Written by Cuckyboy

17 May 2015

We'd advertised and opened chat rooms looking for young, hung, fit Bull and got replies from the opposite. We're a early forties happily married couple and I'd badgered Jane to cuckold me for years and now she was going to but the right guy wasn't forthcoming. Saturday 16th May Lincoln Hotel booked but no Bull. Then on Thursday before we get a message on here. Faz was 27, fit and had a 7 inch cut thick cock. He was staying in Lincoln on business and was in hotel next door. We cam to cam with him on the Friday and chatted on phone and we agreed he was ideal.

Saturday came and we travelled to Lincoln, left car at hotel and went for a walk to cathedral area and spent some cash. We returned to hotel and got booked in and went up to our room. About 4 we or should I say Jane got a call from Faz. She went in bathroom and very quietly chatted to him for a few minutes. She wouldn't tell me what was said and that made my little 4.5" cock so hard. She showered and when in there shouted me in. I entered and she asked me what i thought while showing me her pussy! Bald as a coot she was. Faz asked me to do it so I have she said. Now you do the same she said and with that I jumped in the shower and removed all my pubes. I asked why I had to and she said Faz said it would make me look even more stupid and tiny, and it did.

I came out of the shower and Jane took a pic of me and sent it to Faz. He replied and he was going to be in the bar in 30 mins. I opened the wardrobe and started to take some clothes out when Jane stopped me. Naked as I was she told me to sit on a comfy chair in the room. I did and then she took out of her bag a few tyraps that electrician use. She tyrapped my hands to the chair arms and my ankles to the chair legs and finished getting ready.

She looked amazingly slutty. Something I haven't seen and I sat there hard as hell oozing pre cum. She told me to prepare myself as she was going have a drink and then return back here and carry out my wish for her to be fucked by bigger cock in front of me. Before she left she blindfolded me with a pair of my own pants and stuck them over my head. More humiliation.

After what seemed like hours but was only 30 mins I heard the key card slide into the dour and it opened. Jane says come on in Faz and the door shut. He talks to her and says that he's never seen an adult hard cock so small and laughs. She agrees and slaps me In the balks which startles me to say the least. I hear the bathroom door open and clothes been removed and then the pants are removed from my head. Stood there is Faz totally naked. He tells me Jane will never want my little baby cock again and that she's going to have the biggest cock she's ever had tonight. I tell him that her ex James had 8 inches and he only has 7 so it won't be tonight. With that the bathroom door opens and out came Jane, she then said, come out Ali don't be shy. With that another Asian guy walks out of the bathroom. I now knew what Faz meant. Ski it turned out was 23, athletic and 9 inches.

Jane picked up the phone and spoke to reception. Two bottles of water please and a Mumm champagne in room service. In the meantime they all laid in the bed hands were everywhere. Jane had two young studs each sucking her nipples while fingering her pussy and she was trying frantically to grab any cock she could. Then a knock at the door and the guy shouts room service. Faz jumps up puts on a dressing gown and takes ten pound from my wallet on the bedside table. I presume that been as though Ali and Jane are on the bed and that I'm tied naked to chair with a hard on spewing pre cumm like a volcano that he's going to take the drinks from him, but no, come in mate put them over there. He enters, turns to bed and sees Ali and Jane and then notices me. He laughs and turns to leave and Faz gives him the tip but asks for a favour. Would you take a pic of the four of us mate he asks. Sure he says. With that Ali Jane and Faz Kay on the bed, Jane holding their cocks and the guys with their thumbs up and me flushed red with sheer dread. Cluck goes the camera on the phone. Cheers mate say Faz and off he went.

For hours they fuck Jane and she has more orgasms in that time than I have ever given her. The moaning and noises she makes are humiliation alone fur me. In that time I'm totally ignored until it's time for them to leave. Jane stands up and says right cuckold the guys are leaving say goodbye to them and thank them for fucking me correctly. I do as I'm told and as I do Faz places his semi limp cocknin front of me and says clean it. Without quibble I do it and then I do Ali. At this point I know now that I am what I always wanted to be, a real cuckold. Thanks Faz n Ali.