Written by Kathy T

19 Feb 2013

Slutty Summer 1

When I graduated from high school,at 20 a lot of changes began taking place. All my girlfriends were getting ready to go away to college(as was my boyfriend!) and I was staying here, sitting around the pool all day at my parents house. They both worked all day. That’s when I learned(got addicted!) on how to masturbate. I mean, I always heard the girls from school talking about it but I never did. My hormones were getting the best of me and I was horny all the time. I would lay around, bored and fantasize about cock like crazy. I knew when a boy(or man!) wanted to get at my young body. To use me like a sex toy. That’s when I also learned how much I loved flirting and teasing men. It made me feel both powerful and slutty knowing I was causing them to get hard and lust for me so badly. I was no virgin, but the fun usually ended there with me playing with myself all day. I especially liked teasing my dads friends when they came over to have dinner and drinks or weekend barbeques. I had known most of them since I was a baby, but since I had blossomed into this hot young woman, they completely didn’t know how to handle themselves around me! That only made me want to tease them even more. I think I was becoming a closet slut! Hahahaha, and enjoying it. Anyway, my dumb brother was going to be coming home from college next week so maybe I wont be so bored all day.

I was laying out by the pool the following Friday, when my brother showed up with a couple old friends of his. As my brother(Doug) went upstairs to his old room to dump all his stuff, Jim and Gary came out by the pool to say hello. “Goddamn, Kathy! When did you grow up? Last time I saw you…Damn!” Jim said looking down at me with lust filled eyes. Then Gary said, “She aint no little girl no more, is she.” Right then my stupid brother came out telling them both that I was still a “little girl” and to keep away. They went into the house to play station while I started getting hot and bothered by these older boys. That’s when I got up to go see what everyone was doing. They were all in the living room taking turns playing. Every time it was my brothers turn I would stare and smile at the two other boys. I even got up and paraded around them, still in my bikini, dancing and swaying, asking them questions about school(though I could care less). When I thought I couldn’t take it much longer, I excused myself and went to my room and locked the door. My thoughts(while I rubbed on my wet bikini bottom) were completely filthy! “Hey Kathy.. Your all grown up now….why don’t you prove it to us…. Suck our hard cocks you little slut….Mmmmm!” I was cumming madly! A couple days later, my brother was going to the beach with an ex girlfriend and said he would be gone all day. Great, boredom again. Around ten in the morning, I heard a knocking on the front door. I was still in shorts and a t-shirt(my pajamas) when I answered it. To my surprise, there stood Jim and Gary! I told them that Doug was gone for the day and they nervously told me that they knew that and wanted to come in? I honestly didn’t have a clue to what was going on till I shut the door and Gary hugged me from behind , saying hello. The hug lasted a bit longer than it should have and the squeeze was tight. When he stopped, Jim did the same, but from my front. While we were embraced, he lowered his head and started to French kiss me! I was overcome with shock, fear and lust! After a few fighting moments, I was kissing back. He was a great kisser and I was getting dizzy! When he pulled back, Gary stepped in and made me kiss him too. This is just like that fantasy I had!!! While I started kissing him back, Jim got up tight behind me and started kissing my neck and rubbing his crotch against my ass and he had a hard on that was poking at me! I lifted up my head and shut my eyes. This was hotter than I’ve ever been. I would do anything they told me to do. All of a sudden, out of no where, we hear, “What the hell is going on in here!” We all jump and look, and one of my dads best friends, Chase, is standing there. He points to the boys and says, “Now, goodbye!” and they run out of the house quick as they can, leaving me standing there alone and horrified. I can feel tears building inside. Chase walks right up to me. “ I come over to pick something up that your daddy left for me, and this is what I see? Are you even aloud to have a boy over? Huh? Two boys!…Wait till I have a little sit down with your parents.” I start to cry, trying to explain myself. “I don’t know what happened, Chase. They were over the other day, with Doug, and said I looked really hot…and older…in my bikini…and they just showed up…and I didn’t even….” “QUIET! I know what I saw.. I have an idea… A way of maybe getting through this without your parents killing you.” I looked up at him with tears running down my cheeks. “What?…… How? Please..” He says, “You better listen up. If you do as I say, no talking back, be a good girl, instead of this whore I just caught….listen to me….and I wont tell your parents.” I told him I could be a good girl again and that I was sorry. He said we’ll see. “I want you to go upstairs, put on that bikini that made those boys do this to you….and we’ll take it from there.” I had a funny feeling inside about his request, but so happy that no one will hear about me being such a slut to two guys(at once!), that I ran upstairs to put on my bikini. As I slipped it on, I almost had forgotten what I was doing, until I saw how wet I was. I had to towel it down so Chase wouldn’t see it. How embarrassing! Everything was happening so fast and It felt like I was in a dream or something. Here I was, about to show off my bikini to my dads friend Chase, who must be in his 60’s, and kind of overweight, and black.. really black. He’s one of my parents friends who(I said earlier), I teased and flirted with when he was over. Probably more than any other person! When I got back downstairs, Chase was sitting on the couch in his boxers! I stopped in my tracks and had my shocked open mouth covered with my hands! “Get over here now..” I slowly walked up and stood in front of him. “OH… that is a nice swimming suit. I could see why those boys went crazy.” Hearing that from someone whose known me forever made me feel really good and I blushed as I thanked him. “Turn around baby.. Let me see that young ass.” I smiled again as I slowly turned and intended on teasing the hell out of him now. I stopped with my back to him, and slowly bent a little, showing him my ass. Then I started to shake it at him. I was getting super turned on, all over again. I looked over my shoulder at him, and he had his huge, old black cock in his hand as he was watching me! “Chase..” I teasingly told him. “Whose being bad now?” “Get over here.. on your knees.” he tells me. I slowly turn and cant get my eyes off of his monstrous black cock, sticking from his hole in his boxers. I put my hands on his knees as I get down between his legs. He senses my apprehension and says, “Don’t worry Kathy. We’re going to go through this together. You’re going to love it.” I tell him, “I don’t know Chase. It looks pretty scary.” He laughs and tells me to first grab it in both hands. I reach out and do that. Its so hot, and so big! I start to wiggle it and it shakes back and forth. It was beginning to look a little cuter. I started to laugh at it and Chase tells me to put my sweet white face right next to it while I jerk on it and I keep laughing as I do. Holding it so close, I see its almost as long as my whole face. It starts to get even bigger by the second. He’s all quiet, enjoying the feeling and my face so close to his big black beast. I decide to show him that I could handle him, so, without being told, I bend my face to it and stick out my tongue. His eyes almost bulge out his head as I lick up the side of his massive cock. “Oh yeah. That’s it! Kathy! Where did you learn to do such a thing.. Oh yeah..” “Oh you like that huh Chase?” As he answers I bend it towards my face and open my mouth as far as I could, and slowly put it in my mouth. He goes completely crazy! So do I!! I can barely fit it in, but run my tongue all over it. He starts moaning real loud and saying some pretty dirty things to me. I put a hand between my legs and start to feel a climax about to erupt. Right as I explode, he jabs his monster cock as deep as he could and shoots his old filthy cum in my mouth. I let it fall out from my mouth and it keeps shooting jet after jet all over my face and hair! it’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen and start laughing before he’s even done! He gets a little upset and pushes me away, getting up and walking over to his pants. “Where you going Chase? Are you done?” He tells me he has an appointment to see my dad and he leaves. He’s not going to tell, is he? He cant! I should have been nicer to him. I instantly cant stop thinking about his super-human black cock! There’s so much more I want to do with it. To explore with it. I burn inside and run upstairs to re-live his beautiful cock with my toys. I cant wait to see him again. I tell my parents that they should have a barbeque soon and they agree. I cant wait. Maybe I’ll see him even earlier? I still have a lot to learn. That night my brother tells me that the phone is for me. I ask him who it is and he tells me that Gary has a question for me and to hurry. I take the phone to my room and lay back as he tells me that he cant stop thinking of me and if it was alright to meet him outside my house after my parents and brother go to sleep. I tell him I cant wait.