26 Jun 2018

For the benefit of those that have not read any of the previous 'Granddad' stories, I would like to make it clear that there is no family connection between John Smith (Granddad) and Anja. No underage sex takes place or is referred to historically.

We drove on in silence for a while. Me mentally reminiscing about those early days. I suspect Anja was wondering how much of my story was true. For the record, it was a true story.

“Can you remember your first length of cock?” I ventured after a while.

### ### ###

“Unfortunately I can and at least the next three although I've tried so very hard to forget them!” she started hesitantly.

“I don't want to revive bad memories for you, how about skipping to the fifth?” I suggested.

“No, it's OK, probably a good idea to tell somebody else, get it off my chest as it were.” she replied with a sigh.

“To be honest,” I offered to lighten her load, “the only thing you need to get off your chest is your dress but not while I'm driving,” I pleaded, “I couldn't be held responsible for my actions if you did.” I told her happily.

“Granddad, you're naughty. His name was Steven, without the 'ph'. Steven Harris. I'd fancied him for a while. He was sporty and smiley and quite good looking. We started going out, holding hands, kissing and cuddling etc.. Nothing too exciting. It was too cold and damp outside to try anything else although I'd had a feel and so had he. He liked my tits and was good at getting my bra undone. I was good at the party trick but it was a bugger to get it back on. After a while he just moved it out the way. It was too cold for skirts so it had to be jeans. The best we could do was getting our hands inside each other's jeans and feeling around a bit.

One Saturday he said his parents were going out for the day and I should come around straight after lunch. He said he had a surprise for me. I was there by 1:30. He reached into his pocket and with a theatrical 'Ta Dah!', pulled out three jonnies. I was on the pill for other reasons but didn't want everybody to know, so kept that to myself.

“Let's go up to my room.” he suggested.

I didn't hesitate. I wanted it as much, if not more than him. We undressed ourselves and were soon on the bed. He wanted it straight away but I finally persuaded him to let us play a bit first. Get ready, as it were. That lasted less than five minutes! He tried to put the rubber on but had no idea how to go about it. I'd no experience either so we fiddled about for a while trying to get it over his cock. Big mistake to unroll it first but as he didn't have a box we didn't have any instructions. In the end I tried rolling it back up and we started again. It was a bit easier because his cock was floppy again. He held the rubber at the base of his cock while I tried to stroke it hard again. Thinking back, it was bloody hilarious!

Eventually we had a condom covered cock which was reasonably stiff. I was told to lay on my back and open wide. I did. We both knew it was a first time for both of us and I was expecting at least some consideration, if not affection. He put his cock into my pussy a bit and asked if it was 'alright'. I said yes and to be gentle with me. 'Yeah! Right!' he said and just shoved it in hard. It wasn't even lined up properly let alone lubricated. Fortunately my pussy wasn't a stranger to having things up it but at least I did it carefully. I tried to stop him, told him it was hurting, although it wasn't actually hurting just didn't feel like fun. He totally ignored me and shot his load in no time at all. He collapsed on top of me panting as if he'd run a marathon! Yeah! In a lot less than two minutes, maybe not even one, it just seemed like it, in a bad way.

He rolled off, never said a word. No cuddle, kiss or even thanks. Just laid there breathing hard. After about fifteen minutes the door bell chimed. He didn't seem at all surprised, almost expecting it. He got up, pulled on his clothes and with a 'I'll be back' left the room.

I waited about five minutes then got dressed. Wasn't sure if anybody else was about so crept down the stairs. He was in the lounge with three mates, watching footie on the TV. He was bragging that I was upstairs on his bed, naked and just begging for another fuck. He told 'em I couldn't get enough of his cock and was just gagging for it. His mate Duncan told him he was seriously stupid and what the fuck was he doing watching footie when there was a beautiful girl waiting for him? Know what the bastard said? I'll tell you,” she said without waiting for a reply, “he told them I was so hot for it I'd wait until he was ready!”

“I was a very bad girl, Granddad, I went back to his room and used my lipstick to write a message on his pillow telling him that he was a lousy fuck and waste of time. The worst fuck a girl could have. I turned the pillow over so he wouldn't see it. Left it for his mother to find when she changed the bed. I said as much again on the big mirror in the hallway and added that I'd be telling all my mates that he was a waste of time and left, leaving the front door open.”

“You do know lipstick is virtually impossible to remove from pillow cases, I suspect.” I laughed, “You're a deliciously naughty girl! I informed her.

“Well, excepting the lipstick, the next few were pretty much the same. I decided to forget guys of my own age and look for older guys.

“It was a Saturday, lunch time. The place was heaving. I'd got a sweet chilli chicken wrap and a large black coffee and squeezed onto the end of a bench. I was just unwrapping it when this guy showed up and asked if I could budge along a bit, so he could perch on the end. I shuffled my bum along a bit and the girl next to me did the same. Between us we made room for half a cheek. He perched, up close and personal and it felt quite nice, actually. He was decent looking, late thirties early forties so near enough twice my age. The girl next to me finished and left, the other way so I shuffled along a bit more making room for his other cheek but not so far as there could be too much gap between us.

We started to chat. He was in town for the week, sorting out some problems, didn't say what. Never been to the area before. Was staying in the hotel across the street. What would be good to see/visit while in the area? I spent the next ten minutes, between mouthfuls, telling him about the local area.

“Are you going to remember all this?” I asked.

“Nope, I'm just enjoying listening to your voice. Fancy being my tour guide?” he replied.

Well, I did. I'd nothing else on except unnecessary shopping. He was decent looking, nice voice, easy smile. All the good things that make the right first impression. So we walked around. I showed him the more interesting bits and explained a bit of the local history. He asked if there was a park or any green areas where he could enjoy a walk after a days work.

We walked along the canal, towards the big park where we could walk around the lakes. One of my favourite areas, actually. We started out walking side by side. Some kids came past on bikes and he hooked his arm into mine and pulled me out of the way. I didn't unhook afterwards and we continued walking, arm in arm. When we got to the stile off the tow path and into the park he held my hand as he helped me down. I didn't let go afterwards. We walked around the park hand in hand.

All the time we were chatting very amiably. Had got quite a good rapport going. He brought us ice-creams, we sat on a bench and looked at the ducks. I was feeling very comfortable and sat close, touching him close. When it was time to move on he stood in front of me and took both my hands, helping me to rise. I rose happily into his arms, put mine around his neck and kissed him full on the lips. He returned my kisses and held me close. I could feel him close to me, down there, and pushed closer. He rested his hand on my bum and helped me closer still. I kissed him harder. He held me tighter.

“Shall we walk back to the city?” he suggested.

We took the bus – it stopped right outside his hotel. He helped me alight, holding my hand and I walked straight on, to the hotel's front door, still holding his hand. Nothing had been said by either of us. We both knew what had to happen next. We walked up to the reception, he asked for his room key and we went straight to the lift as if we'd been together forever. The lift was full so I couldn't kiss him. I just stood close and we held each other tight.

Even in the room nothing was said about what was going to happen. We both just knew and also that there was no immediate rush.

“Needawee,” I told him.

“Me too, I'll let you warm the seat,” he replied.

The bathroom door had two functions, it closed off the bathroom area, when it was closed and when it was open fully it closed off the toilet section leaving the shower and hand basin available for use. I warmed the seat for him and when I was washing my hands I called out...

“Loo's free.”

He appeared from the bedroom and stepped into the loo while I was drying my hands.

“I'm all hot and sticky. Mind if I have a quick shower?” I asked.

Like I said, we didn't need words, we both knew where we were going.

“Help yourself,” he replied.

I went into the bedroom and stripped off then walked back and into the shower. I could see him through the lightly frosted shower screen glass, sitting on the loo. He could therefore see me and I wasn't the least bit concerned, it felt perfectly natural.

“Now that's the kind of image I'd like on my shower screen, permanently,” he said loudly.

“You're just saying that,” I chided.

“Nope, I'm saying that coz you're beautiful and naked. Want a hand with your back?”

I did, and he washed me and I washed him and it took a very long, enjoyable time. We dried each other then went to lay on the bed. I didn't lead him, he didn't lead me, we went together, laid side by side and kissed and cuddled. We rolled around and played, like Steven and I should've done. At one point I straddled his hips. My pussy lips were either side of his cock. I slid up and down, rubbing my clitty against his cock. It was delicious. With a slight move I could have fed his cock into my pussy. If he had adjusted his position only slightly his cock and my pussy would have mated but we both knew it wasn't yet the time to fuck.

He rolled us over, pinned my hands above my head and whispered in my ear;

“Hello little pussy, I'm the big bad lion and I'm gonna eat you all up!”

He started with my ears and slowly worked down to my neck, shoulders and breasts where he spent a delicious amount of time licking, sucking and nibbling. I parted my legs so he was more comfortable. He moved further, across my tummy, to my mons. I was breathing heavily by then and started to pant when I realised where his mouth was going. Nobody had eaten my pussy before.

The first touch of his tongue on my clitty started my spasm and after that any resistance I might have put up, fled for easier pastures. When my first orgasm hit it was violent and noisy. I heard him laugh in delight and he just carried on without any let up. After that I simply lost count. He gave me a bit of breathing space.

“Lemme come on top,' I pleaded.

He rolled us over, put his hands under my hips and adjusted my position so that my pussy was perfectly positioned for his mouth. He put his arms around my thighs to steady me then opened me up completely with his fingers. His tongue set to work on my clitty, his fingers teased my pussy.

His cock was right in front of me, looking wonderful. I'd never put a cock anywhere near my mouth until that moment. I didn't hesitate. Taking it into my hand I lowered my mouth onto it. Delicious. I went to work on his cock with my mouth, intent on giving him as much pleasure as he was giving me. I came time and again and redoubled my efforts to make him come as well. He never flinched when I came on his face and into his mouth and I knew that I would take everything he had to give without qualms.

I soaked him again. He started to buck his hips up, pushing his cock deeper into my mouth. I took as much as I could, as fast as I could.

“Gonna cum!”

I ignored him.

“Last warning, gonna cum!”

I ignored that warning as well. He gave a sudden jerk. I knew his seed was on it's way and swallowed his cock as deep as I could and waited. His second jerk spurted his seed into my mouth. I laughed a silent laugh of delight. He spurted again and I giggled, sucking harder and stroking gently. I wanted it all, every last drop he had to give. Three more times he jerked and spunked before letting out a long sigh. I relaxed. Happy and content. Suddenly his mouth sucked on my clitty and his tongue tip flicked rapidly over the top. I came once more. My body was completely out of control and he licked and sucked until I stopped shuddering with exhaustion.

We cuddled as we were, laying on our sides with my head resting in his crotch and his between my thighs, we were totally spent.

I have to take the blame for initiating the next session. His cock was so close I didn't need to move my head to kiss it. I told him it twitched so I licked it. It certainly twitched then.

“Want some more?' he asked.

“Ummmm.” I told him, “I want it in me this time.”

Stretching my tongue out I teased his limp cock into my mouth. Holding it between my lips I probed under his foreskin, licking all over the head. His cock grew. The head stood proud outside the foreskin and I sucked it eagerly into my mouth and started to swallow his length as deep as I could.

By then he was fingering my pussy and sucking on my clitty.

“Favourite position?” he asked.

I didn't have one. Until meeting him earlier that day I'd never had an orgasm caused by anyone other than myself.

“You choose, just want you deep inside me!” I told him.

He told me to lie on my back and put my ankles on his shoulders. I did as I was told.

“Lift your bum!”

I lifted and he put a pillow under it. He put his cock just inside my pussy.


It was and I sighed happily.

“I want to watch you, make sure I'm doing it right for you,” he said as he eased his stiff cock inside me.

It felt so glorious! Never had I felt such pleasure. He pushed in deep, watching my face carefully. I smiled at him and blew a kiss.

“Fuck me,” I begged.

He didn't fuck me, he made love to me. Gentle, loving wonderful love making. I just came and came and came. He didn't. When it looked as if he was ready to cum he changed what he was doing. Sometimes even stopped although he never removed his cock completely.

“Kneel up,” he said, “I've watched your smiles and your tits wobbling wonderfully now I want to watch my cock sliding in and out of your pussy and hear you squeal.”

I knelt. He adjusted our positions, by lifting me by the hips, until he was satisfied then slipped his cock in effortlessly. It felt totally different in that position. He went in deeper. He held onto my hips and carefully eased me forward. His cock slipped back until it nearly fell out. He pulled me slowly back until I knew he had no more cock to give. I felt wonderfully full. His helmet pressed against my womb.

He started to rock me back and forth on his cock, slow and steady at first then getting harder and faster. I started squealing very quickly, then coming frequently. Soon I was driving myself back and forth on his cock, driving it in hard so it was ramming into my womb or driving against my cervix. It was incredible! He took back control of my pussy. He slowed everything down but still gave me a full length with each stroke. Almost out then full back in with a final, hard thrust right at the end. As if he was trying to climb up right inside me.

I couldn't move my hips. They were nicely held in his firm grip. They were his to do whatever he wished. I tried to use my pussy muscles the way I had on my toys. That made him laugh.

“Trying to milk my cock are you?”

“Yes, I told him. I want to feel you cum in my pussy, fill me up.”

He began to move faster. I tried to squeeze harder. His movements became jerky but his cock still drove relentlessly deep with every thrust. A new climax was building inside me. I could feel it was going to be 'the one'. I shoved back harder onto his cock. He was pounding away hard and fast. I sank to my elbows. That changed the angle. My climax continued to build. I sensed his was fast approaching. We were both working towards making the other climax, going hammer and tongs. He jerked just as I screamed and we both panted hard as his driving cock filled my cunt with his seed and my juices covered his cock.

I laid my head on my hands and he laid along my back taking his weight on his hands. I've no idea how many times he made me cum but that last was the one I'd waited too many years for.” she finished with a long, contented sigh.

“No pressure then,” I suggested laughingly.

The A26 became the A5 and we stopped for our first break before it became the A31. The Aire de Picnic only contained a single vehicle, a low-loader parked right down the far end. I pulled up adjacent to a picnic table.

“Comfortable?” I asked.

“Yes thanks, maybe afterwards?”

“Excellent, tea or coffee?”

“You brought flasks?”

“Nope. A camping stove, water and the makings. I'll get the water going, you're in charge of catering.”

“OK, coffee, if it's not too much trouble?”

Lifting the cooler box, stove and water out of the boot I walked them the few feet to the concrete picnic table.

“It's a bit chilly,” I called back, “wrap a fleece around your shoulders and grab the picnic rug off the back seat, please.”

Filling the kettle with enough for two good cups I set it on a low heat. Normally I'd take a walk up and down the parking area while it boiled. That night I had other ideas.

“There y'go Granddad,” said Anja passing the picnic rug.

I folded it in two lengthways and laid it on the table. Anja looked at me, bemused.

“Up you hop, Sweetheart,” I requested.


“Hop up, I'm hungry and you've got exactly what I want to eat!” I explained.

I watched the penny drop with deafening clunk. She beamed at me.

“Well, why didn't you just say?” she giggled, perching her bum perfectly on the end of the rug, “about here?” she said rolling back onto the table.

“Excellent!” I responded happily, crouching down and resting her legs over my shoulders.

I just love that first contact, don't you? That moment when your mouth touches a pussy for the very first time. I always think it's a defining moment. Does she tremble with delight at the lightest of touches or does it need a full on assault? Anja trembled with anticipation before my lips had brushed softly against the inside of her knee. I smiled inwardly, her pussy and I were going to get on famously. Very briefly I regretted lighting the gas at all!

Tender loving she responded to and tender loving she got. I hardly even used a hard tongue and my teeth stayed well away from her clitty. No, they were NOT in a glass by the bed! She twisted and turned on the rug covered concrete and her breathing built quickly from light panting to deep heavy gasps for air. I could hear the kettle reaching it's climax, sorry cummin to the boil. My Sweetheart was also on the verge, where I'd tried to keep her for the last few minutes. Somehow I appeared to have lost control of her pleasure and she exploded! Violently and noisily!

“Where did that cum from?” I asked once she had calmed down.

“There's a man watching us!” she whispered.

“Is that a problem?” I whispered back.

“Apparently not!” she chuckled delightedly.

“Want his cock?” I suggested very quietly.

“No!” she was quite emphatic. “Wouldn't mind watching him finish his wank though.”

“You enjoy. Let him see you are watching him but not inviting him, OK? I'll turn the kettle off and be right back.”

There was still only the low-loader in the parking area so the driver must have been stretching his legs. He was about ten feet away quite blatantly wanking off. I beckoned him a little closer and held my hand up when he was about six feet away. He stopped without complaint and continued to wank. I crouched down and returned to Anja's beautiful pussy. She was back on the boil almost instantly.

I was a little firmer on the second lap, using a hard tongue and a very gentle nip with my teeth. I teased her cunt with one finger and she started to buck. I teased with a second and sucked her clitty harder.

“He's nearly there!” she informed.

She was getting more and more energetic, as if she could feel his cock pounding her cunt.

“He's cumminnnnn,” she cried as she started to cum.

“Chooooo,” I laughed as I pushed both fingers deep into her and nipped her clitty quite firmly.

She came with him! Jerking and thrashing about on the table as if he was inside her and filling her with his seed. Job done!

There's a ways to go yet – want to tag along?