Written by Paulrcouple

20 Feb 2013

That's the name of a chat room which is on this site often.

We made a mistake years a go and swapped with our friends and that was the end of our friendship then there was a friend from work been out he stayed the night all had a lot to drink and we both ended fucking Jane by tea break Monday it was all round were i was working tried to laugh it off but it did not work

So we made a golden rule dont play with friends.

This is a true story about A guy called Colin hew was at the same school as me but a different class he was not a mate never spoke much.

But me and Jane used to use him in our fantasies when having sex Jane had found out i had a bi side to me and she had admitted she had.

I use to tell her what his cock was like nice and smooth a good size and his foreskin half way over his bell end i used to tell Jane this when she was playing with her self and sucking me it was very horny for us both.

Nothing ever happened at school between us i just used to see him in the showers once a week and must have had a crush on him.

I left School did 3 years in the army came out and married my sweet heart Jane both had only had sex with each other.

We used to talk and say things like we all do and turn each other on.

I started to play football in the local league there was about 10 teams that used the changing rooms and showers.

I got taken off half way through the second half i was glad it was bitter cold i went into the changing rooms then for a hot shower.

I Got stripped of got my towel and went into the shower there was just one in there he had his back to me i could see he had hold of his cock i coughed and he turned his head it was Colin he looked at me and said hello long time no see i said yes we must have been at school the last 5 years ago. Yes he said and in the showers.

I Looked down at his cock yes still a beautiful piece of man hood we got talking he had got married young he said he was ready to split up from her i told him i was very happy with Jane we were both rubbing soap onto ourselves and Colin was spending a lot of time on his cock and balls so i started we both soon had big hard on both wanking.

I Held my hand out he turned and a got hold of him he started to cum i let it go on my cock when he finished cumming he just went i wanked my self off with his com on my cock end it was all over in a flash i herd other people start to come back to the rooms the games were finishing.

I Got my towel went and got dressed went to the pub by the playing fields like we always did hoping Colin would come for a pint but he never did.

Jane picked me up about 6 like always did not say a word about it until later that night when we were out that night in bed Jane wanted to know every detail i have told her the story many times. Jane said you should have got his number or given him ours but he had just gone.

About 4 years later we had taken our first pub in York it was York racers and who was in the pub with a gang of lads on a trip but Colin i pointed him out to Jane she said talk to him why would you fuck him yes that's what we have been talking about for years haven't we.

I Went over and said hello he said hi Jane came right over i said Jane this is Colin we went to School together.

Jane was up for it she was putting it on a plat for him i had to keep going and serve the customers she had found out that he had split up with his wife and he was staying over in York that night.

Jane went behind the bar so i could chat a bit with him he said Jane nice looking girl i was a lucky man i said a few have said that to me its a good job i am not jealous.

Colin said he would be hes mates said are you ready they were moving on.

Jane's looking over at us i nodded for her to come over she started to come he said he was off here goes i just said Jane knows about us in the showers and she would like you to fuck her you wont be the first one to do it he looked at me Jane had got to us by then i said to Jane would you like Colin to fuck you tonight yes when he said get back for last orders OK he went.

That night it seemed to drag Jane kept saying she was going to give me a good show last orders came and went no Colin we sat in the bar had a couple of drinks on our home hoping he would come when every body had gone but no Colin fucked Jane on a bar stool its just the right which we have done many times.

Went to bed and that was the end of Colin in the morning Jane said what went wrong with him i said hes left his wife he might be gay and not into women.

Opened the bar as normal the phone went it was Colin saying sorry he did not get back but had to much and could not get away from his friends most have gone back on a earlier Train he was late getting up but would love to fuck Jane the next time hes in York what time is your train every hour come to our pub its 2pm closing and get a later train are you sure yes.

Never said a word to Jane then about 1.30 Colin came to the bar Jane's eyes lite up o sorry forgot to tell you he was coming this afternoon..

The customers had gone we were sat having a chat about things i told him i had a crush on him when we were at school told Jane many times about you then that time in the showers after football.

You have fucked Jane that many times in our role that she think she knows you Jane had left the bar.

She came back with stockings and suspenders on and her white basque she said i have waited nearly 10 years for you to fuck me that's long enough you pull the curtains and watch .

He fucked Jane all over the pub he said were do you want me to cum in Paul's mouth hes been wanting you to do it for years at last i had hold of that cock again this time not going to be a rush i wanked it until i felt the first shot hit the back of my throat then another and another i swallowed the lot then both Jane and Colin sucked my cock and Colin finished me off.

We had a drink at the bar got talking Jane started wanking us both got us both hard i told Colin to fuck her first i wanted sloppy seconds he fucked her on her back on a table really pounding her pussy her boobs bouncing and hitting her nearly under her chin i could not touch my cock or i would have cum Collins bum cheeks went tight he was shooting his load deep inside Jane's pussy.

He pulled out i was right in with one push that feeling of another mans spunk in your wife's pussy is out of this world swollen pussy lips red hot pussy does not take long to cum.

Colin had started to get dressed said good by and went said he would keep in touch but never did just time for a bit of tea Jane had been getting fucked for nearly 4 hours.

She was walking round the bar and the pub all night like the cat that had the cream we still talk about Colin but it as never been as horny as it was before he fucked Jane