24 Nov 2015

The Bitch – Off the leash

It's been a bit busy as you will discover so I'm a bit behind, sorry. This follows straight after the episode published 15th November. . . .

“OK,” I said as she knelt before me, worked my trousers and boxers down then took my growing cock into her mouth, “how many cocks did you get? Let's start with fucked and if you sucked them as well tell me. Then how many full blow-jobs swallowed. Can do?”

She thought for a moment then “I'll try. I'll tell you what happened and you try to keep count, OK?” she said.

“Fucked the two Frenchmen,” she started, “then you, then Jean then Ray. Cleaned them all up....”

“Hold on! Who's Ray?”

“Remember the guy sitting in the corner? Well he cottoned on to what was happening and when Jean and I returned he came over and asked if he could have a piece of my arse. Said he could do with a good fuck as he'd been away over a week. Jean told him that he could have half and hour as we had to get back on the road. Then he, Jean, looked at me and I nodded.

The big white van we saw in the car-park was his. He slept in the back and had a nice set-up with a few pallets covered with a blow-up mattress. Most comfortable fuck I had all week. I got his cock out and started to make him stiff. It didn't take long then offered him a blow-job or a fuck. He wanted both! So I tossed him off and swallowed, kept him hard and rolled a rubber on then sat on him. Jean banged on the side of the van just as he shot his load. I gave him my number and cleaned him up. He seemed very satisfied.

“We left soon after that. I travelled with Jean until we stopped for a break. I gave him a blow job then moved over to Pierre who tossed himself off into my mouth and over my tits then I went to Marc for another wank and swallow. My neck and jaw were a bit stiff what with all the cock-sucking.

The drivers have to stop every four and a half hours minimum but during the night the traffic was quite light so they made good time. When it got heavier they stopped more often just to relax a bit. On the second stop all three fucked me. I cleaned them up then rode with Jean.

North of Donny we all pulled into a truck stop. The boys pulled into a couple of slots either side of an artic and a van parked one behind the other with a gap between them. When I climbed out, don't forget I was on the 'drivers' side, I realised I was in a nice little private box. Pierre climbed out of his cab, looked around and asked if I fancied a quick doggy fuck. I did. Wonderfully exposed but almost hidden from public view. I leant on Jean's step and Pierre pulled my skirt up over my bum, no knickers of course, and just slid his cock into me. Heavenly! He took hold of my hips and started to slide back and forth. Needless to say Marc and Jean soon joined us to watch and the guy in the van behind obviously saw what was happening and joined the voyeurs. Once he realised that I had no problem with an audience he banged on the door of the vehicle in front and Mike joined the group. Another guy soon appeared from down the side of a truck and Jean filmed the entire session on the iPad for you to enjoy. I think I was fucked by four, sucked two and cleaned them all up.

Mike asked if I fancied going further north with him. Jean and the guys were happy with that as they had all had a good time. They rang a couple of times to check I was OK. Very nice of them I thought. As soon as Mike and I were back on the road he told me to get naked below the navel and play with myself while he drove. No problem. Loved it and was soon wriggling and squirming totally oblivious to where I was or who might see. A couple of times he warned me that overhead cameras were coming up and I covered up quickly with his night blanket.

Mike wanted a break, and me, so pulled into a lay-by and demanded a blow-job. He said he wanted to save the fuck till last. While I sucked and played with his cock he called his mate Andy to see where he was and where he was headed. He was straight to the point telling Andy that he currently had a dirty bitch sucking his cock, that he had fucked me three hours earlier and would he like to take me to Southampton. Andy didn't believe him so I told him Hi! And said I didn't have time to chat just then coz Mike might loose his stiffy and I'd have to start all over again.

We met Andy near Penrith and another of their mates who was headed home. They used the back of his van to take me in turns for about an hour and then I cleaned them all up. Andy and I headed south, driving solid for over four hours without a break. I quite enjoyed it. I'd grabbed a quick shower at Penrith but hadn't time to change properly. I had just slipped on a short dress which Andy said didn't show enough bare flesh. Once we were back on the road I stripped off and put on a jacket, with a skirt handy just in case. When it got dark I took off the jacket. Loved it when the on coming traffic lit me up!

When I rang we were on the over night bed. I stripped Andy naked, sucked him hard then climbed onto his cock. That felt so good talking to you while riding Andy naked. We got to the docks a little early so I went down on him while we waited. A guy, Steve, recognised Andy's truck and came over, Andy just opened his door. There I was with my mouth full of cock and some stranger copping a good look at my naked body and my cock sucking technique! Wonderful, I came instantly and noisily. Probably the best of the entire trip. The discovery really added to the pleasure.

Steve said he wouldn't mind a bit of that so Andy asked where he was headed. He said that here wasn't far off his route and for a blow-job he'd be happy to drop me close enough to walk. I told him he could fuck me for that standard of service.

How many was that?”

“No idea,” I told her, “I lost count ages ago. How many fucked you bare-back?”

She thought for a moment “Three,” she replied eventually.

“Including me?”

“Four,” she said hastily, “You and Jean, but you have both bare-backed me before so I don't think that counts. I told you that both Andy and I were naked so I assumed you realised that I was riding Andy bare-back and I needed a pussy full of spunk by then. I thought you understood and would really enjoy your nightly wank knowing I was getting properly fucked.

Then Steve because he was going to drop me so close to home and I thought, well I'll have to go to the clinic anyway so a pussy full of Steve's spunk wouldn't make much difference. I'm sorry.”

She went back down on my cock but I grabbed her hair and pulled her off.

“You know the rules, BITCH! I shouted and pulled her head back down onto me. “Until you get the all clear I'll only fuck your face and your arse, whenever and where ever. That perfectly clear Bitch?” I pulled her off my cock so she could answer.

“Yes Master, sorry Master!” she replied meekly and I shoved my rampant cock down her throat again.

How many did she take? Answers on a postcard please.