Written by Kathy T

4 May 2012

Catching a Black Bum Masturbating

My names Kathy and my ex Dave got me into the lifestyle I grew to love. I couldn’t believe the things we tried. I was always shy and not adventurous(sexually) and I guess pretty boring until Dave brought out the sexy slut in me. But we broke up a while back and since then, its been back to boring again. The thing we played with most and the thing I became addicted to was BBC. I’ve had the lust burning inside me but cant seem to find the fun my ex and I shared.

I was home one night and feeling sexually frustrated. I hadn’t been laid in a while and I couldn’t stop fantasizing about tall black men. I would even pray that a black burglar would break into my house and ravish me over and over. I have had my fingers down my panties for hours when I decided I needed to get out of the house, if even briefly. I threw on some sweats and a sweater and decided to walk to the supermarket about a mile away. It was dark and the streets were kind of empty. I passed a city park and as I walked by I noticed the park was full of homeless people sitting around talking and drinking. As I walked by a group of bushes at the end, I heard someone call out from within these bushes and as I bent to look in, a crazed black bum was looking at me and laughing. I didn’t quite “get it” until I looked at what he was holding in his hand and pointing at me. I was shocked to see the dirty old black man was holding his dirty old black cock. I wanted to run off but I couldn’t. I was caught staring at his hard and very thick black cock. I wondered what it must smell like or taste like. Then I wondered how long been since he had sex. I saw some people walking my way so I slowly walked away from the bushes with my eyes still focused on that filthy black cock. I know any other woman would have called the police right then, but I didn’t. I couldn’t stop thinking about him all the way to the supermarket. I felt sorry for the black man. I found myself neglecting what I came to buy and found myself buying rags, paper towels, some water and deodorant. On my walk back I intended on tossing the bag of stuff in the bushes and keep walking by but when I got there, I didn’t see him where he was before. I checked the street both ways and when I saw no one saw me, I crouched down and climbed in behind the bushes. I was just going to leave the bag and go but when I crawled inside, I saw the black man laying asleep on cardboard. He was still clutching a bottle of booze in his hands. I knew I had crossed all lines and should get the hell out of there but I didn’t. I cleared my throat loudly to get his attention but nothing. “Excuse me, sir? I have some things here for you? Hello?” Still nothing as he lay there with his eyes closed. I gave him a little shove and I think I even heard him begin to snore. He was out cold!! All of a sudden I noticed his pants weren’t buttoned all the way shut and I bent down closer and saw some black cock flesh. My stomach started to tingle and my neglected pussy was getting wet!

I decided I was going to have some fun and clean this poor miserable black bum. I quietly undid his pants and out came that dirty black cock he was waiving at me earlier. I grabbed it in my hand and got up close to inspect it. My face was just inches from his dirty black cock. I looked up at him and his eyes were still shut. I put my nose to it and it smelled, but not that bad. More like urine than funk(though there was funk too). He had the hugest balls I’ve ever seen! I made sure no one could see me from outside these bushes and I checked on him again(still passed out) and I stuck out my tongue to get a quick taste. Hmmm. Not that bad either. I couldn’t believe I finally had my hands on some BBC! I was wild with lust by just being in some bushes with a black bum and holding his black smelly cock!! I lathered up my hands and began washing his black cock which I felt growing in my hands. I washed his fat balls too. When I was done and his whole crotch area was clean, I couldn’t help myself. I started kissing and sucking his balls. He finally moved a little and I was about to run out of there but he went back to sleep instead. I started kissing it again and licking it and playing with his monster black balls. He may not have been reacting to me but his big black cock sure was! It was getting even harder and fatter as I continued loving him. I couldn’t neglect my pussy any further so I began rubbing myself while I licked and came almost instantly. His breath got faster and he began to shake and I knew he was about to blow so I locked my mouth on him as he came and I swallowed as much as I could. He groggly woke for a second but must have thought he was dreaming. I left quickly and got home and ran to my room. I pulled out my BBC toy and fucked myself hard pretending it was my black bum fucking me. Since then I have fantasized often about going back inside the bushes and having more BBC.