Written by lovestwopussies

13 Jul 2014

As he passes the door of the bathroom Charles knows he shouldn't look. But he hears the water running and knows that she is in the shower.

But what man could resist having a peek at a woman showering through an open door if he thought he'd get away with it.

After retuning from a cycle ride my wife had headed for the shower to freshen up. The warm water was soothing her muscles and she was allowing herself a few moments of pleasure in her busy day.

Mary, although quite short has a nice figure I think. She has been working hard to lose her belly that she always thought was a bit too big. Cycling had become her exercise of choice and she liked to get at least ten miles in a day.

Staying with us at our home is Charles. A French mature student who had finished his university for now and had come to London to find work for the summer.

He is 26 kind of athletic and with a dark muscular physique. He seemed nice and polite and was always helping around the house.

At the moment he was helping himself to a view of my wife.

Somehow, whilst she was getting in the shower, the weight of Mary's housecoat and towel on the back of the door had allowed it to swing open. At that moment she was unaware, as she was washing her hair, that she was on view to our young lodger.

His eyes take in all he can. He is so excited to see this older woman standing naked right in front of him. He watches as she lathers her long blonde hair and, as she rinses, he watches the suds cascade over her ample bosoms across her now flatter stomach and down over her neat and trimmed pussy.

He is getting hot and bothered watching her, and lust was flowing through him. How he would love to have this married woman, how he would love to take her and have his way with her right here right now.

He stayed perfectly still, breathing so fast but trying to be so quiet. Not wanting to give himself away, not wanting this spectacle to end.

When mary first became aware of the open door she didn't give it a thought. She just carried on washing forgetting that we have a young lodger who may be in the house. But somehow she becomes aware that eyes are upon her as she senses a presence outside the door.

Amazingly, she didn't even flinch, deciding instead to enjoy letting him watch. Enjoy letting his young eyes take in her mature beauty. Hell, she may even let him in with her. She lathers her body, eyes closed, mind racing and standing to face the door through the glass of the shower.

She has her hands start to wash and play with her large boobs. She rolls her nipples to erection and soaps them up even more. Her hands run up and down her body. Over her thighs. stomach, chest up to her neck and back down again. She allows one hand to dip into her pussy and uses her soapy fingers to twirl her little button right in front of this hidden mans gaze.

She keeps rubbing herself as she now opens her eyes.

"Can you see from out there? " she suddenly asks.

"Would you like a better view Charles?"

He freezes, scared and excited by being caught and not knowing what he should do.

"Then you'd better come inside and shut the door hadn't you. " she whispers.

"Come in and enjoy looking at me clearly. Come in and let your eyes and hands run all over my body."

"Come in and show me what a fine young man like you can do with this woman's body if he joins her in the shower. "

Charles steps into the light of the room. Nothing is said. Mary steps out from under the running water and still in the tub stands before this young man, her fully exposed naked body there for him to see. He looks her up and down, she feels his inspecting eyes burning into her. Her married pussy starts to tingle at what she is doing. At what she is showing this other man.

Still no words, just a slight gesture, the tinniest nod of the head is enough to signal to him that she wants him to get naked too. Slowly he does. Peeling away layers of clothes until, as she holds her breath, he peels away his boxers to reveal himself to her.

Now it is her turn to look wantonly at another's nakedness. Toned and muscular , he has obviously looked after himself. Strong arms and sturdy thighs make him look all the part of a handsome lover.

Her eyes fall to his crotch, a fine specimen awaits her gaze. Average length but very full girth, nestled in a natural thick black bush of hair, this Gallic stud looks just perfect to my wife's eyes.

He climbs in next to her and scoops her naked form close to him. Taking her into his strong arms and pulling her into him she feels his firm chest and hard cock squeeze against her. They lock in a passionate kiss. Hands and tongues all over each other. He kisses her face and neck, kisses her eyes and nibbles at her earlobe s. All is a blur as they rush to explore each other.

She reaches down to his bushy cock and clasps her hand around it. His circumcised shaft feels magnificent. She stokes its length and plays with its end with her manicured nails. His balls get her attention too, and she wonders just how much these two orbs hold and how much she will love finding out.

She falls to her knees and takes him in her mouth. Deep needy thrusts onto this young monster. With both hands around it and her mouth working its head he is in paradise.

After a few minutes he stops her though and draws her up, she looks disappointed not to have had him cum in her sexy mouth, but he grabs her hips and lifts her against the wall. Even though the water is hot the tiles send a chill through her body and take her breath away. Or is it because this Frenchman is about to slide into her hot pussy and fuck her against the wall.

She is impaled on his length and pinned to the wall. He thrusts at her. Hard and deep. The cold of the wall and the hard tiles may be uncomfortable but the passion and force of this man take all that away.

She is a sexy wanton woman who is being taking hard by her French lover while her husband is out at work. She is being fucked hard and taken to ecstasy riding on this bucks heavenly cock.

He is starting to really thrust now with such urgency. She is banging against the wall hard.

They're first words as she reaches her climax are

"fuck me fuck me, yes yes oooooh"

He starts to grunt and shouts

"merde, merde, Merde"

The thrusting stops and they slump to the wall. She knows that now deep within her English pussy is a good serving of fine French sauce. She knows that as she climbs off him it will start to pour from her and run down her legs into the bath.

Having to taste him she falls back to her knees and takes his softening cock back into her mouth. The fluids of love are still there and she sucks and drinks every drop she can so as to savior this man completely.

She removes herself and slumps to the floor of the tub. He stands back to admire this taken woman, gets out of the shower taking her towel with him and heads for his room. Without even looking round to say "merci" he has left her used and naked and totally satisfied.

She gets out of the shower and walks naked along the corridor, past his door she is all wet and unsteady on her feet. She falls onto her bed and lets her body rest from its pleasure.

She has been taken to new heights and is as happy as can be. She realizes that she will have a wonderful time later as she explains everything to her husband. But before that she will probably need to take another shower.