Written by Arlington_49

16 Mar 2015

On occasion I’ve remarked about the exquisite beauty most Asian women possess…including fair number of SH member patrons. Over the years, when opportunity allows, I especially enjoy the engagement of Chinese women…preferably married. Chinese wives are normally accustomed to addressing their men’s needs. I say that in the plural as I’ve found most Chinese married ladies to be open to suggestion and influence…if they feel it can serve their needs. Whereas, Japanese ladies…single or married…are cunningly shrewd, manipulative, demanding as they are equally enticing to bed. On rare occasion during travel stints, I will sometimes avail myself of escort services. When I do, I invariably choose an Asian woman. If the gal is Chinese or Filipino, she’s almost always submissive to my demands. On the other hand, if she’s Japanese, I can almost assure a battle of wills…she’ll coyly demand more from me that whatever rate had been settled. The one outstanding exception goes back as I titled this posting an “early Asian” experience.

In fact, it goes back 21 years ago when my wife and I had our Honeymooned for 2 weeks in Maui. Yes…you read that correctly…on our Honeymoon! As some of you may be familiar, Japanese Tourist and Hotel companies have pretty much purchased most of the branded hotel and resort names in the Hawaii state. In doing so, they’ve hired a fair number of Japanese personnel to staff those properties. Our resort room had the benefit of a Japanese young lady who was concierge-assigned to our suite. She would be our ‘go-to’ person for travel plans on the island…dinner or show reservations…events, and like. Her name was Minako (beautiful child in Anglican.) AND, so she was…about 24 or 25…a charming, attractive young woman. AND…there I am…with Judi…we had just married 4 weeks prior, and my wife and I probably spent every night screwing ourselves. It was the 1st upcoming weekend that took an interesting turn of events.

Saturday morning, I had a scheduled spar session with the resort’s master, and at completion of our workout, I had planned to observe several other spar pairings. In effect, I would be absent from our suite from about 8am to nearly Noon. However, shortly after our spar session began, I developed a leg cramp. More than a charley horse, it was advised I whirlpool my leg in our room’s facility. With a modest limp, I returned to our room about 9:30.

I keyed in and immediately realized my wife had company in the suite’s bedroom. As I turned the entry foyer corner, I looked into our bedroom with veranda balcony to the forward. There, on our king’s size bed, was Minako spread-eagled…with Judi on top…playing with the young woman’s titties. Interchanging play with the girl’s breasts, Judi’s right hand made sure it was getting “familiar” with the young man’s cunny. I watched my wife perform on our room’s staff hostess, and perform well! My wife was only 3 or 4 years older…so I benefitted from two young gals fucking with each other. Though, at the time, it appeared Judi had full advantage of our Japanese pussy. Between kiss action…finger and wrist in the girl’s vagina and occasional sucking on the girl’s tit…one or both of them…I enjoyed and hardened myself.

At some point, Minako realized I was standing there…my wife was too engaged satisfying herself on the girl’s pussy to realize I had come into the room. Minako squealed…Judi turned around…looked at me. Only a second or two passed, BUT it seemed more like 5 minutes! Judi looked at me, then looked at her play partner…said…”Arlington, you’ll have to wait for your turn…” I smiled and simply replied…”Take all the time you want…!” My wife went back to devouring the young lady. Minako pleaded…”My manager will know something is wrong…I’m expected.” Judi didn’t have to cue me…I called the managers; concierge desk and explained Minako would be with us for a while…”She’s setting an island travel itinerary for us…may take 2 or 3 hours.” The Concierge Manager had no problem…he simply told me me our room would be charged for her time. I concurred…put the phone down as my wife never skipped a beat having her way with the Japanese girl.

I was entertained well, even when Minako turned the tables on my wife. She sensed I wanted to see some heavier engagement…some rougher play between the ladies. I got my wish. She relished my wife…Judi squealed for my attention. I deliberately waited for several minutes. Judi yelled at me to take the girl off her…I swore my wife was loud enough for anyone to hear if they were walking the gardens adjacent our veranda.

I pulled MInako off my wife, and turned her back into the submissive little slut she really was there to be for us! Judi instructed me to bang her…! I had NO intention to fuck the young girl, until I ate her. Judi became enraged with my turn of event. I went down on Minako! Just as I played with her clit and fingered her ass, Judi straddled her face. Shei menacingly told the girl to lap her cunny.

Minako had several apparent orgasms just as Judi had one as she sat on the gal’s face. I backed off a little bit…watched both women again. Judi looked at me…my wife realized I was ready to hard bang our room concierge cunt! I went to work, and as I recall for nearly 30 minutes had my way with Minako. My wife all the time watching…prodding me on…sometime telling me to hurt the girl. How the fuck was I going to “hurt” the girl any more than hard-fucking this little Asian pussy until she cried! AND, she cried often during that second week…

We finished with Minako around Noon. Before allowed to leave, Judi instructed her to be back to our room the next night…Sunday. During our Honeymoon’s 2nd week, Judi and I either singly or in unison fucked MInako. Oh, I paid well for the concierge service fees…and how! BUT, as I look back to that trip, I saved money…;);) Hiring an escort for my wife and me to exercise our sexual needs would have been far more costly than the modest hotel fees I paid. Four of the following week’s evenings were occupied fucking our own little Japanese play doll…a good memory indeed with an Asian babe!