30 Jul 2019

It was now 2 weeks since I last saw Jeanette, I was starting to think she was avoiding me, I was lying in bed thinking about that night when we made love in her bed that she shares with her husband Doug.

I couldn’t believe I had lived out my biggest fantasy and now I wanted more, and was sure Jeanette would also, I got dressed and left the house making sure I walked passed her house hoping she was in, her place was in darkest I felt my heart sink.

I got a newspaper and made my way for a coffee, I saw a free table by the window, I sat down reading my paper and sipping my coffee, about 10 minutes later I heard someone say ‘’is this seat free?’’.

I looked up as I heard Jeanette’s voice with a smile on my face I replied ‘’Sure’’, Jeanette asked ‘’you not talking to me now?’’ I replied ‘’of course I am’’.

Jeanette moved her chair so she was sitting next to me, I felt her leg brush against mine, as she said ‘’after what happened two weeks ago I thought you had got what you wanted and now you’re avoiding me’’, ‘’no way’’ I replied, I continued ‘’do you regret it’’? Jeanette blushed shaking her head saying ‘’no’’.

I took her soft hand into mine lightly squeezing it before asking ‘’what happens now?’’ Jeanette looked down replying ‘’I don’t know, ‘’I just keep thinking about you!’’ I said ‘’we can’t talk here, let’s go back to your place!’’ she nodded replying ‘’but it’s only to talk ok’’ she grabbed her bags and we left.

I sat in the kitchen as Jeanette flicked the kittle on, saying ‘’I’m just running these bags upstairs’’, once she returned I reached out taking her hand pulling her onto my lap, Jeanette said ‘’no, we need to talk ok?’’

I replied ‘’OK, but first!’’ I eased her towards me and our lips came together, the kiss was soft and gentle our tongues came together dancing inside our months.

I slowly moved my hand onto her knee thinking she would stop me, I slowly eased my hand up her thigh feeling her parting her legs slightly, I eased her panties to one side as Jeanette let out a ‘’sigh’’ into my mouth as my finger found her clitoris, as I gently stroked it I felt her legs parting wider.

I eased my finger into her soft pussy easing it back and forth as we kissed a little harder Jeanette sighing louder as I felt her getting wetter by the second, my finger was now thrusting deeper into her as she whispered ‘’oh god, that feels so good’’.

She dug her nails into my shoulders as I felt her climax hard her body shaking hearing her say ‘’that felt so good’’, I smiled saying ‘’doesn’t need to stop there’’ as I felt my cock getting harder, Jeanette stood up saying ‘’wait here’’.

5 minutes later Jeanette called down saying ‘’Mark, come up here’’, Her bedroom door was open as I walked in she was lying on the bed naked legs parted hands over her head smiling to me, I underdressed and joined her.

We kissed as I fingered her once more feeling her soft hand wrap round my cock, she started stroking it making me harder by the second, Jeanette pushed me on my back and kissed down my body, I felt her warm breath over the tip of my cock.

I felt her warm mouth slowly take my cock deeper into her mouth, I let out a light sigh as I reached down easing her legs round, I parted them lowering her down over my mouth, I licked her pussy hard as she sucked hard on my cock.

We spent ages licking and sucking I felt her soft hand massage my hard balls as her head bobbed up and down on my cock, I was probing my tongue deep into her pussy as I stroked her clitoris fast with my thumb.

It didn’t take long before I felt her pussy juices flowing into my mouth I licked every drop that leaked from her. Jeanette raised her head, her legs were shaking as she called out ‘’yessss!’’ as she hit another climax on my tongue.

I moved from under her standing by the side of the bed easing her round on all fours moving behind her I held my hard cock letting the tip find the opening to her pussy gently easing forward into her.

I gripped her waist pulling her back as I arched my back slightly as my cock fully entered her soft wet pussy.

I slowly fucked her making sure each thrust was hard and deep inside her married pussy, Jeanette was moaning loud ‘’YES, YES oh god yes!’’ as my cock thrusted forward hard into her, I reached round cupping her breast in each hand feeling them rocking to the timing of my thrusting hearing skin slap against skin.

I stopped thrusting, my cock still buried deep inside her, I lent down kissing her neck as my finger found her swollen clitoris, I rolled it as I started pumping hard to and from her pussy once more.

‘’don’t stop!’’ Jeanette cried out, ‘’fuck me!’’, I was now thrusting as hard as I could feeling little drops of sweat running down my face.

I turned her onto back and moved between her parted legs, Jeanette looking at me as I lent down kissing her hard once more as my cock found her pussy, Jeanette raised her hips as I slammed hard into her hearing how wet her pussy was, with each thrust my balls hit her firm ass.

Jeanette called out ‘fuck me you bastard!!!!’’, this turned me on so much hearing her talk like this.

I felt my swinging ball go tight, I told her ’’I’m going to cum’’ she gripped my ass hard with both hands not letting me pull back, I felt my body shake as I exploded deep in her pussy shot after shot hitting her cervix, we kissed as the last few drops of cum leaked from me.

I rolled off breathing heavy as was Jeanette, she rolled over placing her head on my chest saying ‘’I needed that, you’re so much better in bed than Doug!’’ I asked ‘’why did you stop me pulling out?’’ she ‘’sighed’’ saying ‘’I needed to feel you cum in me!’’ ‘I love making love with you so much’’ I told her, she giggled saying ‘’I know that’’.

We dressed and headed back to the kitchen, Jeanette made the coffee and sit opposite me, I looked at her ‘’what did you want to talk about?’’ I asked, Jeanette replied ‘’us, what we are doing is so wrong yet feels so right!’’ I simply replied ‘’let’s enjoy what we have for now!’’.

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