Written by Demi

14 Apr 2009

Hi, Demi here, I didn’t have to wait too long I got a text from Lucy telling me to be at hers at 11am to be made ready for Kens brothers use.

So, Monday morning found me parking up near Lucys place, I had dressed as I thought would be required by the men, ultra short wrap over skirt in bright tartan reds and greens, white cotton blouse, tied off at the midriff and unbuttoned, no bra, miniscule thong and hold ups clearly on show, bright red patent 4” heel shoes. After stripping off outside Lucys I was told that I would be dressed up as a business colleague for today. That would be, of course, after I had been tied up and put through a thorough 45 minute electronic work out and the other toys had chance to “sensitise” my nipples and clitoris, this meant letting 1 use emery boards on them until they were glowing. Lucy told me that I was under orders not to climax when I was with Paul and Larry or would be punished if I did. I was then dressed in a deep suspender belt, to hold up a pair of fully fashioned, lack, nylons. A lacy ¾ bra and a pair of loose legged, lace trimmed panties, both in dark red. A white, silk blouse that was so sheer, my bra could be easily seen through it and a grey, skirt that finished just above the knee, it had a 3-4” split in the back that would show a bit of my stockings and the same in the front that ended in a zip that could open it further up to the 4 large buttons that held it snugly around my hips and a matching, high waisted jacket that was cut so that the sides wouldn’t meet but came to a rest almost halfway across my nipples, meaning that every movement would stimulate them (and me!) It looked a little like a schoolmistress outfit I guess.

Once I had been dressed up I was sent out to a taxi which took me to a very expensive London hotel, I have to say, the feel of those nylons and the sexy swishing noise they made as I moved were a turn on for me, I also noticed that the clips from the suspenders caused little raised bumps in the skirts material so anyone who noticed would know I was wearing stockings. The delightful friction of the lace against my recently “sensitised” clit and nipples had me walking like I was trying to keep a set of ben wah balls inside me, and my pussy felt like it was going to squirt at any moment, walking up the steps to the entrance, I had to concentrate very hard to prevent my climax from winning!

My hair had been fluffed up and sprayed into shape and I was tingling all over with anticipation as to what the 2 men would want from me. I went to reception and asked for them and was sent across to the dining room ( it was 12.15) and found them sat at a table on the far side of the room, chatting. I walked across to them, my thighs rubbing together and my nipples and clit on fire caused by thee friction, I could feel my heart rate rise and my cheeks colour as I fought even harder to control my sexual need for release. They nodded hello at me but told me to remain standing, this made me feel a little uncomfortable, as there were other diners in the room and I must’ve stood out, waiting by their table like a servant ( I suppose I was in a way), then Larry, the military one stood up[ and told me to follow him, we left the room and walked silently up a grand staircase and then into a corridor to his room. I say room, it was a suite, I’ve seen smaller flats!

As soon as we got through the door he was all over me, fondling my breasts, running his hands up my legs, under my skirt, until he was pulling the crotch of my panties aside and fingering me while he kissed me on the lips passionately. I was soon gasping with delight as I felt myself moisten to his touch, my body aching to feel him inside me, he unzipped my skirt and rucked it up over my waist and, without removing my soaking panties, pulled them to the side and fed his stiff penis into my waiting pussy, I cried out in pleasure at the feeling of it stretching me. Once he had fully penetrated me he began screwing me like there was no tomorrow, calling me names saying what a cheap whore I was and how he and his brother were going to see how much fucking I could take. In no time at all I could feel him begin to empty his seed deep inside my unprotected pussy, this nearly made me forget myself but I was just able to prevent letting go and climaxing myself, my pussy clamping down on his willy as I fought for control. As soon as he had finished he got off me and pulled me off the bed, leading me to the door and saying to follow him back to the dining room. As I walked down the staircase I could feel the crotch of my panties struggle to contain the amount of semen that was leaking out of me, the tops of my thighs were slick with it and I could feel the tops of my nylons getting wet too. I went into the dining room and stood at the table, people were looking at me a bit more now, wondering I suppose, what was going on. Paul stood up and, taking my hand, said “my turn” and led me from the room, I was almost running trying to keep up with his long strides as we went up the stairs. I could feel more semen leaking out and coating my legs and stockings as we reached the room. The door was opened and I was pushed through it, after a little rough kissing and fondling, Paul pushed me to my knees and told me to suck him, I unzipped him and began kissing and licking his willy until it was rock hard and jumping in my hand, he grabbed my head and forced himself between my lips, pushing forwards until his pubic hair was tickling my nose, then he began using my mouth like a pussy, just holding my head still while he pushed in and out, just when I thought he was about to climax he pulled his penis out and lifted me from the floor, bending me over an ornate desk that was nearby. He unzipped my skirt and pulled it up until it was above my waist, then, rubbing his penis along my pussy making me shiver in anticipation, he slid it up, telling me to reach back and hold my “arse” open for him, as soon as I had, he pressed the tip of his willy against my tight little hole, as I cried out he wrapped an arm around me and with one almighty shove pushed straight past the muscle and deep into my bum, then he lifted my blouse and, pushing my bra up, grabbed my breasts and began mauling them, while, he placed his other hand in the small of my back, pinning me to the desk, he began screwing my bum hard and fast, even though it was painful at first, because I was already so excited, I soon relaxed into it and began to feel the building of a climax in me as my breasts were tweaked and my clit caught on the edge of the desk. Before I had to try and control it though, I felt the familiar stretching of my tiny bum hole as his willy grew before he began cumming inside me. Straight after he had finished, he pulled out and taking me by my arm, lead me from the room, telling me to follow him. He was walking so fast it was difficult for me to keep pace and I was still stuffing my blouse back into the waist of my skirt as we entered the dining room. People were looking at me more now and as I was told to sit, I noticed that the zip on my skirt hadn’t been rezipped and I was showing quite a lot of (by now baggy) stocking and a little thigh above them too, as I sat and pulled the zip down, I noticed also that in my hurry, I had not pulled my bra back down and it was clearly noticeable riding high on my chest as were my pert breasts with their hard nipples and rings, even under the partial cover provided by my jacket, through the sheer material of my blouse, still if I tried to do anything about that now it would draw even more attention to the fact, so I sat still while the brothers began eating their starters.

Paul finished his first and said for Larry to order the main course as he was off for seconds, taking hold of my wrist he helped me up from the table and we walked quickly across the dining room towards the stairs, as we crossed the room I got a look at myself in one of the many mirrors. No wonder people were staring, apart from my boobs being on show, my hair was messed up and my lipstick smudged from the blow job I had given Paul.

I couldn’t believe that he was ready for another session so quickly, but he proved me wrong, throwing me down on the bed and kneeling astride my chest, letting his hardening penis rest on my mouth, I started licking and sucking him to full hardness and was rewarded by him practicing his hip movements down my throat. When he had enough he slid down my body and unzipped my skirt again, crudely pulling the soaked gusset of my panties aside and rammed his willy inside my poor unprotected pussy as deeply as he could, telling me that he had enjoyed “fucking my dirty arsehole and was now going to take it out on my filthy cunt” by now the language was also acting as a turn on for me and I found myself agreeing with him, so taking this as a green light he began to screw me so hard I started to slide up the bed with the force. He grabbed my hips and, putting my legs over his shoulders, pulled me back to him, his pubes making loud slapping noises against mine as he carried on screwing me and calling me names, telling me that he hoped he would “knock me up” during his stay, all the time I was moaning and begging him to do it harder and to cum in me, and frantically fighting off an impending climax of my own. Soon enough I felt the warmness of my pussy being filled with semen. Paul got off me straight away and pulled me up, heading for the door. I just about managed to pull my bra back into place and almost fell down the stairs, trying to zip my skirt as I followed in his wake.

As we entered the dining room, all eyes turned to us, or should I say me, I felt a bit more civilised now, having got my boobs covered, a glance in the mirror though told me that they all would know what we had been up to as my bright lippy was smeared across a cheek where Paul had pulled his stiff willy out of my mouth and my hair was a real mess, some of the blokes there looked envious though and I even caught some smirking as Larry stood up and turned me around before I had a chance to sit.

Larry was a little more relaxed and walked slower than his brother, but his recuperative powers were just as good. As soon as we were in the room, my blouse was pulled up and my bra undone and taken off me, my skirt was unzipped and I was pushed down so I was over the end of the bed, Larry unzipped himself and produced an already hard penis which he shoved straight up into my pussy without any foreplay. In a few moments he was banging away at me like Paul had just been, and I was begging him for it, urging him to cum, my body was taught, all my nerve endings on fire as I fought with my need for a climax and surrendered to another brutal screwing by one of Kens brothers, and just like before, I was soon feeling my pussy happily accepting another load of semen ( I could barely believe that the 2 of them had managed to have me 4 times in under an hour, 3 times in my pussy and once in my bottom!).

Back to the dining room, I had my jacket on but my bra was gone and I knew no matter how I tried, my nipples would be on view, I supposed my make up and hair weren’t any better either and I was sure that semen was visible as my legs were saturated in it. I was obviously the topic of a great many conversations in the restaurant. After they had finished their main course (I wasn’t allowed to eat but was given water to drink) Larry said “me?” Paul nodded and I was taken upstairs for yet another pussy pounding and was wondering if they were taking something to keep at it like this or if the whole family were sex mad. I felt myself go tense as Larrys penis entered me once more and knew it was because I badly needed to climax myself, however, Lucy is not to be messed with and I knew she would find out if I orgasmed. So with great effort I lay there as Larry abused my sodden pussy for ages before he came, filling me once more with a large amount of his seed, I guessed that he took longer because he was running out of steam after taking me 3 times in an hour. I followed him downstairs and was met by Paul at the entrance to the restaurant, he said to Larry that he had took his time and he was coming up to check on us, then, taking my hand he led me back up the stairs, I could feel my expensive stockings bagging at the knee and ankle as they were now soaking in semen. In the room, I was put kneeling on the floor over the edge of the bed and Paul got behind me, I prepared myself for another bottom screw and was surprised when I felt him slip straight up my pussy and begin banging away at it again. I must’ve felt really loose as I seemed to have had a penis inside me for most of lunch! This didn’t seem to put him off though and after about10-15 minutes I felt his seed flooding my tender pussy once more. I got up and felt my pussy start to give up this fresh load at once, the warm stickiness running down the insides of my thighs. We joined Larry for dessert and I sat there with another glass of water as the men ate. When they had finished we all got up and went to the room, once inside I was told to strip, as I peeled off my soaked stockings and panties, the brothers led me to a window seat, Larry sat down on it and told me to suck him, so I knelt and worked on his penis, being surprised at the speed with which it hardened, then he leant back his head against the window and told me to get on him, as I climbed onto his penis astride him and facing the window, he pulled a cord at the side and the net curtains moved apart, revealing a view of this expensive part of town. We were on the first floor so, apart from anyone who happened to look up, we could have sex pretty much unobserved, or so I thought. I felt Paul move behind me, his hands reaching round to tease my breasts, Larry helping him there and also rubbing my clit as I bounced up and down on his willy begging him to fuck me. Then I felt the heat of Pauls penis pressing between my buttocks, I gasped as I felt him grip my hips and begin to enter my tight little bum hole, just the a double decker bus stopped right outside the window, afternoon commuters being treated to the sight of a firm young body being played with by two mature men, I could barely contain myself as the strangers faces registered in my mind their astonished looks, some seemed shocked but most of the men just stared, brazenly as I was unmercilessly screwed in both holes by these men, I wondered if they could hear as I finally lost control due to the overwhelming eroticism of what was happening to me, and I screamed out as a massive orgasm rocked my body and mind, I could feel both my holes spasm, alternately gripping and releasing the mens penises as they redoubled their efforts. They must’ve been tiring though as there was time for another 3 buses to stop outside the window and for the passengers to look at me behaving in a completely unladylike manner urging the brothers to fuck me and to fill me with their cum, my body was still shaking as my climax refused to subside, and stayed like it even after each of them had filled me with their seed once more. I only realised, after they had stopped, I was crying, my body needed the release of a climax and now it had it, it was overpowering. The men said thanks and told me to put my panties and stockings back on before dressing, which I did, although it felt disgusting, and then had me clean their willys with my mouth before I sent off. I felt really cheap walking through the posh lobby on my way to catch a bus back to Lucys (yes I was told to get the bus) my stockings were baggy and the semen was beginning to set as I walked out of the hotel, people were still looking at me, I don’t know if they were in the restaurant or not, my panties were rubbing my clitoris making me shake inside and my jacket was painfully stimulating my braless nipples too. As I sat on the bus people were openly staring at me and wrinkling their noses, it was only then that I realised, asides from my appearance, I stank of being used for sex, so I couldn’t blame them, I was glad when I got to Lucys and was hosed down all over with cold water by number 1. At least I was cleaner, I dressed and went to the sun bed place for a session, changing into a more comfortable tracksuit after for the drive home, I could barely believe that I had been screwed so thoroughly, 8 times in under 2 hours, let alone that the brothers seemed able to continue if they wanted too, telling me that all my holes were too fucking slack to be worth poking afterwards!

I was still shaking as I arrived home in the early afternoon, seeing my husbands car in the drive, I was glad I had changed but wondered what he was doing home so early on a Monday.

I found him with the nanny in the kitchen, a guilty look crossing his face for a moment before he composed himself and said hi, Jodi asked, with a sneer, if I’d had a good workout today and then left to check on the triplets. I told my husband I was sweaty and was going to have a shower, he said ok and followed me upstairs. As I went into the bedroom he grabbed me from behind, hi9s hands going under my top and cupping my breasts, even though I was tired, I couldn’t stifle a gasp as the sensitive mounds were squeezed. Involuntarily I wriggled my bum against his crotch and moaned as he slid a hand down the front of my pants, curving his middle finger into my pouting pussy, in minutes I was back at the point of orgasm, my husband was telling me what a hot, sexy bitch I was and how my pussy was flooded already (so true) and that he was going to give me a good seeing too after my shower. I ran into the shower and when I got out, found him laying on our bed, still dressed but dozing, poor dear, he must’ve had a hard day. Feeling mischievous, I unzipped his trousers and started playing with his penis, which was a little sticky (already horny for me!!) soon he was moaning away, so I dipped my head down and started to lick and kiss his willy, I could already taste pre cum and began to deep throat him, even though he wasn’t fully awake he was soon holding my head guiding it up and down his stiffening willy, moaning and saying what a good whore I was, his penis tasted good, sort of sweet and salty, almost like after sex, and I gobbled on it hungrily until he grabbed my head and held me close as he pumped his seed down my throat, releasing me then drifting off to sleep straight after, MEN!

Still I wasn’t worried, I had been well screwed and could now say I had taken another load of semen, 9 in all that day and still in less than 4 hours! I snuggled down beside him under the duvet and drifted off to sleep myself, waking later to find he had gotten up, I could hear him chatting with Jodi downstairs, it was dark now so the house was quiet and I could hear them giggling and joking a lot. I went down to say hoi and ask if he was coming back to bed, but he said he would be up in a while, adding that I was becoming insatiable, I couldn’t believe he could say such a thing in front of the nanny, no wonder she was so familiar with me. So I toddled off back to bed and must’ve fallen asleep because the next thing I knew, my hubby was spooning me and trying to get his stiff penis up my backside, still he was doing such a good job with his hands on my breasts and clitoris that I snuggled back into him, moaning softly as his willy slid past the muscle and into my bottom, he kept me hovering near climax as he humped my bum with a great deal of force and no finesse, still I managed to climax too and was rewarded with another bottom full of semen, 10 in a day, wow! My life was really changing now, I just didn’t understand by how much!.

See you soon and thanks to you all for your kind comments on my journal, I get horny just thinking about all of you.