Written by Mike

25 Mar 2015

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At seven o'clock exactly there was a timorous tap on my door. I peered though the spy-hole. Maria! My cock twitched in anticipation. She was again dressed in skirt and blouse although they were both different from those worn earlier. She held the laptop in front of her like a tea-tray. Her head was bowed, eyes on the floor. I opened the door. Without looking up she had started to speak.

“Will....?” she started softly.

“Silence!” I instructed, quiet but firm, before she could finish her sentence. I held out my hand for the laptop then stepped backwards into the hallway. “Come in and close the door behind you!”

“Yes Master! Sorry Master!” the response was immediate. With the door closed she turned back towards me. She continued to look down at the floor.

“Stand up straight Girl! Your face is much prettier than the top of your head.” She stood straight, looking somewhere over my head. Her face totally impassive. No other reaction whatsoever.

“Tummy in, tits out and shoulders back!” I ordered hoping for at least a little smile. Nothing! Nothing except following orders, exactly. They are magnificent tits though.

“Now you can strip, same order as this afternoon!” I demanded.

“Yes Master! Certainly Master!” she responded while reaching behind to unfasten her skirt.

I'm going to enjoy this, I thought as her skirt slipped to the floor. I put the laptop on the hallway table and held out my hand.

“Fold it and pass it to me!” I told her.

She did as instructed and started to undo her blouse. She showed absolutely no reaction. Nothing! She just followed orders like a well programmed robot! In fairness she didn't rush to expose her beautiful breasts but made me wait without the slightest degree of guile. She must have known she had beautiful boobs and that men loved to see them but again there was no hint of any enjoyment on her part. It was as if she had been trained how to strip rather than stripping for pleasure, both hers and the viewers.

She handed over the blouse, neatly folded then reached behind for her bra clips. Her eyes remained focused on some place above and beyond my head as she very deliberately and very slowly exposed first one fulsome breast then the other. Magnificent! The areola were puckered perfectly. Nipples erect and hard pointing straight at me. Clearly her body was registering her pleasure even if face wasn't admitting it.

“Are your panties wet Girl?” I demanded.

“Yes Master.” her reply was instant.

I could see the damp patch between her parted legs. “Remove them!” I told her and held my breath waiting for my second sighting of her delicious, smooth cunt.

She had definitely been trained to strip! She turned away from me and wriggled her bum as she eased the skimpy panties down. Thrusting her bottom out towards me she worked the scrap of material to the top of her thighs then turned slowly back towards me. With her eyes again focused on her place somewhere over the horizon she adjusted the material such that a thin red line now underscored her perfectly sooth cunt. She stood straight for a few moments, without expression, while I drank in the perfect view of her nearly naked body. Just as my eyes were going around for the third lap she bent slightly and pushed the red line down to her knees. She lifted one leg, briefly exposing her swollen pussy lips, and eased her foot out. The panties spiralled down the other leg to her ankle. She lifted her foot towards me offering her panties. I took them while enjoying her now fully exposed, swollen, wet, cunt. She straightened, tummy in, tits out and shoulders back. Putting her hands behind her back she placed her feet in the 'stand easy' position and awaited further instruction.

Jesus! She looked absolutely fucking stunning. Imagine! A girl with big beautiful tits is not going to be a bag of bones but carefully formed of Hogarth's soft curves, with luck she would have long shapely legs. Maria's legs were close to perfect and she'd kept them hidden from the world under long skirts or baggy trousers for heaven knows how long. Her pretty face was framed with long auburn her which brushed against the top of her breasts. The face itself remained totally expressionless and her eyes had no sparkle at all! I was beginning to feel that I wasn't enjoying this one little bit! I soldiered on, gamely.

“I can see your smooth cunt, Girl!” I told her at length.

“Yes Master, thank you Master. Will you fuck me Master?” she said without the slightest hint of passion. It was as if by rote. Her previous Master had told her what to say if another man saw the smooth cunt and so she had said it! SH one T!

“Soon.” I told her, “follow me.” I continued, walking into the lounge and placing her clothes on the chair by the door.

If she needs to leave in a hurry then they will be ready and waiting for her, I reasoned. In the centre of the room I turned, she was right in front of me, expressionless! A wasted Viagra I told myself and for consolation reached up for her breasts. At least I'll get a very nice memory of the night.

Placing the palm of a hand on each nipple I gently started to circle it around. There was a very slight initial reaction then nothing! I looked at her face and she was miles away, thinking of something else. To all intents and purposes this was bordering on possible rape! Rape I didn't do! I took my hands away from her body and stepped back.

“Get dressed, Maria,” I told her softly. “I'm sorry.”

“Master?” she said, her eyes back on the floor. “Master isn't pleased with me? Have I offended Master?”

“Maria, I cannot do this! There is something wrong, I can sense it. Your body is enjoying everything but you seem to be hating it. Your face is expressionless and your eyes are focused miles away as if you weren't here at all. What's wrong? Would you like to get dressed?”

“No, Master! I don't want to get dressed. I want to be here with you. I want you to fuck me, Master!”

“Maria, “ I said softly, “I cannot treat you like a piece of meat to be fucked and discarded as and when I see fit. I need to give pleasure as much as receive it. It's the only way I can do this. Why does your body tell me one thing and the rest of you makes me think you would prefer to be anywhere other than here?” She was silent for a minute or two, obviously wrestling with a big problem. I waited patiently.

“Master,” she said at length, “I need you to be my Master because my previous Master still holds control of me. I cannot escape him until I have a new Master.”

I pointed her to the arm chair and asked her to explain. So, naked and curled up in the armchair opposite me, she told me her story. She spoke for close to half an hour and as each minute passed my horror grew. I'll summarise as briefly as I am able.

Maria married her childhood sweetheart. He took her virginity and introduced her to the joys of sex. She loved it! Anyway and every way. Couldn't get enough of it. They married and they both enjoyed the most fantastic sex. Her husband was creative and she was willing. A match made in heaven.

After a year or so, when her husband invited a friend around for the evening, her told her to dress sexily, flash her tits and legs as much as possible. She loved it. From there they progressed to her only being partly dressed. As she said, she was in heaven. The friends loved to visit although they were only allowed to look and after the friend left she and her husband had a night of fantastic sex.

From there it was a progression to her tossing her husband off while his friend watched, giving him a blow job and finally stripping off for a full blown, no holds barred, sex show. Maria loved every moment and couldn't wait to be told that her husband had invited a friend around for the evening.

She built on the show stripping slowly, parading around so that both men could enjoy looking at every aspect of her body. She masturbated while her husband and friend watched then took her husband's cock in her mouth and made him solid before climbing onto his lap and lowering herself down onto his throbbing knob. They fucked, he filled her cunt with spunk. She sat down and scooped out the spunk with her fingers and licked them clean.

Then one Friday night after a good show the friend said 'You're a fucking lucky bastard! I wish I could have her for a night'. Her husband sat quiet for a moment then told him to take her home and bring her back in the morning full of spunk!

Maria was over the moon. She had only ever had her husbands cock and now he was giving her another to enjoy. The friend fucked her senseless and returned her, as directed, full of spunk and covered in spunk. He had refused to let her wash anything off. Dried spunk was in her hair, on her face, her tits and covering the tops of her thighs. He proudly presented her to her husband and left.

As soon as the door closed her husband demanded to know if she had enjoyed herself. She had told him it was fantastic! Had loved every minute and would do it again anytime he required. He had flown into a rage, the like of which she had never seen. He told her she wasn't a slut to enjoy being fucked by any man that wanted her! She was a slave. His slave to be used as he saw fit. It wasn't for her pleasure that she fucked other men but for his! He forbade her to take any pleasure in being fucked.

He took her into the bedroom and thrashed her with his leather belt. It wasn't the fun chastisement of sex play but a full on brutal assault on her body. Then he fucked her making sure he pressed all her buttons. Despite the agony of the thrashing she responded as he knew she would, encouraging him and demanding more. After filling her with spunk he thrashed her again reminding her that she must not enjoy. It was for his pleasure only!

The following Friday another friend was invited around. Maria performed as required without problem. When she was naked the friend remarked on her welts and bruises and her husband just told him that it was necessary to remind her who her Master was. She was given to the friend for the night and upon return was asked if she had enjoyed it.

When asked if she had enjoyed it she had to be truthful or get another beating. She told him she had tried her hardest not to enjoy it. He beat her, fucked her, made her beg for more then beat her again. Over time she mastered the skill of switching off. Sending her mind away while whoever her husband had given her to, got on with whatever he wanted.

She was able to honestly answer 'NO!' when asked if she had enjoyed it. She was also able to ensure she never responded to her husband regardless of how many buttons he pressed. He gave her to lots of men but they never asked for a second helping. When pushed they said it was like fucking a rubber doll who could suck cock.

He made her stop taking the pill. He sent her out with a 'friend' every weekend totally unprotected. The inevitable happened, she got pregnant and produced a mixed race son. Clearly not his, as all the world could see. He took another woman to the marital bed and fucked her while Maria watched. She didn't respond so he beat her.

He left shortly afterwards but not without leaving his 'instructions'.

I was totally appalled.

We sat in silence for a while so I could take it all in. Then we talked about what she would like for the future and how she would prefer to be treated. OK, I know it's not the done thing but what would you have done?

We shared a bottle of red as we explored more of her desires for a future life as my slave. She visibly relaxed, started to laugh at my silly jokes, and uncurled from her foetal position in the chair. Life was looking much better for both of us. I proposed a toast, 'To us!' and we both raised our glasses.

I laughed, she laughed and I said quietly 'I can see your smooth cunt!'

She looked directly at me, rose to her feet and, with a great big smile, said “Yes Master. Would you like to fuck me now?”

I am sure there will be much more to recount as things develop. Would you like me to continue keeping you informed?