Written by Emma X

21 Jul 2014

We had a lazy sunday morning in bed, no sex, just cuddling and enjoying being close to each other. I suspect hubby was still sore from the spanking last night, or maybe he was playing the new role we were creating, that of sub servant husband only doing what he is allowed in the bed. Either way suited me to be honest, I needed a shower and wasn’t really in the mood for sex. That afternoon we spent at a friends BBQ, and hubby spent most of the time cooking, drinking beer and stealing crafty glances at the other wives tits in their bikinis or loose tops. By sunday evening I had forgotten about the dominant desire last night had awoken in me, and life began to slip back into its normal routine. That was until Wednesday. When I got back from work, a parcel was waiting for me.

Hubby wouldn’t be back for a hour or so, and as the package was addressed to me, I opened it, intrigued as to what I would find. Well, I might have forgotten about Saturday night, but my loverly husband certainly hadn’t. At some point he had ordered a load of things from the internet to push the boundaries of our little game somewhat.

Inside the box was a leather hood, which laced up at the back. It had a space for the nose and mouth, and obviously eyes, but other than that it would cover the head completely. I wasn’t sure if he meant this for me or him, but from the image on the packet of a man wearing it kneeling at a dominatrix feet, I guessed it was for him. There was also a set of leather cuffs, four in total, no doubt for ankles and wrists. The cuffs were padded and had a sturdy looking buckle and ‘D’ ring on them. There was also a black leather paddle, with a pink heart shape on the end. I smiled as I realised me wielding my fluffy slipper was probably not the sexy imaged he needed. There was also a dog collar with the word ‘bitch’ sewn into it, and a corresponding lead. The final item was a pair of what looked like tweezers joined together with a metal chain. Nipple clamps. I must admit the ensemble did turn me on, and I was keen to try them out, but I was also just a little disappointed. In my fantasy, well, in the film scene I was using to fuel my fantasy, the dominant woman was dressed in thigh high boots, and had a sexy mask herself. Most of this stuff seemed to be for hubby. I decided to spank him even harder tonight for not buying me anything!

So before hubby got home, I found myself having a quick shower, and shaving my pussy nice and smooth. I couldn’t find anything to wear that got my mind into that place I needed it, so had to settle for my high heel shoes and business suit. I left the box of tricks on the kitchen table, and sent hubby a text, well a set of instructions really. I then went upstairs and watched the scene from the film which I found on Youtube, again and again.

I resisted the urge to masturbate. I could feel how wet my freshly shaven pussy was, and I knew it would only take a quick rub and I would be off, but this was as much my training as hubby’s. I need to control my urges as well as his.

Right on time I heard the door go. Hubby was home. I would give him 10 minutes before going to see him.

As I descended the stairs my heart was racing, I needed to keep in that special place iI had created n my head. I walked into the kitchen to be greeted by my wonderful husband, naked except for the hood, collar and cuffs. He had attached each ankle cuff to a length of rope tied around each of the end table legs. I walked slowly over to him, my high heels making a loud clipping noise on the kitchen floor tiles. I grabbed his lead and yanked on it hard, forcing him to bend over double on the table, the edge of which pushed into his belly. I took each wrist cuff and attached it to the opposite legs until his was secured over our table.

“You selfish bastard” I spat as I walked around him. “You bought these things for your pleasure, not mine”.

I watched as he squirmed on the table.

“This is what we are going to do” I instructed. “I am going to fill a basket with things I need from that website, and you are going to pay for it. Then, when it arrives I might consider giving you the opportunity to fuck me.” I let the offer hang in the air be fore adding, “Providing you perform of course!”

I so wanted to see him constrained on the cross, the table although handy, prevented me from seeing his cock, which bobbed around under the surface somewhere.

Angrily I spanked him hard with the leather paddle, causing him to cry out in a mixture of pain and surprise.

I could feel the effect this power was having on my pussy, and I’m sure hubby could sense it too, for when I delivered the second blow, harder than the first, he suppressed the pain and remained silent. As I spanked his restrained body, hearing the slap of leather on flesh, my cunt ached for attention. I removed my skirt and stood there in front of him, naked except for my heels and a suit jacket. I began to finger my soaking pussy, enjoying the sensation of having it full. Hubby’s eyes were wide with lust. I pulled my fingers from my cunt and rubbed them across his lips, letting him smell and taste my wetness. Moving behind him I began to spank him more, trying to get myself to that special place again. I was so close, but no matter how hard and fast I spanked him, no matter how much he cried out, I couldn’t take that final step and come. Eventually I closed my eyes and pictured the scene from the film, imagining it was me with the crop. Delivering powerful blow after blow. Reddening hubby’s arse on the cross, and then, almost as instantly as that image entered my mind, I came with an earth shattering orgasm.

Hubby’s cries broke the trance, and I came back to reality. It was then I realised I was still thrashing him with the paddle, whilst my other hand was quite firmly rubbing my clit and pussy. I threw the paddle down and rushed around to hubby’s face, hoping to reassure him. I could see tears rolling from his eyes under the mask. Quickly I undid his restraints and looked on as he delicately rose front he table.

He cock was flaccid.

“Wow” was all he could muster. He stepped back and looked down. “Wow” he repeated as he wiped his tears from his cheeks and face.

I moved round to look at where he had been tied, and on the floor between the table legs was a big pile of his come.

As I approached he opened his arms and gave me a gentle and comforting hug. As we kissed I knew that he needed me to really be in control, not just to play at it, and he wanted me to embrace that. I loved him so much for taking that beating from me. It was so empowering, yet it was still frustrating. For doe reason I still needed to supplement the game with images from my mind, from the film.

“I think you have earned this tonight” I said gently as I dipped his hand into my still wet pussy. “It is yours to do with what ever you want”.

“I love you” he replied, as his fingers gently caressed the inside of my cunt.