gaping open. "Fist her mate" he says, nodding to her cunt. One hand slips effortlessly in as does the second. She is frantically frigging her clit as with both hands, I start fisting her. I lose track of just how much she is cumming, as it's wave after wave. No sooner has one orgasm subsided than I can feel her cunt tightening around my fists as another wave hits her.

I have fisted before but nothing like this. Her old man just standing over us trying to wank some life into his flaccid cock.

The atmosphere in the room was supercharged, and the smell of sex quite intoxicating. A great moment to savor.

As my arms started to ache, her legs gave way and she slumped to the floor. "That's enough, I cant take any more" she said.

We chatted a bit, my eyes fixed on her wonderful wide open cunt as she lay there, legs wide open.

I dressed, a hug good bye and thanks all round.

Before I left she said she had read of another of my meetings on here and hoped I would do one about my meet with them so they can have a wank whilst reading it. it is