Written by samantha

5 Apr 2014

We spilled into the elevator from having a few drinks in the bar in the hotel lobby, your standing in front of me as your hand grabs my inner thigh. I lean and push our floor number, you gently nibble on my neck and then take one big bite. Your hands slightly move up from my thigh and we are both taken with desire. I untuck your shirt from your pants and the elevator doors open and we wobble out. We approach our door and I whisper “I want you now” you grab my hand and we are inside our room. “I don’t know if you can handle what I have planned for you, dirty girl” you tease. I push you to the bed and unbutton your shirt then tell you to watch… I slowly pull up my dress inch by inch and it overwhelms you how slow I’m going. As minutes pass I pull my dress over my head and throw it on the floor… I climb on top of you and you undo my bra and push me on my back, you slowly remove my panties then place me on my knees... naked. Your eyes take in every inch of exposed flesh. You restrain my hands while your other hand spanks my butt, warming my skin with another spanking… you come closer from behind me as I arch my back into you, you whisper into my ear “you’re going to be my bad girl tonight aren’t you?” “I’ll do anything” I say back

You run your tongue down the length of my spine and tell me to get on my knees. Blind folded, hands bound above my head, a little rug burn begins to form on my knees as you spread my legs widely open. Will it be doggie style or more domination style? The anticipation lingering of what is going to come next. My mouth is starting to dry as I wait for what is going to happen next. One slap, two slaps, and then a third spanking, my butt is red but I deserve the punishment. Anticipation sets in further my knees are starting to shake. I want to speak but you place something in my mouth. You pull my hair back and your fingers graze the side of my body. The sting on my butt finally settling in but then another slap and a moan fills the room. I get lifted from my knees with butt in the air. You touch up and down my arms and then feel up and down my legs.

I can’t see… I can’t move… I can’t talk… and my legs are starting to shake. I get asked if I’m ok and I move my head up and down not knowing the voice. “Can you handle it dirty girl” you say and my moan signals I’m ready for a challenge. You lean in and place one hand firmly on my lower back and you ask if I’m ready. I nod and you begin to enter my body as I’m completely submitted to your control.

You’ve built up my strength on my arms and legs but I’m starting to tremble. I’m climaxing with every thrust you give me… the words more moan from my mouth. You grab my inner thigh. The muscles along my back quiver beneath your touch and you pull out… you let me fall to the floor and lay for a minute. You remove the gag ball from my mouth and you untied my hands. I flipped over and took a deep breath and asked if I could look at you. You said “shush baby not now” I smiled and you come lay near me…

“I’m ready for you” I say minutes later and you enter me… finally able to move my hands I feel how strong you are and it consumes me. You move up and down and I can feel how hard you are “go deep” I moan and you thrust harder and moans and sighs escape without hesitation. “Deeper” I scream and you ask “if I can handle it” I scream “don’t stop” and you kiss me like it’s our first time together (you and I probably were never meant to fall for each other but we did and it’s overwhelming).

Your fingers comb through the hair at the base of my neck and you give a gentle tug. “I want you to cum for me” you say and in this moment my body is completely yours and I can’t help resist your touch.. your owning my body, are we are both owning the desire. My hands release from holding your back and they start clenching the sheets. I feel ready to cum and ask if you’re ready. We’re slippery with sweat the sheets are a mess

“Cum for me baby” you say over and over again. Its time. Deep breath after deep breath consumes both of us, you pause for a minute and remove my blindfold. You tell me to look into your eyes and your eyes and your back to thrusting… I’m climaxing and within minutes the moans begin. I feel how hard you are and with a few bite marks to my breasts, my neck, and a big bite to my lip we’re ready to have our finish. The climax is astonishing were consumed with each other. Gasping for breath and then finally the finale.

The sheets are soaked. We lay next to each other and try to breath…..