Written by Arlington_49

2 Dec 2014

Judi’s personal RE admin, Raida, has become more than casual familiar with me over the last 3 months. My extra-marital relationship with her has accelerated more than I originally anticipated…even planned! The surprise…Raida has been under Judi’s employ for nearly 4 years…AND her occasional bi-lover on quite personal terms. The fact my wife still in the dark…I believe…about our affair is equally surprising. I assumed Raida would ‘brag’ about our affair at some tactical point with Judi. Hasn’t been the case however…to the best of my knowledge!

Raida is joining me at a client Holiday party on the 11th, while Judi is attending one of her own client events in Telford. As I’ll enjoy Raida’s company, I’m quite sure my wife will be gratified with whatever Holiday festivity with her client…perhaps even a suitable gift or more between her legs…;) What will be interesting…is the feedback I’ll generate with Raida at my side. BUT, I’m not awaiting next week…in fact Raida joined me for late supper Sunday evening…and a stay at our home. Judi has been in Coventry Saturday through tomorrow on a commercial property evaluation. Raida was a playful time in wife’s absence.

We got home about 10pm. Raida came upstairs to our master bedroom…I had no intention abiding by ‘house rules’…guest fuck play in the guest bedroom! Interestingly, Raida was aware of that ‘house rule.’ She asked me if I was comfortable playing in my wife’s and my MBR. I found it interesting since Judi and I don’t openly discuss ‘house rule’ unless we have personal guest in for fun. Obviously, Raida has played with Judi in our home….even more thrill for me that I’d now be playing with Raida as well…!

Raida asked permission to use Judi’s bathroom. She showered and primped herself over the course of about 30 minutes…I eagerly awaited her joining me in bed. Lights low, she finally came into the room…stark naked excepting for a body belly chain ‘borrowed’ from my wife’s collection. With my robe on, clearly my cock was ready…had been ready for some time! Raida came over to the bed and moved the covers aside as she lay down next to me. She asked me if I wanted the weist holds on her…the holds that Judi and I keep under the pillow mattress. Another interesting element further proving Raida’s presence in our home on ‘play occasions’…;) I told Raida…not necessary…we’d enjoy ourselves to however we wish…

I went down on Raida…she was expecting my action. Shrewd minx she is…she had applied some of my wife’s lotions and creams all over her body, breasts and pussy…AND it all worked well!! I spent a lot of time pleasuring this lady, knowing full well her Bi-preferences. I wanted to make love in a manner…at least initially…that would comfort her…please her. It worked…! Raida had two orgasms as I ate her out. She returned the oral pleasure by sucking ne…BUT I didn’t allow her to control or bring me to climax. I wanted that to be deep in her cunny…!!

We rolled to and fro on the bed…played…toyed with each other…teased each other…until I finally told hold of her torso, and in missionary stance pressed my hardened cock into her waiting vagina. It was…is…pure pleasure! I was able to control my instincts for at least 15 minutes…before exploding deep in her cunny. Until that moment, banging Raida took all priority…all pleasure…for both of us…!

We rested side by side…as I kissed her breasts and occasionally lifted each to nibble under her gorgeous globes…she didn’t want any bite marks on her nipples…my only loss of opportunity for Sunday evening…;) Then, without warning, a most interesting sexual experience…

As I stopped playing with her titties…getting ready to re-mount my guest, Raida lay back…and relived herself… Yes…I said “relieved herself.” There…on my master bedroom bed…she urinated on the covers and sheets…!!! I laughed…and without thought, exclaimed…”What the fuck, you little bitch…!” Raida laughed…and said…’Well…you have a choice to make… You can either have your housekeeper Monday change the sheets (BTW…my wife and I use ‘waterproof’ mattress under covers to avoid stains and other damage if our ‘games’ get serious…;)…OR…what I would recommend…leave them as is. When Judi is back home, bring her to bed…push her torso and face into the sheets. She’ll likely recognize my scent…while you fuck her from the rear…!! How’s that, Arli…!!”

Again, I laughed…very clear to me Raida has been in our bed with Judi on more than one occasion…;) Raida went on to suggest I use the wrist clamps on Judi…while she would be face down. She said my cock would be a suitable tool than what the gals normally use with their dildos…! However, Raida added…”The only pity…my dildo is double-edged…to satisfy both woman’s holes…bet you can’t do the same…” as she laughed…;) Apparently, Raida brought her own toys when visiting my wife…I knew Judi’s dildo collection did not have a double play option…

Raida asked me about next week’s party…would I be concerned other counselors present. I told her not to be concerned…my colleagues respected each other’s personal lives. With that thought, I gew briefly pensive. I enjoyed having Raida in my bed…in Judi’s and my bed! The only other lady I’ve allowed to share was Evelyn. For nearly 2 years Eve occasionally played with me in that bed at Judi’s absence. I’ve never felt more comfortable with another gal. In fact, if Eve’s personal life and marriage wasn’t so fucked up and locked into a legal need…and that my relationship with Judi wasn’t as strong…very likely, I would have divorced Judi and Eve would be my wife today…!!!!

As I looked at Raida, that thought never entered my mind… Raida is strongly bi-sexual…she has NO need for a husband…BUT she enjoys men as much as women…;) I plan to take advantage of that…we will enjoy ourselves. Raida offered that she knew the client Judi would be visiting in Telford. My assumption Judi would be ‘entertained’ bore strong credibility. Raida said my wife’s client…Father and Son partnership…will assuredly be fucking my wife… I asked Raida to provide me details…whatever…after Judi’s return…I’d love to know more…;)

In the meantime I admit my relationship with Raida…as speedy in development it may be AND fact she works for my wife…clearly I’m going to enjoy the Holiday Season. Oh, Judi and I will have a fun time as well…BUT I won’t miss out with my wife’s admin gal…she’s becoming a very comfortable young slut for me to pleasure AND be pleasured by…!!